How To Link Steam Account To Rockstar Social Club

You’ve just received your copy of GTA V on PC and you can’t wait to explore Los Santos and wreak havoc! However, Steam and Rockstar’s version of Uplay, Social Club, is standing in the way. Do not be afraid! You’re not alone. With the quick tips in this guide, you’ll soon be causing mass mayhem on your own.

Catch (Un) Stuck on Steam Overlay

Many GTA 5 PC players report getting stuck in a loop where they’re not sure if their account is actually linked to the Social Club (no response to you, really). whether or not you will succeed). Link Steam account to rockstar social club Read more: how to play 5 second rule game Social club actually opens the Steam overlay in some cases, covering an “OK” button on the bottom side right. if you close the Steam overlay with the combination SHIFT + TAByou will be able to see the button and link the accounts!

After linking your account with the social club

After successfully linking your Steam and Social Club accounts, you may get an error that Social Club failed to start. In this case, Rockstar suggests uninstall the program Social Club and reinstall manually from this support page. Read more: how to deal with the scorpion manAlways make sure your Steam cache is verified also. Right click on the game in your Steam library and click “Properties”. Then you’ll want to click the “Local” file tab. And then you will click “Verify Integrity of Game Cache”. If you need to manually add GTA 5 to Steam, click here for instructions. Run as administrator.)Hopefully, this quick guide will help you link your Steam Account and Social Club – and set you on a path to annihilation of Rockstar’s newest open-world mass destruction! For other fixes to common problems, check out our fix list for all your solutions! See more GTA 5 tutorials here on Gameskinny! Read more: how to create strings in terraria

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