How To Install A Pool Ladder

Pool ladders and handrails are an underrated pool accessory. Not something you think about often. But pool ladders and steps are an important (and necessary) safety accessory for any pool. and maintenance. Read: how to install a pool ladder

Ladder swimming pool around


The pool ladder around usually has a 3-step design, but there are 2-step and 4-step ladders for use at different depths. They are made of stainless steel tube, 1.9 inch diameter. The tubes are bent, drilled and polished chrome plated. Shipped unassembled pool ladders also include steps, ramps and hardware (bolts and nuts) and corrugated iron panels. They are installed separately using the standard 1.9 inch OD anchor socket used for the surrounding pool ladders.interfaceab-pool-lad-sThere are two types of 3-step ladders, the first has a plastic groove and is suitable for most residential swimming pool environments. Holds 250 lbs and easily installs into your existing 1.9 inch diameter deck socket. Classic 3-curve rail design meets all NSF standards for public swimming is another type of pool ladder, called an in-wall pool ladder, that uses 2-4 plastic recessed grooves, set into the wall (concrete or vinyl pool) and Figure-4 Sliding rail slides into the anchor socket attaches to 8-inch Channel. In-wall pool ladder designs are not usually retrofitted to an existing pool, but can be installed to change the look of a pool or replace standard ladders that don’t work easily with auto flaps or flaps safe.

Surrounding pool track

interface-3-bend-hand-rayIndoor pool handrails are used to assist tired swimmers climbing out of the pool, but more importantly, they aid in safe pool entry and exit. two main types of rails, both with elongated shape Figure 4. Manufactured by Inter-Fab, both rails are made of 304 stainless steel, wall thickness .049″, with a target pipe diameter. standard 1.9″.interface-4-bend-hand-rayOur standard 3-way and step ladders are rated for residential use and can be mounted on the pool deck or on the top step for pool or spa access. The handrail tubes attach to copper or aluminum sockets spaced 8 inches apart. Our diagonal 4 bends stairs and step handrails are also highly residential and are attached to deck anchors set on 8-inch hubs. The additional bend sinks the rail below deck level, making it easier to get out.

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Swimming steps around

Grand-entrance-step-for-pool surroundPool ladders can be unwieldy for many people, and for this reason pool steps are quite common. If your pool is built without built-in steps, it’s a big job to retrofit them later.curve-step-systemUsually used for above ground pools, there are two pool steps made for indoor pools. Grand Entrance Steps and Curved Stair Systems are easy to assemble and last for many years. Use in shallow areas 36-42 depth. Fill the ballast with sand or cobblestone to keep the step in place.

Install Inground Pool Ladder

20in . steel channelIn above ground pools, ladders are fixed to the deck to copper or aluminum anchor sockets, mounted on a 20 inch steel channel, so they will sit in the concrete at the right distance and at the same level. degree.

  • Refer to ladder specification sheet for measurements
  • Mark deck for cutting, double check measurements
  • Cut the bridge deck with a concrete saw, break the rubble
  • Place anchor in deck, connect link wire to lugs
  • Tape the top of the socket and pour concrete on the rim
  • Pool Ladder Repair & Maintenance

    Pool ladders don’t cause much trouble. All parts of the pool ladder are replaceable, except for the rails.nam-thang-boiOver the years together, you may need to replace a broken step or missing stainless steel bolts. Ladder rails and e-tensioners (ornament rings) or anchor socket wedges may need replacing at some point. Read more: How to turn off silent mode DIY ladder repairs are user-friendly and the only real maintenance is to replace worn pads or bumpers and tighten bolts if spikes occur. Tire is loose or wobbly. Keep your anchor outlets clean by flushing them out with a hose.

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    Pool ladder accessories

    safe stepThe SR Smith Safety Steps Kit replaces your existing slim steps with 8-inch-wide extra-heavy plastic box steps that touch the wall, to prevent getting stuck behind the ladder. This kit also includes side rails to prevent side slippage and block pool cleaners!kreepy-ladder-protectionIf you have an automatic pool cleaner that moves across the surface of your pool, chances are at one time or another it will get stuck behind the pool ladder. Ladder Guards were built by Hayward, Kreepy, Polaris and Jandy – just for this purpose!kool-grips-5Kool Grips are soft neoprene covers for pool handrails and ladders. Fits snugly around the armrest and the zipper is closed tightly. The Wool Clip keeps your handrail cool to the touch, regardless of temperature, and the non-slip surface provides a better grip for safe entry and exit.cell-zinc-anodeFor pools that use salt chlorine, salt can corrode shiny chrome surfaces such as pool ladders and pool lights. Attach this zinc sacrificial anode to the ladder rail to protect the metal parts. ~ It’s all Folks! Message us if you have other questions about indoor pool ladders!davy-merino-sm Blog Editor of Davy Merino InTheSwimBlog Pool InTheSwimRead more: how to test ethernet cable in the wall

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