How To Keep A Fire Going In The Rain

The freezing rain blew away camp director Stephanie Keimig and her Scout crew as they arrived at the Treasure Valley Preserve in Rutland, Mass. Unlike most boys, Keimig enjoys wet weather; It is ideal to demonstrate an essential survival skill. When she said she would make fire in the middle of a rainstorm, a scout called her a scam. a four-season trip leader for AMC’s Worcester Chapter. As a general rule, campfires should only exist in designated areas of the countryside. But if your survival is in jeopardy, Keimig offers some suggestions to help keep the fire burning — even in inclement weather. “If you get stuck [in the wilderness in cool weather]You can live a few days without food, says Keimig, but you can only do so much without a source of heat. “It’s like learning CPR; If you know that well and are prepared, when that moment of crisis comes, you’ll be fine. “Read more: Dauntless Repeaters – How to Unlock and Upgrade Ostian Repeaters in DauntlessLOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Before gathering wood, find a spot to make a fire, preferably somewhere sheltered from the rain. If you’re on a mountainside with minimal humidity, use your body as a rain shield. If so, a tarp spread over the campfire works wonders; just make sure it’s high enough to prevent scorching. The ground must be moist, not soaked with water — otherwise you will have a hard time getting anything to light.USE WHAT YOU HAVE Next, collect a large amount of dirt to fuel the upcoming fires. “Use everything at your disposal,” says Keimig. “It is a mistake to think that everything must be dry [in order for it to burn]. “Birch bark – wet or dry – is ideal because it includes oils that repel moisture. With wood from other trees, strip the outer layers to expose — and use — a drier layer. Pines, grasses, twigs, or branches underneath bushes or at the base of trees are not usually as waterlogged as their open-air counterparts. Keimig also suggests always packing a healthy amount of dryer lint and steel wool, as they burn instantly. And use pine resin if you can, as it is an amazing accelerator for your flames. “The key to sustaining a fire in the rain is to store as much fuel as possible,” says Keimig. “If you have to leave the fire unattended for too long looking for more fuel, it will go out.” LEARN MORE… For more tips on effective campfires, visit the Outdoor Ethics Center website.Read more: How to convert from thermal oil to natural gas MassachusettsSoftwoods (e.g. pine) fires faster while hardwoods (e.g. birch) provide longevity. Of course, you should shield your stockpile from the rain with a cover. But the more important issue is making the tinder “loose” and giving it plenty of entrances for oxygen so it can burn quickly. “The secret here is speed,” said Keimig. “In a survival situation, you really have to move.” When you’re ready to light a fire, waterproof matches work well. Keimig also packed a lighter as well as flint and steel, in case of technical problems. If dry firewood is scarce, food — especially those high in carbohydrates, such as chocolate — makes good fuel. “Remember the rule of three,” she said. “You can survive three hours without shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food. … I will not burn food immediately; I will try other things first. “Read more: how to make a life-saving ring

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