how to make a chinese kite

How to make a Chinese kite

1. Making butterfly kites

The Chinese often make and fly Butterfly kites because they symbolize beauty and a free spirit. There is an old saying: Only the greatest artists go to the sky to paint butterflies.Butterflies, butterflies

What you need

1. sail: one-piece 21” (535 mm)-square by Silkspan medium weight Read: how to make a Chinese kite2. spars:

  • One piece of basswood 11” (355 mm) x ” (6mm) x 1/16” (2mm), for spine
  • Two 24” (635 mm) x ” (6mm) x 1/16” (2mm) basswood logs, for top bars
  • Two 12” (330 mm) x ” (6mm) x 1/16” (2mm) basswood pieces, for bottom spokes

3. bridle: 24” (610 mm) kite string4. tail: two sets of 48” (1220 mm) x ” (40 mm) paper trays Read more: how to be yourself when with a girl5. pattern material: heavy paper or cardboard6. kite string: # 20 kite strings (available at kite shops)7. reinforcement line (optional): a piece of kite string8. beard (optional): twin-wire twist ties from trash bags, or pipe cleaners.9. glue and paper stickers

How to make kite step by step

Read more: how to chase ghost antsfirst. After modeling the half of the kite, fold the sail in half and trace the pattern onto the sail, with the center of the kite along the fold. Place a ½” (12 mm) glue cap along the top edge. Trim the sail and cut in 2” (50 mm) spacings along the glued flap.2. Glue the spine to the sail. Starting with a top corner, glue the cap over the stake and let the glue set for a moment. Bend the gyro and glue the other end to the sail. Finish gluing the remaining corner of the top cover. Repeat the same steps for the other spar.3. Glue the bottom spokes to the sails and finish them off with paper stickers. (Optional: Run a reinforcement line between the piles.)4. Use a blunt needle to thread the bridle through the sail at the given bridle points. Tie the ends of the reins around the stakes at the top bridle point and the spine at the bottom bridle point.5. Measure and tie the kite line at the towing point. Glue to the tail of the sail. (Optional: Tape or glue the whiskers to the butterfly’s head.) Read more: how to get rid of yellow algae in the pool

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