How To Make A Brain Model For School

One of my favorite experiments with Kerry is her doh-playing brain, so when we found a pack of old play dohs in the cupboard, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try. First, we figured out some interesting facts and then started making a model brain.Model brain diagram

Interesting facts about the brain for children

Did you know that our brain uses 20% of the body’s energy, but only about 2% of its weight? where we bang our heads and also help prevent infection. The human skull is made up of 22 bones put together.

How to make a dough brain model

This is not for scaling and obviously the colors do not represent an actual brain. Our model is really just to show distinct areas of the Human Brain. Read more: how to fix speedball screen ink I roll each color play dough shaped like a sausage and wrapped around itself to represent the ridges and grooves seen in the brain. The outer part of the brain, called Cerebrum, is divided into two hemispheres, by a central fissure. Each Hemisphere is divided into 4 lobes, as shown above. Under Cerebrum are Cerebellum and Brain Stem, the brain can be divided into six main areas:frontal lobe

  • reasoning, planning, parts of speech and movement, emotions and problem solving

Top lobes

  • Sensation of touch, pressure, temperature, and pain.

Occipital lobe temporal lobes

  • Hearing awareness and memory


  • Control and coordination of muscle movements

Brain stem – not shown

  • Responsible for keeping your body’s automatic systems working, just like breathing!
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Can you think of anything else we could use to create a model brain? This activity is also available in Gross Science!Play doh's brain activity, taken from Gross Science #Scienceforkids #halloweenscience

More scientific experiments on the human body

Read more: How to stop calls on iPhone without being blocked fake blood recipeAsk a child to get a friend draw around them and add body parts or skeletons. How do your lungs work?Our lung model is a great demonstration. play powder ant life cycle if you want to use play dough for something else!Brain models are easily labeled for children. Make a brain model with play dough to show the different lobes #brainmodel #neuroscienceforkids #modelbrainDealer link Read more: How to fix a wide shoulder shirt

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