How To Make A Coin Into A Necklace

Since early times, men and women have worn coin jewelry to signify their social status and wealth. Jewelry styles can vary across cultures, but the presence of coins as an ornament is consistent. Want to add a touch of nobility to your look? Why not learn how to make a coin necklace? In the Victorian Era, sailors gave their lovers engraved coins to memorize them before embarking on dangerous voyages. At a time before voicemail, text messaging, and social media, these love tokens — shared coins engraved with sentimental messages — provide long-distance couples with tangible reminders of what to expect. their relationship. good luck carrying a coin from the year you were born. Alternatively, you can choose an important date such as graduation or marriage. Feeling generous? Why not give coins to friends or loved ones from important years of their lives. Don’t worry, you don’t have to date a sailor or spend a ton of money to learn how to make a coin necklace. There are two methods and we will cover each in depth below. Keep reading as we guide you through the process of creating your own coin necklace. But first, visit our coin site and find something special.

Method #1: How to make a coin pendant


If you recently traveled abroad and brought back some currency with you, this is a great way to create a memento. Have you been bitten by a tourist bug? Start with one coin and add another for each of your rides! In a few years, you will have a beautiful piece of jewelry that will serve as a storybook for your travels around the world.5f05aa7266a00

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Tools necessary

Steps to make a coin necklace

Step 1: Place the piece of wood or metal on a flat surface. This will act as a barrier and protect your countertop or desk from the drill bit. Step 2: Decide which side of the coin you want to display. Most coins are designed with two sides, so choose the side that you want to face right, as the back can turn upside down when you flip it. Step 3: Once you’ve decided, place the coin on the block with the side you want to show facing you.Step 4: Secure the bottom half of the coin with a piece of tape to prevent it from moving around or slipping. when you start drilling. Step 5: Once your coin has been secured, it’s time to drill the hole! Don’t worry, it’s not illegal to drill holes in currency. It goes without saying, but if you try to use it to pay for something after you’ve drilled, you could end up being an outlaw. Instead, keep this pendant on your necklace for display, not to pay for your coffee. Press firmly but gently and continue drilling until you feel a slight touch in the wood. Step 7: Use needle nose pliers and open the jump ring. Thread it through the newly drilled hole in your coin, then squeeze it tight. If you don’t want to buy a jump necklace, you can steal one from an old necklace that you won’t be using anymore. Recycle, reduce, reuse! Step 8: Slide the chain or ribbon through the jump ring. That’s it, you’re done! You’ve got your very own custom made coin necklace for a fraction of what you would pay at a jeweler.

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Method #2: How to make a Bezel Coin Pendant

If you don’t want to dive into federal currency, but you still want to look fashionable, then this guide is for you. You can make a pretty coin pendant without drilling holes in anything.

Tools necessary

Steps to make a Bezel Coin Pendant

Step 1: If you have a screw-closed bezel, hold your screwdriver in one hand and hold the bezel in the other. Gently remove the top part until the small screw loosens. Put it in a safe place. The bezel screw is so small that if it rolls to the floor, there is a small chance it will move it out of the abyss of the carpet or rug. Step 2: Open the bezel just enough to fit a coin into the hole. Gently pull the edges of the bezel away from each other, without twisting them apart. Otherwise, the metal will bend and the bezel will not retain its original shape. Step 3: Close the bezel and screw the latch back into place. If your coin feels loose and you’re worried about it falling off the pendant, don’t worry. Simply open the bezel again and apply a bit of super glue or epoxy glue along the side of the coin before putting it back in place. This method is also great if you are a coin collector and have some valuable pieces in your collection that you want to show off. If you don’t stick the coins on the bezel, you can swap them out whenever you want to change up your to make coin jewelry

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Start flaunting your coins!

Coin jewelry survived the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, Victorian England, and continues to exist today. It can be said that this trend will not go out of fashion any time soon! And now you are on your way to showing the trend yourself. With these tools and tutorials, you’ve got everything you need to create many of the amazing creations you want! Read more: how to calculate age in chronological order manually

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