How To Make A Pottery Mug

Welcome to my post 101 handmade ceramic mugs! I just finished my second batch of bugs built by hand using low temperature fired clay. I love how they appear perfectly imperfect! I’m still on a steep learning curve but thought I’d share my journey. It’s definitely a process. I search Instagram and get inspired – and then depressed. I still have a long way to go – you know, 10,000 hours that make you an expert? But the only way to get there is to keep practicing! Read: how to make a ceramic cupIf you’re a newbie like me to making your own mugs, do this! And if you are a professional, then please don’t judge. We’re getting there, okay? I don’t have wheels or rollers, but the lack of tools has never stopped me before. But I have a furnace! If you don’t have a kiln, visit your local pottery studio or even a community center for classes in ceramics.Hand-built mugs 101 #craftychica #claymugs # ceramic #handbuiltmugs

SUPPLY for handmade ceramic mugs


Low-flammability clay Craft knife or grading tool 4-inch round cookie cutter Handle Handle Two wooden, flat rulersRead more: how to wear two hairs on a ROBLOX mobile 2020Domestic cooling rack Plastic wrap The first step is to cover the area Do your work with canvas. Then put down two rulers (mine is a ruler broken in half). Condition a clay ball and then press it flat between your palms. Place it down between the rulers and roll it flat.TIP: It can’t be thinner than your little finger, it will be too fragile and break easily. And it can’t be thicker than your thumb because then it would need a hole for moisture to escape and it would expand and break apart. I use these sticks all the time and have never had a problem.Hand-built mugs 101 #craftychica #claymugs # ceramic #handbuiltmugsUse a cookie cutter to cut out a portion of the base. Repeat the above to create a 3″ x 12″ sheet that will form your cup.Hand-built mugs 101 #craftychica #claymugs # ceramic #handbuiltmugsSmooth it! At this step, if you want to use glue or rubber stamps to give an impression on the outside wall of your mug, do it now. It will squeeze your clay out, so you’ll need to trim it a bit in the next step.RELATED: Kiln Tips for Newbies!

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Cup construction

There are two ways to solve this problem. I’ve done both and can’t decide which one I like better. Read more: how to make slime with sugar | Top Q & AT The first way is to score the outside faces of the base and the bottom inside of the wall. Use a paint brush dipped in the slip and add it to the score. Then carefully wrap the wall around the base until the ends meet. Cut off the excess. Mark the edges of the ends and put them together carefully and neatly. The second method is to score the top outer part of the base and the bottom part of the wall panel. This will make your cup narrower.Hand-built mugs 101 #craftychica #claymugs # ceramic #handbuiltmugs


At this stage, you can add other small pieces or let it dry a bit and then carve it in. It will take several hours to cure into the skin. I usually cover it with plastic a little bit and then make the roses and leaves, then go in and add them in. Again, score and slide along the way – if you don’t score and slide properly, your pieces will fall out as they dry. I have experienced this! Always keep your pieces covered with plastic, or they will dry in the air too quickly and warp and bend. You can insert a plastic cylinder to help it retain its round shape.


Eek! Handling is the most troublesome. But there are ways to make it easy. Pinch a piece of clay and roll it into a narrow piece. Use your wet fingers to pull the clay into the desired shape for a handle. Once you have a comfortable grip, try the handle on the cup to see if your height and fingers can fit together. Attach it the same way you connected the plate to the base of the cup.TIP: Don’t wait too long to attach the handle or trim. If you add wet clay to dry clay, it will crack.

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Let your cup rest slightly under the plastic, then take each cup one at a time and use water and a sponge to create a top cone. You want it to be round, smooth, and light to drink. Also clean where you handle it and where all the edges connect.Handmade mug by Crafty Chica #craftychica #ceramic #handbuildingclayWait until the bone dries to the greenish stage, then heat in your kiln at cone 04 at slow speed.A beginner's guide to handmade ceramic mugsAfter they cool, take them out of the oven and you now have your cookie cups! Use your favorite glaze to add color, then clear glaze. Shoot again at cone 06 at medium speed.A beginner's guide to handmade ceramic mugsHere is another version of how to make handmade ceramic mugs! Read more: How to reset the word index Love and light, A beginner's guide to handmade ceramic mugsA beginner's guide to handmade ceramic mugs

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