How To Install Hanger Bolts In Table Legs

A coat hook is a type of double-headed bolt commonly used to attach legs to furniture. Learn how to make your own hanger bolts in two different ways with this handy tutorial!Adding legs to an existing cabinet or bookcase can completely change the look and feel of a piece of furniture. But how do you attach those pins to the bottom? I show you two different methods of installing hanger bolts, so you can turn anything into furniture legs! Purchases made through these links can earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please visit my disclosure page for more information. It’s often thought of as an add-on for an extra fee with more premium parts, but they’re not hard to do yourself! If you’re not a DIY person, consider legs like these. . .But hanger bolts aren’t just for furniture legs! They’re handy for attaching wooden dowels to a board either vertically (as in this DIY drawer organizer) or horizontally to make a coat rack (or this DIY ski rack).DIY ski rack with latchThey can also be used to screw into the tops of fence posts and stair railings.finial post fence with hanger pin installed at the bottom

What is Hanger Bolt?


Glad you asked! It’s a bolt with two different ends. Typically, one point is like a screw so it can go into the wood and the other has a flat end that is inserted into a metal plate or threaded insert.diagram of a hanger boltThe pointed end goes into wooden furniture legs and the flat end goes into a metal mounting plate that is screwed into the underside of a cabinet or countertop. Bolts come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you have one that fits your hardware (this is too small for the hole, but that’s what I’ve been putting around the store!) All different diameters and lengths can be found here.hangers in metal bracketsThis allows for easy removal of the legs for transport or if you just want to change the look! Read more: how to unlock a stolen iphone passcode without a computer Both sides are threaded, so using pliers will only strip or bend the small grooves. But there are two easy methods that you might not have thought of!

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Hit the hole first

Regardless of which method you choose to install hanger bolts, you’ll want to punch holes in the pins or pins first. Start by marking the center of the end. On a circular piece like this pin, I used a compass set to half-diameter to mark the center at multiple points. Where they all meet is the middle! For square feet, use a ruler to mark an X from corner to corner.mark the center of a wooden dowel with a compassUse a small drill to make the pilot hole first. This prevents the larger part from “walking” past the end and going off-center.drill a pilot hole at the end of the dowelChoose a drill bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the bolt (preferably the same size as the shaft center). This will leave enough wood for the threads to cling to, while clearing the way for the rest of the hanger bolts. Glue the length of the pointed end of the hanger bolt to the drill bit with a piece of masking tape, so you don’t accidentally drill too far!artistHold the pin or pin in place with one hand while making sure the drill bit is completely straight. Stop when the tape starts to dust the sawdust at the end.Predefined hole for the hanger pin at the end of the wooden dowel

How to install hanger bolts – Double Nut Method

All you need for this method are two nuts of the same diameter as the mounting pin (in this case, 1/4″) and a socket wrench.jam beads and hanger pegsThread both nuts into the flat end of the hanger bolt. Then loosen the bottom and tighten the top so they run into each other and can’t go any further. Hold them towards the end of the to tighten and loosen the nuts on the hanger bolts so they lock into placeNow, choose a socket that fits the nut and attach it to the socket wrench. I have a set in a lot of different sizes, so it just takes trial and error to find the right one.hanger bolt with nut at the end installed in 7/16Then use the socket wrench to insert the hanger pin into the pre-drilled hole!Use the socket wrench and lock nut to attach the hanger pin to the end of the pin or table leg.Read more: How to make 3/4 teaspoon You can also screw a nut on the head of the bolt and screw it into the same position.install hanger bolt with cap nut and socket wrenchEither way, just make sure you’re screwing the bolts in line, so you don’t end up with crooked furniture legs!

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How to install Hanger Bolt – Method Hanger Bolt Driver

Ok, so all the nonsense with the first method is completely unnecessary if you have this particular driver bit. . .1 5/8They’re hard to find in stores, but for about $5 on Amazon, they’re totally worth it! You can find different sizes here. The inside of the bit is threaded the same way as the flat end of the bolt, so you can simply screw it in by hand.hanger bolt driver at the end of hanger boltThe other end of the drill bit is inserted into your drill chuck, then you simply screw it into the pre-drilled hole in the furniture leg! You can install hanger bolts on all four legs in just a few minutes with this method.Use the hanger bolt driver to install the hanger bolt with a drillEasy as pie! Now that I know how to install the hanger bolts with this driver, I’ll never go back to the two-nut method again!the hanger pin is installed on the end of the wooden dowel

Screw the hanger bolt to the metal plate

Regardless of which method you use to attach the hanger latch, you’ll need a piece of metal to attach to the underside of the furniture. Some types have a corner built into it, so your furniture has a mid-century modern look.Mid-century modern coffee table with corner legs screwed into place by hanging pegsThe other bracket installs the legs straight down. You can also screw them directly to the bottom of the table with threaded inserts for a cleaner look.Straight legs are installed on the side table with hook boltsI was thinking of adding feet to the end of the bench I built last year, as it is a bit low off the ground. Now that I know how to install the hanger bolts, it must be a piece of cake!Modern DIY bench with industrial metal basketWant to learn more simple tasks like this? Check out these tutorials! Read more: how to install a solar pool cover

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