How To Know A Sagittarius Guy Is Serious About You

Have you started dating a mysterious Sagittarius? Is it not moving as fast as you would like? Are you starting to wonder whether he’s serious about you?This is a rare scenario to be in, as Sagittarius men tend to be outspoken and honest.Reading: how to know a sagittarius guy is serious about youStill, I’m here to help. This guide features a list of signs that a Sagittarius man shows when he’s serious about the woman he’s dating. There’s 17 of them in total.Let me begin by offering you a bonus tip! It’s the most effective, albeit slightly controversial. Still, it’s an idea that has taken the internet by storm!The tip is to download this new online communications tracker tool, which can connect with other people’s personal devices and reveal vital information about what they’re doing online and over the phone.That means you can find out your man is calling and texting, what smartphone apps and online services he’s using, whether he’s registered extra phone numbers and a lot more.If there’s another woman on the scene, you’ll quickly know about her. If he’s still using dating apps, that information will also be swiftly delivered to you. Quite frankly, the level of detail that this tool goes into is insane.More importantly, it guarantees discretion, so there’s no way for this guy to find out he’s being tracked.It provides the quickest and most effective way to find out where you stand with this mysterious man of yours. And it only requires a few of his details to get started.I know women who have used this tool to out cheaters. Thank goodness they found this out as quickly as possible.Of course, it could be that this sexy Sagittarian only has eyes for you. Read on for my list of signs that this is true.

How To Know A Sagittarius Guy Is Serious About You?


1. The desire for physical contact

He seeks physical contact with you at every given opportunity. The writings of famous Sagittarians like Louisa May Alcott, Winston Churchill and Frank Sinatra all go a long way to shed more light on this.Freeda Gillbert believed that Sagittarius will give the whole world to the one they love if need be. This is because when they fall for someone, they do so wholeheartedly.The mind of a Sagittarius man is full of endless imaginations and he sometimes likes to carry the girl he cares about along with him and one way he does this is through maintaining that physical contact that can create warmth and relaxation.Also, a Sagittarius guy doesn’t mind spending the moments alone when he does not have anyone he has a serious interest in but that changes the moment he finds one.Their sublime nature makes it easy for them to seek close contact with the one they love and when you see you a Sagittarius man seeking every avenue to make contact with you, it is proof-positive that he is serious about you.

2. Openness of communication

According to Taylor Swift, “I’m a Sagittarius, and one of our major qualities is that we’re blindly optimistic.” His unique nature of optimism makes it easy for him to communicate just anything with the lady whom he has a serious interest in.So when you find that Sagittarius man freely discussing several aspects of his life and other things that he finds interesting with you, it is an indication that he is really serious about you.The Sagittarius man loves to keep things to himself and can be very unpredictable sometimes. He is so attached to his feelings and emotions and would always want it to be that way.The only thing that tends to change this is the presence of the woman he has a serious interest in. The very personal things that he will never share with others are the same things he will freely and readily share with the one he loves. Many times, he will whisper into her ears with a spontaneous flow of powerful emotions, especially when you are on a dating adventure.

3. Fun-full and funny moments

Fun-full and funny momentsWith a Sagittarius man, boredom is almost an impossibility. A Sagittarius man will easily create fun with and around those that he has a serious interest in.These funny part of him is not easily noticeable but becomes commonplace once he is with the lady that he loves and takes seriously. Looking from a distance, one may assume that the Sagittarius man is too serious and may never be interested in having any kind of fun.A Sagittarius man in love may even act like someone who despises anything that looks like fun but deep down behind that serious-looking and fun-despising guy is someone who loves so much fun and funny activities as long as he has the right person to do it with. Cracking jokes with you is another thing he does frequently once he has a serious interest in you, and wishes to show you true love.

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4. Frequent conversations

Frequent conversationsRead more: DIY Tulle Bow TutorialWhen a Sagittarius guy takes a serious interest in you, he will always seek for avenues to get you engaged in frequent conversation. He wants to talk about even the minutest of things with you.Sagittarius can read people easily, therefore trying to hide one’s feelings from them can be as good as a waste of time. He can easily read your thoughts and can most times bring up topics that center on you for discussion when you least expect and that is a great pointer to the fact that he is serious about you.It is very easy to think that the Sagittarius man is taciturn because he rarely gets involved in conversations that are of no direct benefit to him. Instead, he will sometimes engage in direct conversation with himself. The truth, however, is that he looks out for someone to have deep and personal conversations with. As long as he loves and takes you seriously, he will talk with you now and then. He will bring up the most unexpected topic and will never be tired of talking to and with you as long as you give him the audience. It is a special way he shows his love connection with you.

5. Excessively playful

One of the many unique things about a Sagittarius guy is his crave for freedom. He wants to be free and tend to express that freedom to a higher degree when he meets with the one that he sincerely loves.A Sagittarius man that is serious about you can get you engaged in all manner of plays and it is worthy to note that he can’t do the same with just anyone else. It is one of his ways of bonding with the one he has a serious interest in.He can play with anything and at any time. He can sometimes play with objects like your clothes, bag or other personal belongings of yours. With the right person, he gets so playful, you’ll think he is a child. Someone who doesn’t understand him can easily get offended with the way he plays but he will never mind because he is used to playing like that, especially when he is on his wilderness adventures.

6. Remarkable generosity

Remarkable generosityRamana Pemmaraju believed that Sagittarians are aliens that only disguised as human beings. This rings true as seen in the extent of generosity that a Sagittarius guy extends to that special person that he cares about.From giving amazing gifts to creating scenarios of surprises, a Sagittarius guy doesn’t spare when it comes to being generous to the woman that he cares about. There is nothing too big for a Sagittarius man to give to the one he takes seriously. It is prominent among his personality traits.He tries to provide for the needs of the one he cares about and in situations where he does not have the resources to do so, he won’t mind going out of his way or going the extra mile just to meet the needs of the one he takes seriously. So whenever you experience his generosity, be assured that he takes you seriously.

7. Quickness to forgive

A Sagittarius guy will almost overlook every offense from the one he takes seriously. What normally should have triggered a provocation can just make him smile and let go.Therefore, he will not hold any grudge against the one he loves and cares about. Being human, he can get offended and he does get offended sometimes but amazingly, he keeps no record of such offenses.If you get him annoyed and he reacts, the very next moment, he starts dealing with you like you never offended him. He does not act like this to everyone, except for the one he has a serious interest in.

8. Jealousy

A Sagittarius will most likely give you the world if you wanted it and very genuine with his intentions whenever he falls in love. A Sagittarius man who is serious about you will most likely be jealous of you.When a Sagittarius man loves, he loves wholly and rarely tolerates any hindrance coming between him and the object of his love.So when you see him giving so much concern about and feeling uncomfortable when people of the opposite sex come around you, you won’t need anyone to tell that he is serious about you.However, as jealous as he could be, he will not just confront anyone hanging around the lady he takes seriously until he perceives that such is making inordinate advances toward her before he reacts. His reaction, in this case, can be very unpredictable but he will never turn a blind eye at someone trying to take advantage of the one he loves.

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9. Loyalty and fidelity

A Sagittarius guy is very loyal and sincere with someone that he takes seriously. He will be faithful and loyal to you and will hardly try to cheat once he takes you seriously. By nature, he is very focused but he gets even more focused whenever he is serious about someone.When it comes to love expression, the Sagittarius man displays a remarkable singleness of purpose and hardly looks around even when the opposite sex is making frantic efforts to get his attention, he will never give in all because of the one he loves and has a serious interest in.So one unmistakable indicator how to know a Sagittarius guy is serious about you is that loyalty that he will always display towards you, wanting you around at all times without giving attention to anyone else.

10. Great interest in your intrinsic and extrinsic values

For a Sagittarius guy who is serious about you, your physical appearance is not just enough. Beyond appreciating you for your extrinsic qualities, he will as well show great interest in what you have inside of you.This is a contrast to many guys who are mostly interested in your outward looks and the temporal pleasures they stand to get from you. The Sagittarius guy is usually interested in knowing you in and out.He has a strong belief that there are so many things about you that he needs to know in order to appreciate you better and he will patiently take his time to know as many as you will let him know.He will seek to know your abilities and capabilities. What you can do and love to do will be of interest to him once he is serious about you and this is one great signal to watch out for.

11. Quick to appease

Quick to appeaseRead more: How to get money in jailbreak fastA Sagittarius guy that takes you seriously will be so quick to appease you whenever you seem to take offense.Yolanda went further to explain that a Sagittarius only takes to confrontation as a last resort because he would explore every opportunity to avert it. This is even more so with the one he takes seriously.Some guys can be very egoistic and will hardly own up and apologize to the one they love but this is not so with a Sagittarius man. He puts his ego aside when he is with the one he takes seriously and will avoid doing anything that could get you upset.He will do all that is in his power to avoid every form of confrontation with the one he takes seriously. You may hear him quickly say “I am sorry”, even when he necessarily doesn’t need to say so. He can even send several text messages just to apologize. It is one of his many unique exhibitions towards the one he takes seriously.

12. Willingness to teach

A Sagittarius guy that is serious about you will be very willing to teach you so many things even when you are unwilling to learn.With the sole aim of improving you, he will reach out to teach you one new thing or the other. To a Sagittarius man, the world is so dynamic and there is a lot to learn about this dynamism and he will like to teach as much as he knows once he finds a willing student, especially a lady that he takes a serious interest in.In doing this, one of the several approaches he usually employs is the asking of questions. He will ask several questions and once you are unable to give the right or satisfactory answer, another door opens for him to teach and do so exhaustively. He will pour out himself into you until you know so much of what he knows and even begin to interpret situations and circumstances from his perception.

13. Listening to you

Listening to youA Sagittarius guy is one person who will always listen to you and never get bored of listening. Listening is a special attraction psychology for him. Not every guy has the patience to listen to all the sensible and senseless things a lady may have to say but a Sagittarius man will always be calm and listen to every bit of what the person he takes seriously has to say.Even when he does not find the things you are saying as interesting as you may expect, he would still make sure that he gives you all his attention so that you can freely express yourself to him. A Sagittarius male loves to be free and tends to extend this same freedom to the one he has a serious interest in.

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14. Frequent calls of your name

Beyond calling your name very frequently, a Sagittarius guy can modify your name and come up with a version of it that is exclusive to just him alone. He will attach so much affection to your name to an extent that every mention of your name will always cause a stir within him and get him falling in love again.He will call your name like no one else does it and the mere mention of your name can cause him to grant those that are associated with you certain favors that he ordinarily wouldn’t have granted them had they not mention your name.The name of the one a Sagittarius man has a serious interest in means so much to him.

15. Constant stare

A Sagittarius guy likes to have the one he takes a serious interest in within a close range where he can always have his eyes fixed on her. He will spend quality time staring at her even when she is unaware. If you get to know how often he stares at you, you will be amazed.A Sagittarius man has so many expectations from the one he has a serious interest in and whenever he stares at her, he tends to create strong mental pictures of the kind of times and moments he would always wish to spend with her and he could get carried away with such fantasies and lose connection with the physical world.Another reason why A Sagittarius man will most like maintain a constant stare at the one he takes seriously is to take his mind off some unfavorable experiences he might have had in time past. Staring at the object of his love could sometimes be an escape route from the harsh realities of life.The zodiac sign depicts focus and this focus becomes very prominent when A Sagittarius man is with the one he is serious about.

16. Plain sincerity

A Sagittarius guy who takes a serious interest in your will hardly lie to you. He will always be sincere with you regardless of the consequences.A Sagittarius man loves freedom so much and will freely express himself at all times. He will tell you things the way they are and will ever pretend to be what he is not.He wants you to have the best impression about him and sincerity is one virtue he holds in high esteem. He will rather tell the truth and have you despise him than tell lies to gain your approval or acceptance.You will discover that most of the things he tells you are exactly the way they are and this is because he takes you seriously.

17. Excessive show of care

Excessive show of careA Sagittarius guy is so caring for the one he takes seriously. Yolanda also believes that a Sagittarius man takes caring too far. A Sagittarius man will spoil the one he takes seriously with so much care.He will always seek the comfort and happiness of the one he loves. He goes the extra mile to provide for the needs of the one he takes seriously, even at the expense of his convenience. Therefore, going the extreme just to make you happy and feel good is one amazing proof that a Sagittarius man is serious about you.

On A Final Note

It is a fact that there are other indicators that show that of a truth, a Sagittarius guy is serious about you. However, the 17 indicators mentioned here are some of the most prominent ones. It is very possible that you don’t see the manifestation of all of these indicators at once but the presence of a couple of them will just be enough to let you know that a Sagittarius man is serious about you.I hope you find these tips useful. Kindly let me know your thoughts and don’t hesitate to generously share if you find them useful.Read more: how to find the area of a complex shape

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