How To Join Clan War League

New information published today by Clash of Clans details exactly how clan tournaments work and how you can join clan wars alliance. We also know more about rewards from clan tournaments in CoC. Clan war League will be released in the next few days as part of the Clash of Clans October 2018 update!

How Clan War Tournaments Work

Clash of Clans has been hinting at clan wars tournaments for a long time, and we know it’s coming in the October 2018 update. Today, CoC released a video detailing the main details. exactly how clan war tournaments work, our first look at how clan war tournaments play! Read: how to join a clan war league The first time you join a clan war alliance it will be based on the level of upgrades of your top 15 players. This includes Town Hall level, hero level, army level and defense level. You will enter a tournament with the same top 15 matching accounts. There will be 18 different tournaments that you can participate in.There will be a period, right after the October update comes out, where you can decide to join the clan war alliance. Clan tournaments will be seasonal, with each season lasting 7 days. That means you’ll be fighting each clan one at a time, each on a separate day. At the end of the week you will get rewards and see if you move up or down a tournament. Read more: Zante (Zakynthos)Clan War Leagues Champion Clash of ClansNow that you know how to join an alliance, let’s discuss exactly how these new clan wars leagues work. First of all, we need to talk about clan war alliance list. You can bring as many players as you want into your alliance, but in the end only 15 players will actually fight in the alliance. These players can be moved to and from your roster between days of war. That means one player on your list can fight one war, but the next newcomer can fight.Clan War League Clash of Clans roster changesAnother big thing to note is the number of attacks you get in clan war tournaments. For regular clan wars, you get two attacks per fight. However, in clan war tournaments, because it only lasts for one day, each player only gets one attack per battle.

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Clan War Tournament Rewards

One of the biggest perks of playing in clan tournaments is the rewards. In the October update, Clash of Clans will introduce a new magic item, which can only be obtained through clan war tournaments, called a hammer. This hammer will instantly complete all upgrades, including the payment of the cost of gold/elixir/dark elixir.Hammers Clan War Leagues Clash of Clans RewardsThere will be a new tournament shop where you can buy magic items based on the tokens you earn from clan tournaments. It is not clear how many tokens you earn per fight, so it is difficult to determine the cost of each magic item. Along with the magic items, there will also be new decorations you can buy, exclusive to clan tournaments.Clan War Leagues Clash of Clans StoreFor now, this is all we know about clan war tournaments, but we can still get the overall gist of the update. Clan tournaments seem pretty awesome and I can’t wait to buy some of the bonuses that come with them. Thank you for reading and commenting below your first impressions of the new clan war tournaments!Subscribe to us on YouTube: Read more: how to set selfie lens on instax mini 7s

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