How To Install Lexmark Printer To Computer Without Cd

If you are looking for a solution to install a Lexmark Printer without an Installation disc, then we at Technical Support will help you with this. Sometimes you may face the problem of misplacing or losing the CD-ROM, and in certain cases you may not be able to install the device on your company computer. Therefore, if you also lose the installation disc of your Lexmark printer, the manufacturer will provide replacement discs in case you do not want to download the printer driver from the Lexmark website. We will guide you through setting up the printer on your device if in case you don’t have the installation disc in the printer’s software. You can easily do this using the included USB cable or cord in your printer.For more information about How to install Lexmark printer without installation disc? Contact us on our toll free number 800-742-9005 or write to us at [email protected]. We are always available to guide and assist you with 24×7 online and offline advice regarding Lexmark Printer Installation with Discs. Read: how to install lexmark printer on computer without cd

Lexmark printer installation method without installation disc


Our technical support experts will tell you about the Best methods so that you can install your Lexmark Printer easily and smoothly without the installation disc. Our experts have done the research and will guide you step by step and teach you some effective methods for installing a Lexmark printer. See the mentioned methods to install the printer without the installation disc.1. Using a USB cable on Windows: You need to connect the printer to your computer or laptop. The USB cable should be a fixture for one side of your computer (laptop). If in case your printer does not have a USB cable, you need to purchase one to apply this method. Before purchasing, look up the model number of the printer, then “USB Cable”. Read more: How to make a leather coin purse2. Using a USB cable on a Mac: If in case you are using MacBook, you have to do different steps. Sometimes USB-to-printer cables of different short cannot connect directly to the MAC. So buy the right one for proper access and use. Software download: To install the software manually, you need to read the manual instructions specific to your printer model. If that’s the case, follow those instructions to find and download your printer software, which will tell you the whole process.

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Steps to follow to install Lexmark printer without installation CD or disc

Technical Support will guide you step by step to Install Lexmark Printer without Installation CD or Disc. You need to follow the steps to install the Lexmark Printer without the installation CD or disc.Step 1. First, you need to turn on the computer and then connect the Lexmark printer to your home network or wifi.Step 2. Open a window or start button. Enter console. Now click “Start” and then go to “dashboard”. Here you will see many options that you need to select the “Add new device” option.Step 3. Now your computer will search for nearby devices and finally detect the Lexmark Printer. Then you need to select the printer you named from your computer screen.Step 4. Now you need to install the Lexmark printer following the on-screen instructions provided. Then the computer will work manually. Read more: How to compose cinematic musicStep 5. After the installation or after the installation is complete, reboot your system which means both the computer and the printer.Step 6. Now in the case of drivers, they are easily available on your carrier’s official website. So open your chrome or any web browser to navigate the official website of the provider.Step 7. Search with your own device by model number and then click download from the specific section.

Important tips from our experts

If in case you want to install the CD, you need to google the printer model number and search for any copies of the installation CD online. This is one of the easiest steps to follow. We hope that you have found the relevant information and steps helpful to help you install your Lexmark printer without a CD. Please contact us at the mentioned contact details for further details and enquiries.

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Contact us at Technical Support Specialist for Lexmark Printer Queries

Contact a Technical Support Specialist for a number of problems and technical issues related to Lexmark Printers. Dial 800-742-9005 to take advantage of our services. Our toll-free number is open 24*7 throughout the year. We will answer your calls and help you without waiting for any calls. For the best service please contact us. For more details, you can also mail us, write to us [email protected]. Read more: How to get rid of discovery results

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