How To Make A Click Detector On Roblox



ClickDetector example

Put this code inside the Script inside ClickDetector. The code sample first creates a reference to the parent ClickDetector and defines a function to display the player welcome message. Finally, it hooks up the ClickDetector / MouseClick | . event ClickDetector’s MouseClick with the function defined. local clickDetector = topqa.infont local function onClicked (player) – Show message to local player msg = (“Message”) topqa.infont = player: FindFirstChild (“PlayerGui”) = “Hello ,” .. wait (2.5) msg: Destroy() end – Connect function to MouseClick event topqa.infoeClick: Connect (onClicked)

Part Anchored Toggle

This code sample will allow a clicked part to toggle its fixed property. When enabled, the visual interface of the section is updated (red means anchored, yellow means free). Read: how to create a click detector on roblox local part = topqa.infont – Create a Click Detector so we can know when the part is clicked local cd = (“ClickDetector”, part) – Functions This updates the look of the part based on the state locale function Anchored updateVisuals() if topqa.infoored then – When the part is docked… topqa.infokColor = (“Magenta”) topqa.inforial = topqa other .infoondPlate – When unlicensed… topqa.infokColor = (“Light Yellow”) topqa.inforial = end end local function onToggle() – Toggle anchor attribute topqa.infoored = not topqa.infoored – Updates the visual state of the cube updateVisuals() end – Updates, then starts listening for clicks updateVisuals() cd.MouseClick: Connect (onToggle)

Create a ClickDetector cửa window

Read more: How to get rid of all hair after a haircut The code sample below demonstrates the function of ClickDetector and its properties and events. It also sets ClickDetector / MaxActivationDistance | maximum distance a player can interact with ClickDetector to 10 studs and set ClickDetector / CursorImage | ClickDetector’s CursorImage to: Read more: How to attract girls on omegleThe code then connects the ClickDetector to a number of events, including changing the BasePart / Transparency of the door when the player’s mouse hovers over ClickDetector / MouseHoverEnter | and ClickDetector / MouseHoverLeave | out the door. Player opens door by ClickDetector / MouseClick | their left click when over ClickDetector and close by ClickDetector / RightMouseClick | their right click when over ClickDetector. This code works in Scripts and LocalScript as long as the parent script is BasePart | Part.Read more: how to add font to – The door ‘BasePart’ local door = topqa.infont – The asset ID of the image you want to set the cursor to local CursorId = “2287179355” – Create a local ClickDetector ClickDetector = (“ClickDetector”) topqa.infont = door topqa.infoctivationDistance = 10 topqa.infoorIcon =“ rbxassetid:// ”..CursorId – Make the door slightly transparent when hovering over topqa .infoeHoverEnter: Connect (function () topqa.infosparency = 0.1 end) – Door is not transparent when mouse is not hovering over topqa.infoeHoverLeave: Connect (function () topqa.infosparency = 0 end) – Open door on left click topqa.infoeClick: Connect ( function () t opqa.infosparency = 0.8 topqa.infosparency = false end) – Closed on right click on topqa.infotMouseClick: Connect (function () topqa.infosparency = 0.1 topqa.infoollide = true end)

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