How To Keep Hat On Head

4 How to Keep Hats on Your Head Have you admired vintage hats from afar? tried them but thought “How the hell am I going to keep this stupid thing in my head?” Well, I have 4 tricks that I use to share with you that will keep your hat in place even when the wind blows and your skirt flutters around your ears! Way back before I started wearing vintage hats everyday, I struggled to find ones that fit my head because they all fell off whenever I moved! But, it turns out that’s normal! Read: how to keep hats on your head Yes, the style of a lot of classic hats is to sit on top and tilt, and you NEED things to hold them! As there has been no magic hat to make them stay, over the years I have found several ways to make them stand. This is a top 4 that I use all the time and will fit most hat styles!#1 Hat Pins Classic hat pins are my favorite! They are the most traditional and the longest used. Also, they add a bit of decoration which I like! You can find them at vintage stores, ETSY, and if you’re lucky, you can save one!#2 Hats An elastic hat is a great choice as it is easy and well hidden in most cases! You can find elastic caps like any apparel store, I got mine from Spotlight have it here Australia. Just attach it to each side, create the right length and you’re good to go! Read more: How to defrost frozen underground pipesHow to wear a hat on your head 2 - Evelyn WoodRead more: how to make corners with a binding leg#3 Bobby Pins Not the best method, but if that’s all you have on hand, here’s the trick for you! Just slide two pins, one on each side of the inner hat strip, then press down on your head!#4 Hair comb I use this EVERY TIME! I usually hand-stitch all of my hats before putting them on, and when it’s time to put on, I also add a hat pin for extra strength! This video was one of the first videos I did, the first one I talked to in!!! SCARY! So it needs a bit of improvement but I had fun doing it and I will keep practicing and creating more tutorials for you! I’d love to know what you’d like guidance on! My YouTube channel is hereyoutubeicon.Read more: how to make a 4 wheeler truckI really hope you enjoyed the video and got a new trick or two out of it! Let me know if you found this video helpful or if you have some other tips in the comments! Dress: Lucille 1950’s Reconstructed Jacket/Skirt from Evelyn Wood Vintage Fashion House Hat: All ClassicinitialedRead more: how to make corners with a binding leg

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