How To Make A Car Sun Visor

As spring passes and summer kicks in, our days become filled with road trips, vacations, and spending time with friends. From dawn to dusk, the sun is shining a warm light on the streets of America. And as great as it is, it can make driving, especially a long day of stumbling across the road, a little more difficult. Throughout the day, especially around dawn and dusk, the sun can produce a glare that makes it difficult to see the road and potential hazards ahead. to actually do the job correctly. Our goal, in and out of the store, is to keep you safe on the road. That’s why we’ve created this DIY car sunshade extender that you can make yourself at home.Munition:

  • 1.5” wide elastic band
  • Adhesive Velcro Dải
  • Craft Ply – ⅛ inch thick (can replace any sturdy material, like cardboard)
  • Scissors
  • Dominator
  • Paint & Brush (optional)

Step 1:Cut two pieces of elastic long enough to wrap around your car’s visor. It’s best to have a few extra inches to overlap.Step 1 - Cut two pieces of elasticStep 2:Read more: | Top Q & AA Attach a piece of Velcro to the ends of each elastic, making sure that each end on the same strip has a matching velcro that can be fastened together to form a loop.Step 2 - Attach the Velcro to the elasticStep 3:Determine how much coverage you want to add and cut it out of the sturdy, opaque material. We used a 12-inch long, pre-cut plywood board, but if you don’t have it on hand, you can use another light-blocking material, such as cardboard. Just make sure there’s enough room to secure the board to your visor, as well as block the light.Step 4 (optional):Paint your visor extender a color of your choice, and let it dry. If you want to add some fun, spice it up with fun stickers or sparkles.Step 4 - Paint the sunshade extension plate for decorationRead more: gta fake money factory 5 ways to make moneyStep 5:Secure two elastic bands around your visor vertically, connecting each with the velcro loops. Make sure to leave a bit of space between each loop of elastic on your visor.Step 4 - Secure the elastic bands around your carStep 6:Slide your extension board under the bands on your vehicle’s visor and adjust accordingly. And there you have it! You’ve built your very own car sun visor extender!Step 5 - Slide the expansion board under the elasticStart your travel journey around the country without worrying about the sun shining in your eyes. To make sure you can see when the sun comes out beyond this DIY visor, invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses, keep your windshield clean, and give yourself plenty of room. between your vehicle and other drivers. Get your vehicle ready for miles on the open road by heading to your nearest Firestone Finishing Auto Care location. Or, check out the latest tires and auto service coupons.Get more awesome DIYs! Read more: how to charge the drill battery without charging

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