How To Install A Crush Washer

Today, in the fifth part of DIY AR-15 Build Upper, we will install Flash Hider. Technically, we won’t install Flash Hider but BattleComp 1.5 Compensator. The installation steps are almost the same and we will go into detail about the difference between Muzzle Brake, Flash Hider, Compensator and even Flash Suppressor Read: how to install a crushing washer Instead of the standard A2 style Flash Hider “Birdcage”, we will install a 1.5″ BattleComp Compensator to bring our barrel length to 16.1″ and comply with the National Firearms Act. , we will permanently attach BattleComp in an upcoming article, but let’s go through the installation steps first. While simple threading and properly activating the compensator may not seem like a big deal, we ran into an interesting problem we wanted to share.

What’s the difference?


There are quite a few different options when it comes to choosing muzzle gear, it all comes down to personal preference and which features interest you most.

Flash Hider / Suppressor

This is standard and is most likely what you will get when you purchase a pre-built top or complete rifle. The purpose of the Flash Hider (also known as the Flash Suppressor) is to drain gases out of the muzzle and disperse them. sealed bottom, to reduce any signs of dust. That is unless you are traveling in urban areas (ie shooting under the car). Despite being the most popular muzzle device, one thing Flash Hider doesn’t do is control the height of the muzzle.

Muzzle brake / Compensator

To control muzzle gain and recoil, a Muzzle Brake or Compensator can be used. Just as Flash Hider vents expel air from the muzzle, the Compensator can drain these gases more efficiently, thereby reducing muzzle gain and recoil. By reducing gain and recoil you will increase flash, muzzle explosion and noise respectively.

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Now that you understand the traditional difference between the two muzzle types, let’s talk about BattleComp Compensator. Although billed as a Compensator, it actually crosses the muzzle gear categories and creates a category of its own. According to initial assessment, subsequent photos are acquired faster and do not appear to be any louder than the A2 Flash Hider. The BattleComp is also indexed, which means it has a seal on the bottom that must be lined up at the 6 o’clock position. As you can see, BattleComp has really taken all the great traits from both the brakes and wheels, but without any downsides. Is their undercarriage better with reduced flash and better brake control? We believe it’s possible, but from what we’ve seen, why wouldn’t you want a Compensation Kit that gives you the best of both worlds?

Crush Washers vs Peel Washers vs Locking Nuts

DIY AR-15 Build: Installing the Muzzle DeviceWe’ll keep this simple, but there are four different methods for attaching the muzzle device. Crush Gasket, Peel Washer, Lock Washer or nothing at all. Of course, whether the muzzle device uses either of these will depend on which muzzle device you choose.Crushed washing machine designed to “crush” when tightened, creating a lock between the barrel head unit and barrel shoulder. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’ve ever removed a muzzle device, it’s a good idea to use a new mill washer to secure the lock when reinstalling. For a muzzle device that requires no alignment, the Crush Washer is superior.Shell washing machine is made into layers that you heat and “peel” off to align the muzzle device correctly. These can be tricky because you have to factor in the torque applied to the muzzle device into your choice of height to “peel” the washer. For a muzzle device that needs to be precisely aligned like the BattleComp and A2, the Shell Washer is superior.Lock Nuts has the effect of causing two nuts to rotate in opposite directions on a bolt. They squeeze together and lock. First, a Buckle Belt is placed on the threaded barrel, followed by the muzzle device. While the muzzle device is tightened, the locking belt is held in place until the muzzle device reaches it and then rotates in the opposite direction to lock it. They can be used in place of a Crusher or Washer if there is enough room (based on muzzle device).

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Something we ran into when we installed BattleComp 1.5 on our Bravo Company 14.5 Medium Length Barrel, was in the proper torque for muzzle gear (15-20 ft. .lbs.), the crush washer’s height won’t let us align the BattleComp properly. Instead of ordering a Shell Washer, we wanted to figure out how to use what’s included in BattleComp and demonstrate how to make it work for people who might be facing the same problem. Washer before taking down BattleComp. You’ll see in the installation video below that it’s not an exact science and will be a trial and error as to how much pre-washer crush is. to install it, but here’s what’s included on their Website: “Professional shooters and certified shooters should know to use only finger PRESSURE and UNIQUE LUBRICATION for mounting. Place the muzzle device until it touches the washer or gasket, before completing the installation with the appropriate torque. BCE, LLC is not responsible for any damage resulting from the forceful and/or improper installation of our muzzle device on any enclosure. No warranties are expressed or implied. “What we have described with the Crush Washer pre-crush is our experience and we are not responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of your installation. When in doubt, take it to a gunsmith. However, we truly believe that AR is not a complicated construction and anyone can do it, regardless of skill level.

Necessary parts

DIY AR-15 Build: Installing the Muzzle Device

  • BattleComp 1.5 Compensator (Black Oxide)
  • Crush Washer (BattleComp includes 2)

Tools necessary

Come back here soon for our 6th installment of the AR-15 DIY Build (Upper Receiver) where we will be installing the Bolt Bearing Team to complete the Upper Receiver! Read more: how to connect gopro hero 5 to tv

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