How To Know If Meditation Is Working

Without a doubt, meditation is the practice that changed the trajectory of my life forever. Read: How To Know Meditation Is Effective However, very few people can sustain a regular meditation practice because the truth is, it’s so hard! Sitting with nothing to do but breathe and think is clearly one of the more difficult things you will have to do. It took me 3 months of daily practice to catch my first moment of silence. Yes, that’s right. 3 months of practice for ONE second of silence in my mind! It’s hard to make very small gains in the early days of meditation, which doesn’t mean you’re not making progress or not reaping the benefits of meditation. the first moments of silence.1. You are more aware of your bodyYou’ll sit at your desk and realize, ‘I’m bending over’, so you’ll sit more upright. Or, you will notice that you are sitting cross-legged but you are not crossing your legs to maintain balance in your body. You will become more aware of yourself and your surroundings, and body awareness is one of the earlier signs that cognitive muscle is forming in your mind.2. You’ll recognize when you’re in a bad mood and can let it goMost of us will notice when we’re in a bad mood, but what we don’t notice is how much it’s actually consuming us. After meditating, even for a short month or two, you’ll catch a bad mood, realize it, and that’s it. It just stops there. You don’t let a bad mood carry you miles away from where you are now. I used to learn it as if you were on a platform. You can get on the angry train of thought and it will go for miles, or you can just stay on the platform and let the train go. That’s what meditation is. Different thought trains come and go, but you don’t get on and get picked up by the train.3. Things that used to bother you no longer bother youI actually first started practicing meditation on board. It’s a really bad place to start your practice because on a busy train with noise, people passing you, collisions and other disturbances. In the early days of meditation, everything gets on your nerves because the slightest disturbance can push you out. It is both in your practice as well as outside. Your mind has been trained to accept disturbances but remains focused on the task at hand.4. Your usual mental patterns will be brokenRead more: How to Make a Rainbow Lamb We have the same patterns of thinking, behaviors, and reactions to life over and over again, and for most of our lives we just do the same thing. mindlessly day after day. It is called the path of least resistance, meaning that we only take the path of thought and action that is easiest in most cases. you’re doing it, it’s because you’re training your mind to be more aware and focused. This interrupts the path of least resistance of the mind and you will begin to get rid of it, as your mind is strengthened to be more aware of what it is doing.5. You will crave for the respite meditation gives youHave you ever been so plagued by negative thoughts that you just wish it would give you a break? Thinking and anticipating the worst-case scenario and feeling bad for something that hasn’t even happened yet. Replay unfair moments in your life when someone treated you. Wish something would have happened the other way around. Or just frankly overthinking and worrying. Meditation is a slow burning practice. Especially in the early days you may feel like nothing is happening but if you can see some small improvements I hope that will be a sign that it is working and you should move on. practice persistently.5 Ways To Know If A Meditation Practice Is Working For YouWant more words of wisdom from Katherine? Click here for Five Ways to Incorporate More Mindfulness and Meditation into Your Life, and here to visit her website. Read more: how to build mesh fence panel

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