How To Make A Discord Channel Read Only

Discord is one of the most popular voice and text chat services in the world with good reason: it’s full of unique and powerful features. But it can take a while for newer users to learn how to use all of Discord’s great features. : how to set a read-only discord channel These specific channels are designated read-only channels that are great for aggregating information such as server ground rules, groups, and raid information as it pertains to games, future events and more. It is often used for channels where new users are allowed to join to familiarize themselves with what a discord server is before the user accepts into an exclusive group. “That’s pretty cool. How do I make this happen on my Discord server? ”Read more: Typing with long nails is a must. While it’s fair to say it’s as simple as that, it has quite a few more steps than you might imagine. channel in your Discord server.

Set up a read-only channel in discord

Before we begin, you will obviously have to be inside your own Discord server or be given permission to create new roles and channels on another Discord server. If that is resolved, we can start by creating a new role. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to the server settings menu by right-clicking the server name to open the drop-down menu, then select Server settings and Role.
  • Once the window has opened, click ‘+‘found on the right side of Role Windows.Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 10 22 06 am
  • This will pull up a text box where you can enter the name of the role. You can name it whatever you want but for this tutorial I will use ‘Notify Admin’. Choose the color of the role (pink wins) and then click Save changes button.Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 10:24 49 am
  • You will now need to assign the new ‘Notification Administrator’ role to the appropriate members you want to give it by clicking the “Members” tab in the right sidebar (similar to where you find the “Roles” tab).Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 10:27 02 am
  • Click on the ‘+’ to the right of the selected members and select a new role from the options provided.Screenshots 2020 11 04 at 10:33 05 am
  • Once you have selected all the members appointed to the coveted ‘Admin Notice’ role, you will have to create a new channel. Below where your channels are located, right-click the open area and select Create Channel from the options inside the dialog window.Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 11:14 am
  • Next, create a name for your read-only channel. Sticking to our current topic, I’ll name this channel ‘announcements’. Once the name has been decided and filled in, click Create channel (make sure that #text channel option is clicked.)
  • To restrict a channel to a read-only channel (as well as permissions only available to people with the ‘Notify Admin’ role), you need to set the channel permissions. You can access this by clicking Saw icon located to the right of the channel you are focusing on.Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 10 36 00 am
  • Once in the Edit Channel menu, click the “Permissions” tab. This will open General rights window where you can enable or disable specific permissions tailored to individual roles.Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 10:36 43 am
  • Go ahead and click the powerful ‘+’ icon that we’ve grown to love. It can be found to the right of Role / Member. Find and select the new role you want to modify.Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 10:37 14 am
  • With @everyone role is selected and highlighted, scroll down and deny “Send Message” permission by selecting red X. Then click Save changes pop-up button.Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 10:37 33 am
  • Next, select and highlight the new role you created and scroll down to accept the “Send Message” permission by selecting green check mark. Then click Save changes pop-up button.Screenshot 2020 11 04 at 12:40 55 pm
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    Read more: how to mount a projector screen permanently on drywall to organize and update future announcements when you can’t or simply don’t want to do it yourself. Everyone else in the channel is given read-only permissions.

    What if I want to restrict messages?

    If you want users to be able to send messages but don’t want new people to spam your chats, you can use the ‘Slow Mode’ feature in your Server’s settings. Go to the ‘Overview’ tab of the server and move the slider from five seconds to six hours. The newest users will only have the option to send a message every five seconds or whatever you set.

    Can I reopen the channel to receive messages?

    Absolutely, you just need to follow the same instructions as above but click on the green check mark and not the red X. Read more: how to check car tire pressure without a gauge

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