How To Make A Lightsaber Out Of Cardboard

It seems like we always have pieces of PVC pipe floating around our house for various projects, with most recently our Nerf dart tube. A few days ago, Owen (4 years old) told me he wanted to turn his Nerf dart popper into a handle for a lightsaber. It seems like the perfect size for his little hands! Well, I finally made a barber lamp for him from one of our favorite crafting materials – duct tape!Read: how to make a lantern out of cardboard To make the lightsaber, I used:

  • A piece of PVC pipe is 3/4 inch in diameter, although you can use whatever width you have on hand. I’m not sure exactly how long. The length of the hands of a preschooler?
  • Black, silver and green duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper roll. A LOT of tissue rolls. I don’t know why I only have two in the picture, because I used a lot!

Duct Tape Lightsabers Step 1: Make the core of a light cut lamp from rolls of paper towels. A roll of wrapping paper is better if you have one! I cut the paper towel rolls to length and then rolled them tighter so they were the right size for the PVC pipe handle.Note: For durability, you really need to use two layers of cardboard. If you are using paper towel rolls, simply overlap and glue them together until you have the desired length for your lightsaber.Read more: how to get snapchat on chromebook for schoolLight tapeStep 2: Use masking tape to cover the lamp blade. I find that using ribbons goes a long way using much less tape than wrapping it around and around the lightsaber.Duct Tape Lightsabers Step 3: Cover the handle with silver tape. Glue part of the handle to the inside of the cardboard and secure with more silver tape.Duct Tape Lightsabers Then add black ornaments (buttons, etc.) to the handleDuct Tape LightsabersRead more: Fortnite guide: How to meet your friends in the game Now your lightsaber is ready for action!Duct Tape Lightsabers Note: I built this lightsaber with a preschooler in mind. If you have an older child who wants to do a lot of duel with lightsaber, it is probably better to make the blade from PVC pipe covered with insulating foam and then tape it on top. Cardboard only won’t contain a lot of duels. I didn’t do it for Owen because we already had these materials on hand and also because a PVC+ insulated light bar would really be too heavy for a 4 year old to carry and it would cause too much impact when using it inside. Owen is pleased with the size and weight of his lightsaber. If your cardboard light stickers have creases, you can easily fix them by adding a section of rolled paper towels over the bent part and adding more tape. This kind of “fix” is not very noticeable! Another option is to make a barber light out of pool noodles. They’re much larger (which Owen doesn’t like with his tiny hands), but they’re great indoors and are nearly indestructible! so our dog can play too. I didn’t think about that!Duct Tape LightsaberIf you haven’t followed my Pinterest boards, you might want to drop by! I have boards for kids activities, crafts, homeschooling, duct tape, and activities for older boys (8 and up).Read more: how to catch big blue catfish in the river

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