How To Keep A Fire Going

Video How to keep fire fire 415734 960 720233It’s annoying when you light a fire pit, only to have the flame go out. Sometimes it can melt in 10 or 20 minutes. In others, it may disappear immediately after illumination. While you can constantly re-light your fire pit, this is only a short-term remedy that doesn’t address the underlying problem. So, if you’re tired of regularly lighting up and reducing your fire pit burn, consider following directions to keep it melting all night long.

Use dry firewood


Even if it looks dry, your firewood may have moisture in it. Whether oak, maple, cherry, elm, chestnut or hickory, all woods absorb moisture. Usually, this is not a problem. But if the firewood contains too much moisture, you may have trouble keeping the firewood burning brightly. This is why you should only use dry firewood – classified as having a moisture content of 20% or less – in your fire pit.

Use larger pieces of firewood

You can also keep your fire pit burning through the night by using larger pieces of wood. Larger pieces of wood are more difficult to burn than smaller ones. However, once you light them up, they burn longer and generate more heat in the process. Try placing some smaller pieces of firewood underneath the larger ones. After lighting the smaller pieces, the flame will ignite the larger pieces, providing you and your guests with a long-lasting flame.

Place the Fire Pit next to the wind barrier

Read more: how to waterproof a boat’s wood The location of your fire pit will affect its ability to hold flames. If it is placed outdoors, gusts of wind can extinguish it. You can prevent this from happening by placing your fire pit next to a wind barrier, such as a retaining wall. With that said, the golden rule when using a fire pit is to place it at least 10 feet away from any flammable or combustible surface, including your home. If it gets too close to these surfaces, a stray ember from your fire pit could cause an unintentional fire, which you may want to avoid.

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Dry your fire pit before use

27545436 1588348277919469 7446450650203345200 nBefore placing firewood inside, dry the inside of the fire pit with a paper towel or cloth. Moisture tends to build up inside fire pits, especially if they are left outdoors. And if you don’t dry it, any firewood you put inside will instantly be saturated with moisture, so it’s hard to light and hard to light. It only takes a few minutes to wipe out the inside of your fire pit, but doing so will encourage a sustained fire.

Let your firewood breathe

Fire pits need oxygen to stay lit. If you pile up wood so it can’t breathe, the fire will probably go out as soon as it’s lit. There are several different ways to place firewood inside the fire pit so it can breathe, one of which is using the teepee method. As the name suggests, this involves arranging the wood in the V shape of a teepee. The bottom center of the fire pit remains open, thus allowing air to enter and pass through. As the area heats up, it burns the remains of the firewood. Alternatively, you can arrange your firewood in stacks in the wooden cabin. This involves placing a row of firewood in one direction, and then lining it up with another row of firewood running perpendicular to the first row.

Be careful with the weather

Pay attention to the weather, as Mother Nature can interfere with your ability to create a lasting flame. If rain is forecast, you can postpone your bonfire activity. Even high humidity can make it difficult to create and maintain a fire. Ideally, you should wait until the weather is dry, the sky is clear and the clouds clear before lighting the fire. Otherwise, you may have trouble keeping it lit all night.

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More firewood

Even if you keep track of all the points mentioned earlier, you may still discover your fire pit is going out. This will definitely happen if you don’t have enough firewood inside it. To keep your fire pit melting throughout the evening, you must continue to replenish it with additional firewood. When the flame starts to go out, throw a few more pieces on top. Assuming there are still some embers or hot coals left, the new firewood will catch fire easily to keep your fire going. Just remember to arrange the new firewood so that it doesn’t burn the existing embers or coals. These tips to keep it melted throughout the evening. We can assist. Read more: 15 Fashion Tips on Dressing Like Fairy Kei

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