How To Make A Paper Mache Sea Turtle

Before that, I posted on Facebook and asked people what kind of paper projects I should do and I got a number of answers. One of the first proposals was about making a turtle, which is how the idea of ​​this paper turtle came to be.Read: how to make paper sea turtles Use these instructions to make your own sea turtles, or use the techniques shared here to create your own paper turtle shell masterpiece.

  • Balloon
  • Carton
  • Roll toilet paper
  • Bandage
  • Newspapers
  • Paper Mache Paste (find link below)
  • Green spray paint
  • Paper
  • Green rags
  • Mod Podge
  • Big Google eyes
  • Craft Glue or Hot Glue

Tools necessary:

  • Pencil or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Foam brush
  • Hot glue gun (Optional)

Before you begin, cover your work surface. Paper can be very messy! I used a large trash bag but you can use newspaper, wax paper, old shower curtain, or whatever else you have.Mache Paper SuppliesTear off a few strips from the newspaper (use regular newsprint, not shiny commercials). You want the strips to be an inch or less wide and about four to six inches long. They don’t have to be the same size. To keep the balloon in place while you’re gluing on newspaper strips, use a bowl. If using a plastic bowl, you can use cling film to cover the bowl with cling film to make sure it doesn’t stick. paste. All you need is some flour, water and a pinch of salt. You can follow the instructions here: How To Make Mache Stickers.How to Paper MacheRead more: How to Clean Gucci Sneakers (or Any Shoes) Now you’re ready to start. Place the ball on the bowl. Dip a piece of newspaper in the glue. Lift the newspaper out of the pool and pull it between your thumb and index finger to squeeze out excess glue. Place the newspaper strip on the balloon.put newspaper stripTake the second strip of newspaper and dip it in the glue in the same way and place it on the balloon. Continue this way, making sure the newspaper strips go in different directions and even cross each other.Paper Mache Half the BaloonTo make this paper turtle, you’ll want to cover half of the balloon with strips of newspaper. Apply one coat and let dry for about 24 hours or until dry (this may take longer if you are in a humid climate). When the first layer is dry, add another layer on top. Let that layer dry and then add another layer. You will want a total of 3 layers.Cut a turtle shell with Mache paperOnce the mache is dry, flip the balloon over the surface of your desk and pop the balloon. Use scissors to cut the ends of the paper cutter so that the edges lie flat on your table. Your turtle shell is ready!Make a turtle bellyPlace the cover on a piece of cardboard and trace around it. Cut the oval out of cardboard. Use adhesive tape to attach it to the backing paper case. Cut two cardboard tubes in half. Use tape to attach these to the bottom of the turtle to make the legs. The turtle’s tail is made of a small newspaper. Roll it so it looks like a worm and then wrap it to cover the tape. Push one of the ends between the turtle shell and the cardboard facing the head. Tape it in place.Mache paper turtle headTo make a turtle’s head, make a ball out of several newspapers. Wrap with tape to keep the shape. Stick this ball to the top of the toilet paper roll. Pin the other end of the toilet paper roll together and thread it between the balloon cover and the piece of cardboard. Use extra tape to seal the hole in that spot. Read more: how to be the only movie quote | Top Q&APaper turtle in the turtle's bellyNow you can start the paper mache process again. This time, you’ll want to cover the turtle’s head, legs, tail, and belly. Make sure you also use a paper cutter to attach the cover to the cardboard and cover all the masking tape. Add a total of three layers of backing paper, making sure each layer is completely dry. (Have you noticed the condition of the work surface? I’m not kidding about clutter!)Complete the paper turtleYour paper turtle is now ready to be painted! Take it outdoors (or in a well-ventilated area) and use green spray paint to completely paint the turtle. Let the paint dry.HexagonCut a pentagon from a piece of paper. You’ll want it to be 2 to 3 inches tall. Use this pattern as a template to cut some pieces of blue fabric. I used 30 pentagons cut from 15 different blue sheets. They don’t have to be the same size, and the cuts don’t have to be perfectly straight.Mod cloth Podge on turtleWorking in one small area at a time, use a foam brush to spread the Mod Podge over the turtle’s shell. Press the fabric pentagons onto the Mod Podge, flattening all the edges. Continue this until the entire shell is covered. I ended up making some pentagons smaller to fill in some gaps.Finish pasting the fabric on the turtleOnce all the pieces are in place, use the Mod Podge to turn all the pieces over to glue them back together. Let the turtle dry until dry. You may want to continue with another coat of Mod Podge paint to ensure that your everything is nice and smooth.Fisnish ​​the Paper Mache TurtleNow all that remains is to give your turtle some eyes and a mouth. I use a big google eye, which is held in place using hot glue. For the mouth, I simply painted on a black smile. How would you display your finished turtle? Read more: how to fix a mechanical pencil

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