How To Hit A Golf Ball Out Of The Rough

It’s a bonus to find your ball in a thick patch of dirt when you’re about to claim it lost. Well, sort of. Sometimes wish you weren’t so lucky, especially when you get a horror lie. A few hits later and there is a blob on the card. Fear not, because with just a few simple rotation changes you can master this escape shot and save par every time. Here, PGA Professional Alistair Davies teaches us how to hit a golf ball from thick grit. It’s actually pretty simple rounding… Read: how to hit a golf ball out of a rough slot

1. Club selection – get more loft


First, you need to be realistic. From a thick bump, you should forget about trying to get the ball 200 yards ahead – that’s not going to happen. You have to get enough loft to make sure you can get the ball out, which means putting your 5 iron back in the pocket and, depending on the thickness of the emery pad, taking out one of your wedges, or maybe 9-iron. “It’s about you taking the pill and playing the ball again,” Davies said. “The long rough part messes up the hosel, the bottom end of the shaft where it connects to the club. The long grass grabs it and it closes and separates the clubhead. That’s why the ball comes out low and to the left more, so open the clubface a bit to compensate for this. “Now you know why you sometimes drill balls deeper into thick materials.

2. Get the ball back into your stance

Read more: How to turn a bed into a bed, says Davies: “You want to minimize the amount of grass that gets caught between the clubface and the ball. “A steeper angle would be helpful. Think short and sharp so you reduce interference with the grass.”

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3. Forward weight, neutral stance

It also helps to hit the ball out if you put a bit more weight on your lead pin, about 60% according to Davies. Then take a neutral stance as you will hit the ball pretty hard.

4. Place your wrists earlier in the backwing exercise

This sounds pretty technical, especially if we were to say ‘radial deflection’, which is one of the terms experts use. It means loading or contracting the wrist earlier to get you the steeper, narrower rotation you’re after. Davies adds: “I talk about letting the water run off the shaft as an analogy for the steeper plane and the first wrist.

5. Grip the club more firmly

This isn’t necessarily an advice you’ll hear too often, but in cases like this it will help prevent the club from twisting in the grass. You’ve seen the pros get through the thick of Open Week, which they tend to do very well. Being built like Brooks Koepka helps, but it’s not all about muscle.

6. Hit hard

That said, a bit of muscle will help. Just remember, hitting this scenario hard is likely to have a positive effect, as long as you stay in sync. Read more: How to Fill a Gap on an Old Wood Floor “The grass takes a lot of speed,” says Davies. “It will come out low and run more than usual. No friction is created because the grass is stuck between the club and the ball, so be aware of that.

7. Practice some swings

Yes, this is what most golfers do as part of their routine, but in this case you’re looking to get a better idea of ​​how the club will react to passing grass. “You can’t be sure how the ball will launch, but you’ll know better if you do a few spin practice sessions with your ball to see how roughness can affect your swing like like,” said Davies. keep a good distance from your ball so as not to improve your lie and break any rules. Now you’re good to go. No more big numbers on cards when you get lost in dense hay.There you have it – our 7-step guide on how to hit a golf ball out of a thick rough surface.You can read more golf tips and watch Alistair instructional videos here.Read more: How to fix a surfboard to a roof rack

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