How To Make A Hole In A Belt At Home

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Michael Magnus. In this article you will see several different methods for punching holes: some involve tools that make the job exceptionally easy, while others allow you to do with what you have. . The 3 methods introduced here will show ways to get an ideal round belt hole with minimal fuss. Then there are 3 techniques that require a little more dexterity, but can be easily used.

Measure the holes


Regardless of the hole making method you choose, you’ll first want to measure and mark where you want the hole. Use a ruler or measuring device to mark the position of the new hole with a pen or Sharpie. Usually, it doesn’t matter which side of the belt you mark because the plan is to remove that piece of leather.

Add round holes to your belt

While there are several different ways to punch a hole in the leather, simply puncturing it can result in tearing the hole during use. blade of your belt buckle. This rounded shape can help prevent tearing, providing durability to the belt under stress from regular use. The following methods, in just one step, will create a solid and unique round hole.

Rotating punch

Make holes using rotary punches.Read more: how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice | Top Q & AT The rotary punch is probably the simplest and easiest to understand solution. Tandy Leather produces several types of leather-specific rotary punches; however, you might be able to find something viable at a regular hardware store. With this tool, you’ll typically want to use a size 5 punch (usually the second punch from the largest size); However, you may need something larger or smaller depending on the key. Pretty simple and probably worth the investment in this tool if you think you’ll be punching often.

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Round hole punch

Round the hole using a round punch.Here’s another tool that, if you don’t already have one, you can buy at Tandy’s or perhaps a hardware store. These sharp steel tubes come in a variety of sizes, but typically you’ll want to use a 3/16″ size to make a hole in the belt for a standard belt buckle. mallet, and you’ll be left with a perfectly round hole.

Electric drill

Man using dynamic drill on a strip of skin.A dynamic drill is a tool you probably already have on hand. By using a 3/16” drill bit, you can carefully drill a hole into the skin. Although this seems pretty simple, you still need to be a little careful here. Otherwise, the belt may catch on the drill bit and rotate in place. This can lead to damage to the belt and can also cause some pretty dramatic bruising. As the drill passes through the skin, it will continue to penetrate any surfaces below it, which could damage the surface, the drill bit, or both.

Punch a hole in your belt

When you have the option, one of the methods above is really your best bet. However, if you are struggling, the following 3 methods may also work. With any of the methods below, you should do the first step after the second: insert a small, sharp knife into the puncture and twist it in a circular motion to gouge out a portion of the skin. , rounding and enhancing the hole.


Read more: How to remove long staples from hardwood floorsCut the strip of skin with a knife.As mentioned, a knife will be useful for finishing holes on all three of these punch options, but you will have to be careful if you use it to start a knife. When you use a knife to pierce the skin at your designated point, the shape of the blade can make it difficult for you to puncture the skin without making a very large cut. a bigger blade, but in the end you have to use what you have. After carefully penetrating the skin, slowly move the knife back and forth in a circular motion in the hole, effectively scraping small amounts of skin until the right size is achieved. This may take some time. However, patience is key to not making the hole too large and achieving a round shape to avoid tearing.

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Scratch Awl

Pinch the hole in the leather strip and place a hammer.If you have access to a rake, sewing awl, or even an ice pick, they can be helpful to start holes and maintain the right size. Usually, you can tie any of these awls through your skin by hand; however, if the skin is thick or quite tough, you can use a mallet to tap it a few times. pocket knife to make a round, appropriately sized hole.


Punch the skin with a nail with a hammer.Another method to puncture the skin to start the hole is to use a hammer and nail. Simply align the nail to your marker, hammer through and you’re good to go. to drive in. Also, don’t go overboard with your hammering; Otherwise, you may have trouble getting the nail out again. a digital advertising lecturer, consultant, and freelancer based in North Texas. When not teaching or with his family, Magnus promotes the art of leathermaking as an entertaining leather historian and content creator with Elktracks Studio.Read more: Chegg & Free Answers Unblur Chegg Links Online 2021 | Top Q&A

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