How To Hook Up Amazon Fire Tv To Receiver

What is Amazon Fire Stick?


The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best, if not the best, TV streaming devices on the market today. It’s compact, simple, but packed with all the cool features you might need to stream your favorite video content. Data transmission and voice control standards via Alexa, and the microphone is built into the remote control. Read: how to connect amazon fire tv to receiver It is inexpensive and allows you to stream thousands of channels if you have a good internet and Wi-Fi connection. If you bought it, you probably know all this, so let’s start making it work. When you receive the package, it should contain the Amazon Fire Stick, extension cable, USB cable, power adapter, remote control, and a set of batteries. A brief instruction manual should also be included. If it’s all there, you’re good to go.

How to connect it to your surround sound system?

Whether you get the Fire Stick from Amazon or some other source, you won’t get much from the manual. By default, it will be as simple as 1-2-3, but sometimes things can get complicated, so let’s go through the three-step process to set up the Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Amazon says you need to plug the Fire Stick into the correct HDMI port on your TV and into a power source (USB port or electrical outlet).
  • Turn it on, then use the remote to go through the setup process, enter your Wi-Fi password, and sign in to your Amazon account.

And that should do it. Many people say they can’t select the Wi-Fi network, set it up correctly or don’t get any sound after connecting the device And most of them connect directly to the TV, not even trying to go through the AV receiver So there must be some tips and tricks for this and how to do it properly, right? Yes, yes, yes, and we will go through them.

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An alternative to connecting Fire Stick and Surround system

In case you, by some miracle, don’t care about surround sound and don’t want to mess with cables, tweak audio settings, etc., there is another option, although it’s less qualified. lack of proper surround sound. You can connect your Amazon Fire Stick 4K to Surround Sound or any other sound system. Yes, you can guess it – connect it via Bluetooth Read more: how to use vc in 2k18You can plug the latest generation stick that supports the latest generation of Bluetooth into your TV and pair it with your ear your listening, AVR or soundbar. If they have Bluetooth, you can use that. However, please note that this will only give you a stereo signal and we do not recommend it.Surround sound systemConnect the Amazon Fire Stick to the appropriate HDMI port Before doing anything to the stick, make sure you’ve connected the AV receiver to the TV using the ARC-enabled HDMI output on the AV receiver and the ARC HDMI input on your TV. For this connection, use an HDMI cable rated for high speed. For some of you who don’t know this, ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. This port allows two-way communication between your TV and AV receiver. Now that you’ve connected your AV receiver and TV, it’s time to plug in the Fire Stick. There are two possible options and which you should choose depending on your Fire Stick version. If you have a stick that supports 4K, plug it into the HDMI input on an AV receiver labeled HDCP 2.2. If you have any other model, use any HDMI input port. . Then place the sidebar above or next to the AVR. This way you will improve your receptivity.

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Why do you need another port for 4K?

To be allowed to stream 4K resolution, your HDMI port must support HDCP 2.2. This is a copy and content protection standard, specifically designed for use in 4K applications. If you do not have an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2, you may not be able to view the content. However, in most cases you will only be allowed to watch it in 1080p. The same will happen if your TV does not support 4K.4K . resolution

Why plug your Amazon Fire Stick into the AVR? Why not plug it straight into the TV?

Read more: how to pass the vcla writing test Some TVs may or may not pass an audio signal down to your AV receiver. If you plug the Fire Stick into the correct HDMI slot on the AVR, you can be pretty sure you’ll have sound. Once you connect your stick to the AVR, it’s time to power it up. You are provided with a USB cable and a charger. Depending on your available ports, you can use either one. However, if you can use a less power outlet and plug it into a USB port, choose that option. Finally, insert batteries into the remote and pair it with your Amazon Fire Stick.

How do you set it up to ensure you’ll always have the best possible sound?

First, you choose the setup language. Then, select your Wi-Fi router/network and enter the password. This will allow your Fire Stick to connect to the internet and start downloading the latest updates. Depending on your Internet connection speed and age, not long ago when your stick was produced, this download may take some time. So don’t worry if you find it still downloading and restarting after 10-15 minutes. All is normal, just download the latest updates, the setup will ask you to sign in or open a new Amazon account, when you sign in to your Amazon account, the bar will register itself. Through pairing the remote with your TV, then through tutorials and featured services you can choose from. At this point, setup will take you to the home screen and you’re good to go. That can make or break your Fire Stick experience, depending on whether you use them correctly. This selection will allow your AVR to receive Dolby Digital Plus or play stereo sound if Dolby Digital Plus is not supported. Your AVR will now adjust to whatever it’s receiving. If you’ve checked all the boxes by following these steps, you’ll be all set and able to enjoy the full potential of your TV, Fire Stick, and AVR. Enjoy! Read more: how to play the root drinking game

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