How To Make A Dragon Out Of Legos

Build some LEGO® Mini Dragons – instructions below! We have a couple of fire-breathing dragons and then a lizard-type dragon. Cute and intense! After you complete them, build a panorama with a dragon’s lair and knights on a quest to find treasure – at the risk of their lives!Reading: How to make a dragon out of legos We used a series of gray bricks to create a cave for the dragon’s lair. Be sure to fill your lair with the treasure the dragons are guarding!LEGO Mini Dragons Building InstructionsFire breathing dragonThe first dragon is a classic fire-breathing dragon. We followed the instructions from – this is one of their monthly mini builds at the LEGO® store. Instructions can be found here: LEGO Mini Dragon. (You can also find build instructions for any set on – it’s very helpful! It would be helpful if you knew the kit number, but you can also search by keywords.) Session Our dragon version has been modified from a LEGO® one – I changed the wings and tail and added claws on the paws. Also, I made the tip four studs long instead of 3 because I think it makes the eyes look as if they’re in a better position.LEGO Mini Dragons - Building InstructionsHere are a few photos that will hopefully allow you to see the changes.LEGO Mini DragonsLEGO Mini DragonsLizard DragonThis dragon was mainly created by Owen (7 years old) with a few modifications by me. I think the way he stands up is very clever! If you need more pieces, I recommend ordering from Brick Link.LEGO Mini Dragons - Building InstructionsStep 1: Start the body with a 2 x 4 slab, two 2 x 2 reverse ramps and a 2 x 2 brick.LEGO Mini DragonsRead more: how to record wii game without capture cardStep 2: Add five 1 x 2 dark gray discs with a ball on the side and a 1 x 2 lime green disc.LEGO Mini DragonsStep 3: Add two more 1 x 2 panels with a ball on the side – these will hold the wings. Add two more 1 x 2 lime green plates.LEGO Mini DragonsStep 4: Place a 2 x 4 plate of green lime on top. Then add a 1 x 2 plate with a ball and a 1 x 2 lime green brick on top. Place a 1 x 2 slope at the other end. Add two 1 x 2 panels with a rivet on top.LEGO Mini DragonsStep 5: Attach legs. Each leg is a 2 x 3 wedge plate and a 1 x 2 plate with a socket at the end.LEGO Mini DragonsStep 6: Attach 1 x 1 (30 degrees) ramps to the back to make spikes.LEGO Mini DragonsStep 7: Start building the first part as shown. Place a 1 x 2 plate with a socket on the side, a 1 x 2 lime green plate, and four 1 x 1 round white plates on top of the 2 x 4 lime green plate.LEGO Mini DragonsStep 8: Build eyes. Attach a light cover with an inner bar (blue) to each of the white 1 x 1 panels using a clip light. Place a 1 x 1 lemon green round plate in front of each eye.LEGO Mini DragonsStep 9: Attach 1 x 4 double curved ramp bricks to the top. Then attach the head to the body.LEGO Mini DragonsStep 10: Collect the bricks shown to build the tail. Read more: how to build an external motor rackLEGO Mini DragonsStep 11: Assemble the tail section.LEGO Mini DragonsStep 12: Build wings! If you don’t have the bricks shown, adjust the design with the pieces you have.LEGO Mini DragonsHere is the image below of the wings. Attach the wings to the remaining gray plates with a ball on the side.LEGO Mini DragonsGreen DragonGresham designed this! The design of the body is similar to that of a dragon and a fairy. This person breathes fire from his nose.LEGO Mini DragonsLooks like the fire-breathing dragon just took down one of the knights!LEGO Mini DragonsHappy building! And be sure to check out our LEGO® book – it’s full of LEGO® projects to build and features two bigger and more epic dragons in the book.The book is called Amazing LEGO Creations With Bricks You Already Have. Click on the title to find it on Amazon. It is also available at Barnes & Noble (store and online) and at LEGO creations with bricks you already haveLEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® group of companies that do not sponsor, authorize or endorse this website.LEGO Mini Dragons Building InstructionsRead more: How to become a billionaire in bit life

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