How To Know If A Guy Is Mad At You

When women are angry, even if they want to hide their feelings, there is no way on earth that they can prevent their anger or dissatisfaction from showing clearly on their faces or through their gestures. it has to do with their happiness, anger or grief and as such, they can be really hard to judge.Recommended reading: 8 reasons why dating an independent girl is a great ideaSo how do you know if your boyfriend or husband is really mad at you but doesn’t let you know? Well, here are some signs and changes that you will notice in his attitude and manners that show how annoying he really is.

#1. When he ignores what you say and pretends to be busy with TV


Gif via TumblrYes, as always, even if he’s really engrossed in his game but still looking at you with a smile on his face, this time too he can hear every word you say but he He didn’t respond because he didn’t respond. I want to talk to you!If you want to stay safe, remember these: 18 Things Men Don’t Say Men Want Their Women To Know

#2. When he says ”I don’t want to talk about that! ”

Gif via TumblrGif via Tumblr Because he was angry or upset about something and doesn’t want to make things worse by talking about it anymore!

#3. When you go on a date and he doesn’t say a word to you

Gif via GiphyThe gif via GiphyHe asks what you want to eat or what movie you want to see, but that’s about it. During your coffee, movie, and trips to the theater and back, he likes to mute the music on high. Read more: how to run fortnite on low-end computers 2018Watch out for these signs: 7 reasons why men push for divorce

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#4. Or ” I told you I’m fine, why can’t you stop asking me that? ”

Gif via TumblrGif via Tumblr: As many times as you’ve asked him if there’s anything that upsets him, you’ve heard the above! And if you ask him even then, he will probably fight or walk away.

#5. When you put on your hottest nightwear and he says, ”I’m so sleepy, good night! ”

Image / Pyaar Ke . side effectsImage Courtesy: Pyaar Ke Side Effects Say no to sex? Now, isn’t that evidence enough to convince you that everything is NOT OK? Would you like him to write it down on a whiteboard right now?Maybe you like: 12 struggles that only guys with hotter girlfriends understand

#6. When you text him and he only replies with one word

Gif via GiphyGif via Giphy It’s just a way for you to see that again, he doesn’t want to talk to you about anything himself and will just answer whatever you need to ask to the right point!

#7. You can tell from his body language towards you

Image / Shaadi Ke . side effectsImage Courtesy: Shaadi Ke Side Effects: He doesn’t get emotional, doesn’t hug you enough, doesn’t eat at the same table as you, doesn’t sit near you and likes to leave the room you’re in. Need more proof?8 ways you can easily seduce your husband every day

#8. He intentionally does things you don’t like in front of you

Gif via TumblrGif via Tumblr Read more: how to change the color of a layer in photoshop It’s like he drinks or smokes, hangs out late at night with friends or worst case, he slanders your family. Always remember that it’s not him but his pent-up anger that does it all!

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#9. He is strangely quiet

Gif via TumblrGif via TumblrAnd that’s not like him! He has an aura that surrounds him to set a good mood for those around him, while suddenly, he’s better than ever! So will you only repair what needs to be repaired?If Your Relationship Is In The Beginning: 5 Reasons Smiling Isn’t Enough To Show A Guy That You Like Him

#10. When he picks up your phone and says, ”Does it matter? I will call you later!”

Gif via TumblrGif via Tumblr Yes he can be just as rude but, that depends on how angry he really is!

#11. He chooses small fights over insignificant matters

Gif via TumblrGif via TumblrLike if he can’t find the control held right in front of him or if the newspaper isn’t kept in order and everything, even sillier than these!

#12. He finds ways to avoid being with you

Gif via GiphySince he’s upset with you, he doesn’t want to confront you or start any other discussions. Therefore, he likes to stay in the office until late so you can get some sleep until he arrives, or he purposefully comes to the office on the weekend. He might even be able to convince you hard to come to your mother’s place for a few days.Continue reading: Shama Sikander’s European vacation with fiance is a fitting way to chillIt’s not a nice or fancy atmosphere in the house when either of you is upset, especially if he’s yours because he’s usually happy and cheerful. So if you notice any of the above signs in him, you need to find out and see if that’s sorted! Read more: How to upgrade cookie castle

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