How To Keep Someone Asleep While Touching Them

How to Touch Someone in Their Sleep: Explaining Different Situations


Various situations explainedI’m sure most of us have experienced having to touch someone in their sleep without waking them. But the scenarios may be different. For example, you may need to check your child’s temperature when they are sick. Or, your spouse may have hugged you so tightly that you had to push them away to breathe. situations.

Your baby

Newborns can spend up to 50% of their time sleeping during REM (2), so they are quite sensitive sleepers. That’s why you need to be extra careful when touching them. Read more: how to go from dx12 to dx11As we all know what will happen next but don’t worry, keeping babies asleep is easier than imagined. do:

  • Check to see if they are in deep sleep. If there aren’t any eye movements and the baby’s breathing is deep and slow, you can continue.
  • Go slowly. If you need to check their temperature, gently touch their forehead and gradually increase the pressure. Do not make sharp movements. If you need to move your baby into the crib, gently slide one hand under the head and the other hand under the pelvis to lift the baby.
  • Learn to reassure your baby quickly. If you feel like your baby is starting to wake up, you can rub your baby’s tummy until he’s back to sleep. Or, if your child has already developed self-soothing skills, you can move him to his crib or wherever you need him to be and let him calm down on his own.
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If you share a bed with a restless sleeper, you may have seen them move over the mattress and push you on the edge of the bed. Or, you may be lucky enough to have a cuddling lover by your side who can make you fall in love by wrapping your body around. Step by step instructions | Top Q&A Here’s how:

  • Use gravity. Usually, when a person sleeps on their side, they tend to twist their upper body a bit, and you can use this to your advantage. Gently push the person towards their natural incline so that it will be easier for them to move into another position without waking up.
  • Apply gentle pressure. For babies, too, you need to start slowly and gradually increase the pressure. For example, place your hand above your partner and slowly push it away. At some point, they may feel this and let go of their hand without waking up, as the impact is not so sharp and scary.
  • Move step by step. If your partner’s body wraps around you like a blanket, try to free yourself by moving the poles one at a time. Of course, it may take longer but this way you definitely won’t wake them up.

The reason why your partner moves closer to you during sleep could be because they feel cold. In this case, investing in an additional blanket can solve the problem.


If you work in healthcare, you may sometimes need to touch patients to check on their well-being. Doing this without waking them can be harder than touching your partner or child because sick people tend to have more sensitive sleepHowever, a similar algorithm applies here as well. First, you have to check if they are in deep sleep. Then, by gently pressing – on the wrist to measure pulse or on the forehead to check the temperature – perform the necessary procedure. Once done, withdraw your hand slowly and gradually so as not to disturb the patient. Please share below! Read more: how to say good morning in Thai

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