How To Make A Scarf Into A Skirt

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward us with a small commission – at no cost to you. Especially when it’s easy! And oh boy, I’m happy to bring you a stylish hack today that’s cool and easy. Scarves are a wardrobe essential and they come in a variety of styles and prints. I bet you have one that you love. If so, it’s time to pull it out. With this super easy tutorial, you’ll be able to turn your scarf into a dress!Read: How to turn a scarf into a skirt For this hack, the scarf you use should be an infinity scarf. Like the one below!It’s also ideal for this hack if your scarf is light and floral. No heavy fabric here! Consider buying a pretty floral print scarf if you don’t already have one. The flowers are perfect for spring and summer as this print is very feminine and instantly boosts the mood.How to turn your infinity scarf into a dressRead more: How to create a D-Banner in Minecraft1. First, make sure you have an infinity scarf, not just a regular oneAlso, you’ll most likely want to wear something underneath as a base depending on how sturdy your scarf is. Something like a neutral bodycon dress would work. It can act as a slip but not one.2. Step into your scarfWow, these tutorials are really hard. ???? Haha, not much to say here!3. Put a belt on your scarfAfter you’ve entered the hole and pulled the scarf up, use a belt to tie it around your waist.4. Slowly pull up the top of the scarf to make it even and fitAdd excess material to cover the hoop and match the length of your first layer. Whether you want the time short or long is up to you. You can also change up your style by tying the belt around your waist or hips!5. Voila! You have successfully turned your infinity scarf into a skirt! Read more: 14 ways to hide your love when wearing tight dresses Easy, right? Not only is it fun to make, but you can maximize your wardrobe and get super fun and unique looks by using something you wouldn’t normally expect. Now all these scarves in your closet can become dresses. 2 eat 1! Since these scarves are usually thin, it’s best to try them out in the summer. You will get an easy and cool stay. And speaking of holiday looks… As an added bonus, here’s another way you can turn your scarf into a dress! Just tie it around your waist for a beach casual feel. breeze.Want more spring/summer fashion? Check out the articles below!One of the best summer jumpsuits you’ll wear over and over7 classic summer outfits that are easy to replicate 1 dress, 3 ways | Outfits for summer dressesRead more: how to make vertical conical candles

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