How To Make A Crochet Tutu Dress

If you’ve been following me lately, you’ll see that I’m busy making tutus. I made a basic, easy tutu using a knit elastic band and I made a tutu with a crochet waistband. Now I’m expanding on that by making a crochet tutu dress. I just love the crochet tutu dress. It’s a complete dress and it’s simply adorable. I never got to experience this whole thing when I had a son and so now that I have friends with my daughters, I can sew these lovely clothes. tulle tutu attached. The tulle tutu is attached the same way you would a tutu – no stitches. Her mom asked for pink and yellow. It’s just a fun and happy combination. I can’t help but think of lemon pink when I see this color combo.

What you need to sew a Crochet Tutu . dress


  • Crochet the dress pattern of your choice – you will only be making the bodice, so see the details of the above to help you decide which pattern
  • Yarn – I used 3rd weight pink yarn for mine. I decorated it with yellow yarn with a grade 4 weight because it matches the tulle I have
  • Crochet to go with your yarn – I used a 4mm hook to go with my pink yarn
  • 6 inch wide tulle – you can buy 6 inch tulle or buy tulle and cut to size. Personally, I find spools a little easier

how to crochet a bodice for a crochet tutu skirt

For crochet sweaters, choose your favorite crochet dress pattern. The template I use is by Ball Hank n’ Skein. This bodice is crocheted from the neck down and so this pattern can easily be transformed into a crochet tutu dress. I love how this pattern uses HDC stitches in the front loop (you’re working on this pattern from the back) to create a lovely striped texture. I also wanted sleeves and this pattern seems to fit the bill. This pattern makes for a dolman sleeve style – there’s a string “HDC, ch 1, HDC” used at the 4 corners and stretched at one corner. They will eventually form the sleeves. To start crocheting, I followed the same pattern and continued until I got the recipient’s bust measurement. Since you’re working from the neck down (and from the inside out!) It works a bit odd – it’s like a weird circular artifact, but when you lay it flat and stack the strings “HDC, ch… 1, HDC”, you will see how it forms a lapel.Read more: How long should you wait to shower after tanning Once I got my desired circumference, I made a row of HDCs in the previous loop, but joined those “HDC, ch 1, HDC” sections together to sleeve formation.crochet tutu skirtcrochet tutu skirtTo create a “waistband”, as well as a second color combination (in this case yellow), I did a complete loop of undulating stitches alternating with the SC, as it looks like a belt of asterisks. Don’t crop the first color – we’ll get back to that, so leave it as is. I want to do the following to get a bobble stitch:

  • thread through, thread the hook into both loops of the stitch, thread through and pull the yarn through (3 loops on hook), thread through and pull thread through 2 loops (2 loops on hook).
  • pull the yarn over, thread the hook into both loops of the same seam again, pull the yarn over and pull the yarn through (4 loops on the hook), over the yarn and thread through the 2 loops (3 loops on the hook)
  • yarn over, thread the hook into both loops of the same seam again, pull the yarn over and pull the yarn through (5 loops on the hook), pull through the yarn and thread through the 2 loops (4 loops on the hook)
  • thread through and pull through all 4 loops
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Some of the alternatives to making a bobble stitch involve more loops. I like to do it this way because it uses less yarn. Otherwise, your bodice will be unnaturally wide. You will now knit the part that will allow you to attach the tulle.

How to crochet the tulle part on a crocheted tutu skirt

To create the part to which the tulle attaches, ch 2 to start your row. DC in the same stitch, ch 1, sk 1 stitch, DC, ch 1, sk 1 stitch …… continue following this pattern all the way around. Use the leaderboard to enter the round. You should now see that you have “holes” that you can attach the tulle to. Read more: how to calculate concentration using standard addition To stabilize it, I hooked up a few more rows. Ch 2 and then DC in every stitch around. Sl st to join round.Ch 1 and then SC in every stitch around. Number of points to enter the round.crochet tutu skirtTo incorporate my second color (yellow), I scanned around both the sleeve holes, as well as the neck holes.crochet tutu skirt

How to attach tutu to a crochet tutu dress

Check out my blog post on how to make a cardigan with a crochet waistband for instructions on how to cut the tulle, as well as how to attach it to the crochet section. The only difference is that it has a lapel attached to the waistband. The technique is similar, after cutting the tulle to the proper length, fold it and weave it from left to right. The direction really doesn’t matter – I just find it easier to do it from left to right. For this crochet tutu dress, I only used 2 layers at a time. I love sparkly tulle (though once I’m done, there’s really glitter everywhere!) And so I covered it with a layer of color. Since it comes in both pink and yellow, I alternated between the two.crochet tutu skirtHow I love this crochet tutu dress! Watch this adorable little girl celebrate her first birthday in a crochet tutu on the beach in Hawaii.crochet tutu skirtcrochet tutu skirtcrochet tutu skirtWant to remember how to make these crochet tutu dresses? Remember to save it to your favorite Pinterest boards. Read more: how to send erc20 token from myetherwallet FacebooktwitterinterestFacebooktwitterinterest

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