How To Make A Tetrahedron

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The tetrahedron


Tetrahedron: A tetrahedron is a regular polyhedron with four sides. It has four corners, four faces and six sides. It is also known as the triangular pyramid.

What does tetrahedron mean?

Tetrahedron is a Greek word and literally means four faces. ‘Tetra’ means four and ‘hedron’ means many faces. Read: how to draw a tetrahedron In Latin meaning four is ‘Quad’ as in a Quadrilateral or a Quadrilateral. Tetra in Greek means Four.

Solid Platonic

The tetrahedron is one of the five Platonic Solids and represents the element Fire. If you connect a dot on the center of each face internally, it will create another tetrahedron.The duality of a tetrahedronYou can watch this video tutorial on youtube.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a tetrahedron

The lattice of a tetrahedron

Draw the lattice of a tetrahedron

Step one

  • Use a light card.
  • Draw a horizontal line on the page with your ruler or straight edge.
  • Place the point of the compass on the line at a slightly eccentric position and draw a circle.
  • Move the point of the compass to the intersection of the line and the circle and draw a second circle that overlaps the first.

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  • Place the compass at the intersection of the line and the left circle and draw an arc inside the left circle.
  • Place the compass at the intersection of the line and the left circle and draw an arc inside the right circle.
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Step twoThird step

  • Use a ruler to draw the three sides of an equilateral triangle created by connecting the point where the two circles intersect at the top and the intersection of the left and right arcs created in step two passing through the midpoints of the two lines. circle.

Third stepStep four

  • Draw two lines from the midpoint of the circles to the point where the two circles intersect at the base.

Step fourStep 5

  • Ink your grid with a thin pencil and erase your construction lines.
  • Draw three tabs to paste your model.

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  • Using a craft knife or scissors carefully cut out your mesh.
  • Point along the inside lines and tabs so they can be folded to create a neat straight edge.

Step sixStep seven

  • Fold the tabs and inner folds of the tetrahedron.
  • Apply transparent PVA glue along the tabs of the mesh.

Step sevenStep 8

  • Gently press the tab against its opposite side and hold until it begins to stick. You can use masking tape while it dries.
  • Repeat until all tabs are pasted.
  • Hold the model together with your fingers, an elastic band, or duct tape until all sides are glued.
  • Step 8Your model of a tetrahedron is now complete Read more: How to draw a shooting star – Step by step instructions Keywords: tetrahedron, tetrahedral mesh, tetrahedral pattern, meaning of tetrahed

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