How To Make A Paper Folder

A few days ago we were designing some wrapping paper. But, when we printed it out, it got a little messy. The paper quality is too thick and glossy to be used as wrapping paper. On the other hand, the designs are eye-catching, so it seems like a waste not to use it! That’s when we started thinking and decided to make a table mat with 8 sheets of paper (see here) and a file cover with the remaining paper. So without further ado, here are 3 ways to create a paper folder in minutes!make a paper bagMinding the prints, we decided to make 3 simple paper folders. The paper is quite bold, so we wanted to highlight that. You can download the article, using the links provided here. The quality of paper we use is GSM 300 A3 Glossy Paper. If similar paper isn’t available, I’d recommend using any A3-size white paper, as long as it’s thick.Shadow PaperHoneycomb paperSimple Zigzag PaperNow, the paper is ready. Time to create folders!Papercraft folderCost: Practically not Read more: How to remove markers from skinTime: 10 minutes eachNote: I don’t know if there is a paper folder design template with a specific name. So I will do my own makeup. However, if you know the name, please let me know in the comments section below. Thank!Easy to make paper folderHoneycomb Single Fold FolderMaterial: This DIY paper honeycomb print, double-sided tape is the simplest thing ever! All you need to do is

  • Fold the paper like a book.
  • Open the folder and stick a long piece of tape to the end of one side of the paper.
  • Carefully glue the other side over the tape from edge to edge.
  • We also added cardboard to the design to keep the top half in place. But, that’s completely optional.
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    green paper folderFolder Fold half ballMaterial: Glossy print, Flat ribbon, Single hole punch, ruler Read more: how to make a silicone candle moldSteps:

  • Fold the paper in half and flatten it.
  • Place a scale along one length of the cardboard and make markings in equal spaces. Mark the same on the other length of the folder.
  • Punch holes on the markers.
  • Make a knot at the end of the length of the ribbon and knit it over one side of the briefcase. Start at the end of the folder (i.e. the end that doesn’t open) and scroll the ribbon from the side of the folder and through to the nearest loop. Once you’ve reached the top of the folder, tie another knot on the ribbon and trim off the excess. Repeat this step for the other side of the folder.
  • We make small corners while weaving the ribbon, as this holds the paper brochure in place and makes it sturdy. However, you need to be careful to pull the ribbon too tight. If it is too tight, the paper will start to crack.craft paper folderSimple Zigzag Pocket FolderMaterial: Printed zigzag paper, double-sided tape, green foil, and ribbon (optional)Steps:

  • Fold the paper like a book.
  • Measure a 4-inch strip of paper the width of one side of the brochure.
  • Apply two thin 4-inch strips of double-sided tape near the nape of the briefcase and the outer edge of the briefcase. This is just the face up when we open the folder.
  • If you like, stick the ribbon on top of the green strip of paper.
  • Glue the paper carefully onto the double-sided tape. Make sure the paper is perfectly flat.
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    make a paper bagcustom paper briefcaseAnd that’s it! Three simple DIY paper folders that you can make in 10 minutes! How do you like it? Let me know your favorite paper and folder designs in the comments section below! Bbye! Read more: rimworld how to deal with guests | Top Q&A

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