How To Make A Moth Costume

We had a bit of a vandalism on her at the railing house. ???? Good thing it’s cute – because we might have to keep her. In addition to projects for magazines, collaborations, etc. I do everything with you. When it’s spring, I create in spring. When it’s autumn – I created for the fall in the fall. I’d say it’s because we’re really present and caring (and hey, we strive for that) but a lot of times it just means I’m living life and not having a group (I runs things alone – so whenever I say “we” I’m referring to my family – as they are part of this family biz) and getting ahead seems like a lot of work. art. I also want to be inspired by what is really the season around me. That sometimes means the ONLY costume I made for 2018 (better houses I made at the end of 2017) ended up being made on actual Halloween. The black cat fairy outfit she requested (thanks to Nununu for the adorable tutudumonde combo dress. It’s perfect!) and the boys – well Atticus got together in a fox rapper outfit and Oliver wanted to wear it. a death cloak from another year. So easy. Except I didn’t do one. Single. Thing. Wonderful! Right? And with so many deadlines waiting for me (lots of children’s book illustration projects), I should have skipped this Halloween. I really should have. But I just. can not. Because, I’m ME and I’ve had this moth costume idea forever in my head and I can tell bad things will happen if I don’t spawn it. Like it would haunt me and send real baby moths to come and destroy my house…it’s real. So like all good creations, I listened and listened to the muse and made this moth costume while Milla was at her morning Kinder class. And thanks again to Nununu for making this beautiful and comfortable victoria dress for kids, which also happens to work perfectly for our moth outfits. I cut a few wings out of cardboard, splattered and painted them then threw some elastic on them to keep them in her hand. I had fun figuring out how to let the wings live a little bit, so they can flap or overlap. I did this by adding an elastic band between the wings on top (each wing is a separate piece of cardboard) with hot glue and duct tape, because I can’t think of any other way to do it when flying (sorry pun 😉 ). And it’s active!IMG 0099Read more: how to fix ps4 controller lag on PCWe’ve added a feather necklace and a headband that sources fluff from fields of weeds. I ended up liking the flapper vibe of it all. Miss M loves costumes. But when it came time for the tricks and treats, she opted for the kitty fairy costume so I put this one on for myself (minus the obvious princess dress). I’m glad I haven’t worn clothes in years. Jon and I took the kids around and it was all a great Halloween 2018. I’m pretty pleased to hear from the muse (although it means this day is a lot busier than it used to be. I did this to myself again? Maybe because it also proved to be much more creative and also personally fulfilling. And I had to give birth to a moth.)IMG 0097 1I hope you all had a safe, fun and enjoyable Halloween! Until the last minute next year! Read more: how to amplify my laptop sound

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