How To Make A Homemade Beer Bong

DIY beer bubbles; it’s much easier than you think. More fun is expected when the beer straw is ready is obvious, but let us tell you something – Making your own beer straw is also a lot of fun! Moreover, it will cost you less than buying the same old bland beer straws from stores and online. Moreover, you can even customize the beer bubble type, size and length to your liking. Let’s take a look at these 18 DIY beer bubble ideas one by one.

1. Perfect homemade beer


Youtuber since childhood decided to make his own beer bong because it is not available everywhere. And, he made his own beer bong for under $10! If you don’t believe our words, check out the comments section for yourself.

2. How to build a beer bubble

If you are unsure about the supplies and their required size (if required), here is a guide you should follow. At the end of the article you will find all the necessary items in detail. Furthermore, all the steps are clearly detailed with proper illustrations for your ease. all!Check the details

3. How to Make Beer Bong ???? | Hopper – DIY

All you need is a plastic funnel, a plastic tube and a hose clamp to make a beer straw! If you don’t know how to put these elements together, check out this short tutorial on YouTube. Youtuber made his own beer bubbles for under $10! We can tell you’ve been wanting to make one for yourself.

4. How to Make Beer Bong

When it comes to how-to blogs, it’s frustrating to see paragraphs bloated with unnecessary bluffs. If you feel the same way, this short and simple DIY beer bong blog post by College Party Guru is just what you need. all of.Check the details


MERMAID BEER BONGMermaids aren’t just for kids! Like blogger from Neon Beige life did, make a great mermaid bubble beer gift for your mermaid-loving friends. This written guide will show you exactly how. Using only the 6 items mentioned at the beginning of the blog, you can make a beautiful mermaid beer bubble yourself. If you are someone who lives by their own rules, you may find the blogs on this site extremely relevant. Check it out!Check the details

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6. How To Make The Best Bubble Beer!

Read more: How to get out of login In this YouTube tutorial by Alex Mandel Drinks, the Youtuber showed how to make valuable beer bubbles. You’ll even get to see how a beer straw works when the YouTuber tries it out for himself. Even though the title says ‘Best Bubble Beer’, we’ll let you decide. Make one for yourself and decide!

7. How to build a basic Bong w/Van beer

How to build a basic Bong w beer valveMaking beer bubbles is not rocket science. This DIY project is super easy and simple. For such a simple DIY, you would expect a simple tutorial, right? These are some of the only supplies you’ll need: a funnel, a 3 meter or more rubber hose that fits snugly into the funnel, a knife, and a valve. Blogger has also provided information on where you can buy funnels/tubes that don’t require a lanyard.Check the details


Eager to host an epic drinking contest at this upcoming party? If yes, you have to make your own beer straws in this atmosphere. The YouTuber claims that the alcohol flows down much faster through this beer straw and that the pressure will easily force the beer into your stomach. What’s more, it only takes you 5 minutes to make it! While this homemade beer bong can be a bit more complicated than the usual ones, the end product is totally worth it!

9. How to Make Ultimate Bubble Beer in 5 Easy Steps! (Beer hopper)

Filling the hopper with beer can sometimes ruin all the fun! This ultimate beer bubble contains at least 4 beers that will solve all problems. Best of all, the project only lasts 5 simple steps! If you want to know what supplies you need and where to buy them, check out this video tutorial by The Brew Captain.

10. Making Beer Bong

This video tutorial will show you in detail how to make amazing bubble beer. The Youtubers clearly present the whole process. Moreover, all the materials you need are mentioned at the beginning of the video.

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11. Make your own beer bubbles

This blogger decided to write a DIY beer bong tutorial because he couldn’t find any website with clear step-by-step instructions on how to make one. So if you are a beginner, you will definitely find this tutorial very easy to follow. You can complete this DIY for about $10 or even less if you don’t use any valves. Furthermore, if you are new to beer bubbles, read the ‘How to get all the beer out of your beer bubbles’ section at the bottom of the blog and become an expert!Check the details

12. DIY | Flabongo (Flamingo Beer Bong)

A flamingo beer bubble, or in a single word -flabongo, is super easy to make but can spice up your party. The purchase link to the flamingo lawn ornament is mentioned in the description of the video.

13. How to Make a 5 Person Beer Funnel

Read more: how to make a wheel on a quad If you are thinking that creating a beer bubble that serves many people at once will be complicated, you are completely wrong! With a few extra steps and 2-3 extra items on your supply list, you can make your own beer funnel for 5 people. Furthermore, their tips and warnings at the end of the article may benefit you.Check the details

14. How to Make Beer Bong

Earn a beer bubble for about $20 by following this video tutorial. Some commenters mentioned that the beer straws in this video are over-built as all you need is a funnel, PVC pipe, and hose clamp. Price. Watch the video till the end if you want to see a hilarious performance.


7 EASY STEPS TO MAKING BEERUnlike many other beer bong DIY tutorials, this one is very detailed and all the processes are clearly illustrated with the help of short illustrated gifs. All necessary items are listed at the top of the post. If you’re not sure what each item looks like, you can even see the attached image just below the listing.Check the details

16. Instructions for making bubble beer

Since this Youtube tutorial by Rskay12 is relatively long, we only recommend doing this if you are not in a hurry to make your own beer straws and have plenty of time to enjoy the video. The tempo is steady, thus giving you enough time to know what he’s doing. You’ll even learn how to treat a stab wound in this video! (Intended pun)

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17. How to Make Pumpkin Beer Funnels

How to make Pumpkin Beer FunnelIf you thought flamingo beer bubbles were weird, read this even weirder pumpkin beer bubble DIY tutorial! Well, if you love pumpkins and don’t mind drinking a pint of beer, this crazy DIY idea is sure to get some attention at the party. CMT. Furthermore, you can also expect from blue DIYs like this one on the website.Check the details

18. DIY Homemade Beer Cotton

So how not to make a beer bong? That’s also necessary to know, right? YouTuber from Risbean55 made his own beer bubbles from juice bottles, sleds and lots of tapes! However, if you want to get inspired by the ingenuity in the video and look for different household items to make beer bubbles, go ahead!


Now, all you have to do to throw a great party is follow any of these 18 DIY bubble beer tutorials and create your very own amazing beer bubble. But remember, drinking beer from a straw is fun and enjoyable, you should be equally cautious! When you drink beer through a beer straw, the beer gets into your system pretty quickly, and if you’re not careful enough, it can lead to quite disturbing situations. So drink responsibly and don’t forget to have fun! Read more: how to make a beaded bracelet

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