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Freezing a cake to an easy finish is a tricky thing for a novice. However, it’s definitely worth taking the time to explore the ways of doing it. It takes different things – persistence, perseverance and follow, follow, follow!

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Spherical cakes are the simplest form of frosting, so it’s best to start working on icing a cake using this form. Different shapes reminiscent of squares or hexagons are usually a bit more durable.

The equipment needed to freeze a cake is a loaf, a steel spatula, a icing bag and the key piece of software for making an easy cake – a plastic spackle software. Surely, this simple little software will make your life simpler in smoothing a cake. Be sure to have someone dedicated to your baking. I got mine from the local enchantment retailer for less than ten {dollars}.

Also, you’ll want a cake, buttercream, and a cake plate.

A recent cake can often be quite difficult to freeze due to it being so fragile and falling apart easily. I like to freeze truffles for a couple of reasons: it makes the cake more moist and it settles the cake so it has less crumbs and less puffiness. Leaving it in the freezer even for an hour after baking will help it work better.

When freezing truffles, make sure it is tightly wrapped in plastic food wrap. I usually freeze it for a day and use it the next day. I don’t like keeping it in the freezer for too long as it will burn in the freezer and can change the shape. Put the cling film on when defrosting the cake; It will help lock in moisture.

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For the buttered rice paper, I tapped into this recipe. Remember there are lots of tapes; It’s higher to get more in addition to being active and earn more between protecting the pie. I don’t know in regards to freezing mainly based on different shortening whether critical software will work with it effectively. I will test it at a later date.

The cake table to utilize will be based on whether the cakes will be stacked or not. If the cake has only one layer, use a baking sheet that is just larger than the top of the cake. If the cake is for stacking, use a similarly sized cake board because of the cake.


Put the cake on the lazy susan. Cut to the highest degree using a serrated knife. To cut the cake, use a knife to cut along the side of the cake. Slowly flip the wheel while shifting the knife in the forward and reverse direction. You can reduce the excess cake layer if desired.

Place the top half of the cake on a cake tray covered with ice. It will help “glue” it into place.

Create a buttercream frosting all over the cake using a topless icing bag. Fill in with desired fill. It will help keep the filling from leaking and likewise keep the cake from puffing up.

Place the bottom half of the filling. If the cake is large, use a cake pan underneath the cake and slide the cake off the surface of the board.

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Place a generous amount of ice on top of the cake. Don’t keep this up, we’ll move this freeze ring and take most of it away.

Now, open the icing up to the top of the cake. Try not to lift the spoon too much so that there aren’t any debris. For those with breadcrumbs just wipe them over another bowl and use them for filling. You can open some of the icing in the direction of the cake and you’ll also get some of the icing further out.

Grab some ice with your spatula, maintain it against the top side at a 90 degree angle and unfold it, protecting the transparent cake. Use your other hand to show the lazy susan while doing this. Make sure the sides are dangling slightly larger at the top of the cake.

Once the cake has been covered transparently, take the spackle software and maintain it facing the perimeter again on a 90 degree angle. Flip the sphere and sphere cake, while leaving the spackle in the same position. It may just take a few spherical journeys sooner than you easily.

Using a steel spatula push these protruding edges in the direction of the center of the cake. Repeat throughout, wiping excess buttercream into the bowl. You need to have good, clear edges.

Remove the spoon and run it throughout the highest level for ease. Also, what makes baking easier is using a spoon that has been dipped in charred water. The heat helps soften the buttercream a bit.

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And voila, a pleasant, pleasant cake, all prepared for embellishment!

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