How To Make A Guinea Pig Cage Ramp

How do you create a guinea pig ramp?If you’re looking for instructions on how to make a cage for your guinea pig, I’m your girl. Read: how to make a guinea pig cage And if you’re not crafty, don’t worry; There’s nothing you can’t hack. Let’s start, not a crafty person? We’ve got you covered with these guinea pig platform and ramp ideas to buy.

5 ideas to make your own guinea pig cage


If you’ve read any of my DIY projects, I always start with a disclaimer that I’m the most unscrupulous person in the world. However, I have had more than a few successful DIY projects. I’ve always liked easy and simple projects; If not, I will give up. Here is a list of simple instructions on how to make a guinea pig ramp using different materials. I have added videos for every method so you can have a visual presentation of each method.

1. Make a Guinea Cage reverse run with an old rug

This is exactly why I love DIY projects because you can always make use of things that just fill the house. I won’t go into detail on how to do this because the video below will guide you step by step. Read more: how to get better at wrestling | First Q&A If you prefer a written guide, then scroll to the description; All six steps are explained in detail.

2. Build Guinea Cage ramp using wire & Coroplast . storage blocks

This idea from Guinea Piggles is absolutely amazing. And if you’re looking for a fancy guinea pig ramp idea, this one will work. The product is worth every penny and energy. Some of the needs you will need to purchase for this project are wire storage blocks (you may have some left over from when you made the cage), coroplast, and cables. Watch video. below for more details and instructions. There’s even a bonus on how to make a loft.

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3. Create a cardboard ramp with Guinea Pig

This is probably the first method you may come across when looking for DIY ideas for guinea pig ramps, and it’s popular because it’s cheap and easy to make. Since you have cardboard at home, you may not spend any cash on this ramp. Here is a video by Still Cowgirl explaining the process.

4. Make the Guinea Pig wooden ramp

If you are looking for something more stable for your piglet, then you will love the ramp of the wooden cage. The process is easy, but it can take more time and energy than other projects. Here is a short video from MyBedroom Zoo explaining the process.

5. Get ideas on how to do a Guinea Pig reverse on Etsy

I know this isn’t a tutorial, but it’s a good tip; If you google Guinea Pig Ramp – Etsy you will get results for many guinea pig ramps, and since most of the products are handmade you can make them too. Easily get everything done. This is for those who are looking for something unique and different from what we discussed in this post. above.Also check out: How to Get Guinea Pigs Using a Ramp

Frequently asked questions about creating a guinea pig cage

Here are some common questions asked regarding do-it-yourself guinea pig cage ramps.

How do you do a Guinea Pig Cage Climb? (Last word)

Do-it-yourself projects can seem like a lot of work, but anyone can do them with the right tools and instructions. I hope the ideas shared in this blog post will make your job easier. more: The Most Beautiful Drawings Of Love. 150 romantic photos of all expressions of loveClose-up shot of Guinea pig with texthow do you make a guinea pig cage ramp? Can you share with us your experience?

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