How To Load A 22 Rifle

How to Load • WARNING: Never attempt to reload your rifle with a cartridge that does not meet the cartridge symbol stamped on the barrel. Use only clean, dry, factory-loaded ammunition that conforms to industry standards. • WARNING: Your rifle is a self-loading .22 caliber designed for .22 Long Rifle High Velocity cartridges only (not Hyper-Velocity). Shot, Longs, and Shot cartridges can be loaded and fired, but Marlin discourages them, as reloading would be unreliable and their use could cause damage or injury. rifles, always check the bore and cavity to make sure they are free of grease or any other obstruction. • WARNING: This rifle will not function properly unless the internal magazine is securely locked in place. • WARNING: Never add cartridges to a partially loaded tubular magazine. • WARNING: The following procedure is the only recommended loading method. Make sure the bay is empty, safe in SAFE, the bolt is in the “last” auto-hold position, and the rifle is pointed in a safe direction. To load the magazine, turn the rifle upside down and, keeping your finger away from the muzzle, unlock the internal magazine by rotating the knurled locking head plug (See F). Withdraw the inner tube from the outer tube until the intake port is exposed (See section G). Read more: how to make image With muzzle raised, drop Long Rifle cartridges into loading port, warhead facing muzzle (See G). When you’ve loaded up to 14 cartridges, slide the tube back into place, turning it slightly to easily move through the loaded rings. DO NOT UP THE TUBE. Then turn the knurled lock head to the locked position. The inner tube will not lock in place if the number of loaded cartridges exceeds the stated magazine capacity. • WARNING: Your rifle is not designed to be loaded once. Always load ammunition through the magazine as instructed above. With the safety on the SAFE and the rifle facing the safe direction, close the latch by pressing the latch release lever in front of the trigger guard (See section C). This will close the latch on an empty chamber. Now, to install the toner cartridge, you must pullSafe 22lr RifleUnlock the magazineRead more: how to win mancala in one pass Download the magazine Unlock the magazineRead more: how to win mancala in one pass Download the magazineHow to download Pull the charging handle as far as the charging handle backwards and let the snap bolt back (See H&I section).How to download Let it shoot forward • WARNING: Your rifle is now upgraded and ready to fire as soon as the safety pin is pushed to the FIRE position.

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How to fight fire

Push safety to the “FIRE” position and, with the rifle pointed at the target, pull the trigger. Since your rifle is self-loading, after each shot, it will be ready to fire again, until the magazine, feeder, and bay are empty, at which point the “last shot” automatic latch hold button ” will work. fire all cartridges in the magazine, be sure to set it safely to “SAFE” until you are ready to fire again. • WARNING: Due to the self-loading operation, if your rifle’s latch is fully closed, you must assume it is cocked and loaded. Continue reading here: How to unload Was this article helpful? +25 -2

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