How To Make A Hi Low Dress

How to sew a high-low skirt with a regular tassel skirt? This free tutorial shows you how to create a beautiful hi/low border. Download the free pattern to use on almost any ruffled skirt pattern you have.

How to sew a high and low skirt

This guide is a free add-on originally designed for Form ‘Ceremony’ to make the bottom hems high/low. It can be used on any other top, dress or skirt with ruffles at the hem. The sizes of the hi/low pattern that can be used range from infants to older girls. Read: how to make a low skirt * This post contains several affiliate links. Please see full information herePatterns are not labeled with garment size but with fabric width, as follows: minimum width is 10″ and maximum width is 35″ This means you can use the patterns on any any pattern in that range for the canvas width. The distance from the front to the back plus the pages you want to print is as follows:

  • 2” = 1,2,4,5”
  • 3” = 7,8,10,11”
  • 4” = 5,8,11”
  • 5” = 2,3,5,6,8,9,11,12”

2, 3, 4 and 5” lengths for a moderate hi/low effect. For example, the 2” pattern can be used for fabric sizes from 10” to 16”. The 2” model would ideally be used for child sizes. The patterns will overlap some of the width measurements, so you can choose how high/low effect you want. See fabric length and width differences below: pattern 2” = from 10” to 16” 3” pattern = from 11” to 18.5” 4” pattern = from 13” to 19” 5” pattern = from 28” to 35”List of required materials:

  • A top or skirt with a hemline such as a Celebration skirt
  • Free high/low samples & tutorials
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins
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Print the cuts out: Once you have printed out the templates linked above, set your printer to unscale (or 100%) and print page 11 first to check that the 1” print scale is correct. The box must be exactly 1″ in size. Printed pages for each size: 2” = 1,2,4,53” = 7,8,10,11 Read more: how to clean kitchen wall tiles4” = 5,8,115” = 2, 3,5, 6,8,9,11,12 Pieces and tape together:How to sew a low skirtOnce they’re printed, spread them out across your workspace, matching the letters in the corners of the page. You just want to cut both sides (along the dotted line) of the center pages, then glue those 3 together, repeating for the remaining 2 to sew high and low hem on the skirtNext, you want to cut the bottom strip, along the dotted line.How to choose the correct template width:Choose the high/low spread for your project and check the width you need. Cut out the pattern. If you don’t find the correct width, get the width above. Meaning, if you need a width of 17.5″, you want to get a width of 18″. With the help of the centerline on the pattern, you can reduce the width a bit from your canvas width. Fold the pattern in half along the center line (or just clip it like I did below).high and low skirt hem tutorialFold the center line ¼” to the side, that will create the ½” high and low skirt hemNow your template width is ½” shorter and you can use it now. You may want to keep the pin in place or just keep it in place when cutting around.Instructions on how to create high and low skirt hemHow to use high-low pattern:Read more: How to be a dresser Place your front garment (top, top, or skirt) in front of you and pin the ellipse pattern to the bottom edge of the fabric, aligning the bottom edge of the pattern with the bottom edge of the fabric. Both edges must also meet the edges. Draw around the edge of the UP pattern. How to sew high and low skirtsRemove the pattern and cut along the drawn line.How to make any top or skirt high or lowHere is your high front now:How to make any top or skirt high or lowCut the back side:Pin the pattern to the back and draw a line along the edge of the BOTTOM pattern.How to make any top or skirt high or lowCut along the drawn line, when you put both pieces of fabric (with the right side) together you will get a hi/low effect.How to make any top or skirt high or lowNow you can proceed to follow the original pattern and complete your dress. This is how you sew the side seams.How to make any top or skirt high or lowEnjoy your high/low dress!How to sew high and low skirtsTo instantly download sewing patterns such as Celebration dressplease access: Whimsy Couture on EtsyDIY crushed craft patternsRead more: how to lose fat in a week

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