how to leave feedback on aliexpress

Just received products from AliExpress? Leave your feedback on the seller and the product. In this way, you will help other customers to know if the seller is trustworthy and if it is worth ordering from them. If every customer leaves feedback, it will help more people to choose from and avoid dishonest sellers. Read: how to leave feedback on aliexpress If you don’t want to leave feedback, imagine that other customers do too. So how is one going to choose the product? How to know that the seller is trustworthy and honest? You yourself have to make the change you want to see in the world. So don’t forget to leave your feedback on products and stores on AliExpress.

How to leave feedback on AliExpress after you confirm receipt of order

Read more: how to get jello off the mat You can only leave feedback when you click the “Order Received” button. AliExpress will automatically offer to leave feedback once you confirm receipt of your order. If you agree, you will go to the feedback page, if you want to leave feedback but don’t have time to do it right now, don’t worry. AliExpress reserves 30 days to leave feedback. When you’re ready, go to your personal account in the “My Orders” section. You will see a “Leave Feedback” button next to the order.

What to write in your feedback

You have to rate the seller on a scale of 1 to 5, write a review and attach some pictures. You will have to evaluate the following points:

  • How the product matches its description,
  • How good are the seller’s communication skills,
  • How fast is the product sent?
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Read more: How to fix loose shoulder tops In your comment you can share your experience of ordering from this seller, about any possible problems, about the product itself, about the terms delivery, etc. The limit is 1,000 characters. By the way, you can stay anonymous.Aliexpress feedback managementAnyway, the feedback will only be posted when the seller tests it. Feedback is published when both you and the seller leave it or at the end of 30 days after posting it. All feedback you leave is stored in the “Manage Feedback” section. All your comments and their status are collected here. Don’t forget that after receiving the confirmation, you can not only leave feedback, but also cash out up to 4.91% from AliExpress (if you enabled the refund before placing your order). how to tighten the fear with a crochet hook

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