How To Make A Cosplay Helmet

Yes, you know any old helmet won’t do. And you certainly know that the Lannister helmet you created from a paper bag, gorilla glue, and wood chips is looking pretty weak right now. Well, there is a better way to make a helmet and you won’t believe how simple it is. This week on Tested, the goofy crew featured Evil armor maker Ted Smith, to learn about how to easily build the base for your very own, professional cosplay helmets . very detailed about how he makes things on his Youtube channel, learned a few things during his career as a Hollywood supporting and costume producer, and after seeing him him at work, I’m sure you’ll agree that he’s a foaming master. What’s different about his videos is the way he does it all in real time – no pre-jumping, speeding, or taking the finished video out of the oven. For this helmet-making process, he spends 21 minutes going from sample to finished base, ready for other features or sealing and painting. This is a step-by-step process with all the materials you need. Read: how to make cosplay helmet



How to Make a Cosplay Helmet from Styrofoam1 / 2 Floor Plates Foam Barge Infinity Cement (non-toxic) Exacto Knife Heat Gun


Step 1: Create your template

How do you make a helmet model? Evil Ted says it’s similar to creating a fabric pattern. Use aluminum foil and tape to shape the head. Then cut it into symmetrical sections and lay flat. Switch to thick paper or card stock – which allows you to save, reuse, or adjust templates. The trick is to add a ‘registered trademark’ so you can stack the stickers as you stick. (Ted has several samples for sale on his website here.)

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Step 2: Sample transfer to foam

Read more: HOW TO DRAW MAKEUP CHARACTERISTICS: CHARACTERS REMOVED LESSON & DRAWING MANGA DRAWING MANGA GUIDE Once you have your flat pattern, stretch the fabric and pin them to the sponge. Foam is your standard 1/2 foam exercise mat. This material can be easily shaped, heated, sanded, glued and painted. Transfer the pattern with a Sharpie marker. Be sure to add registration marks so that the foam pieces match when you go to glue

Step 3: Foam cutting

Use the Exacto knife to cut the pieces out of the foam. It’s convenient to have a self-healing cutting mat. Be sure to hold the knives at a 90-degree angle to the foam so they fit together without creating sharp wrinkles. (Incidentally, that’s exactly how you can create sharp wrinkles with a sponge.)how-to-make-a-cosplay-helmet-foam-testing-03

Step 4: Foam heating

Since the foam is a bit stiff, a little heat will loosen it, making it easier to stick and match registered trademarks. Heat each piece evenly, front and back, on high for a few minutes. Knead each piece with your hands until you have a slight curve. Read more: Refrigerant recoveryhow-to-make-a-cosplay-helmet-foam-testing-04

Step 5: Glue foam

Using Barge Cement, glue the connected edges. Barge cement has a good service life, allowing you to spread and spend time stacking trademarks and making sure everything is in order. It also dries flexible preventing stiff seams that can sometimes break.

Step 6: Check Fit!

Once you’ve got the top and sides together, check it fits snugly! This is where you can start adding some inner foam for cushioning, trimming back areas, or marking areas for helmet extras. Massage foam sheets can be cut and sanded, shaped and glued for other features. Craft foam also comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be easily cut a layer of glue to the base of the helmet before more armor construction and foaming work on Evil Ted’s website or Youtube channel.Read more: how to fasten a belt buckle to a regular belt

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