How To Have A Foam Party At Home

You attended an unforgettable event with a foam machine, and your family had such a blast that you’ve been wondering how to host your own foam party at home ever since. Maybe you’ve seen pictures of a public foam party on Instagram and you know your kids will be mesmerized by the bright colors, upbeat music, and deep mountains of bubbling joy. how to organize a foam party for an important birthday, graduation, dance party or any other form of celebration.

Decided to have a foam party


Any event can be improved with the addition of a few foam machines. Our customers rent foam party machines for every occasion and venue, including:

  • College parties and events
  • Graduate
  • Summer camp
  • Barbecue
  • Birthday party
  • Festival
  • School events
  • Day Care Center
  • Halloween Party

While foam parties have their roots in the 1980s nightclub scene, today’s technology allows homeowners to bring foam output into their own backyards. While Ibiza was the centerpiece of the first foam festivals, foam fireworks began being sold in the United States in the early 1990s.

Rely on the Foam Party Expert

Homemade foam parties have taken over social media. What these Tik Tok clips don’t show is the after-effects and cleanup process involved in a self-service foam solution. Most of these recipes use dish soap, which can cause allergies and even damage your eyes. We pride ourselves on easy cleanup with any rental party, no matter how large the event. party rental. We’ll help you choose the right machine based on how many times you want to run it during your event, the amount of foam you plan to generate in each session, the number and age of guests, and the total amount of space for the foam area.

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Choose a place

For the best foam parties, organize three separate zones in your space. In addition to the foam machine, dance floor, water play space, you should also have a space dedicated to food and drinks.

Outdoor foam party

When deciding where to place the dance floor, you may want to consider an outdoor location. Hard surfaces like a concrete patio work best. You can also spread the plastic sheet down and make a styrofoam hole in the grass. Kids will love running around and sliding in bubbles. Speaking of kids’ parties, a fun castle can add another layer of fun memories while keeping the foam in place.

Indoor foam party

For indoor parties, the rental snow foam machine should ideally be placed on linoleum, tile, or another easy-to-clean surface. Foam can cause water damage on carpets and wood. If you want to throw a foam party during the winter months, cover your valuables with plastic sheeting to prevent stains from the foam solution. Music is a must, so whether you’re hiring a DJ or creating a personalized birthday party playlist, keep electronics away from saliva to avoid a serious safety hazard. That’s not the kind of spark you hope to fly at your event.

Provide a Foam Party Dress Code for Safety

Your party goers should wear clothing that can withstand foamy liquids. Forget about flip flops as this slide can cause your guests to slip and fall. Instead, encourage water shoes, tennis shoes, and other options with traction, at least in the area where you will have the foam machine. Beach parties are one of our favorite ideas as your guests will benefit from the swimwear’s natural water resistance. We recommend fostering a festive atmosphere with your dress code to add more fun to your foam party. That will also give partygoers another reason to wear their favorite bathing suits.

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Think plastic cups & plates

Read more: how to connect your phone to the mini barn Your guests will need to eat to get the energy bouncing around in the foam. If you don’t have a bunch of cheap plastic tables and chairs, renting this party will be well worth the cost. Make sure there are enough seats for all attendees and long tables for your food and drink. The lawn chair is also a cool classic-style solution that won’t be spoiled by water and foam. Plastic cups and plates are also very affordable when you rent a foam machine for your gathering. After all, glass can break and the party atmosphere is definitely unmistakable.

Provide detailed instructions for the party

To fully prepare your guests for your foam party, give them event details when you send out your invitations. Key guidelines to cover:

  • 411 on dress code depending on your party theme
  • One note is to keep electronic devices in a safe location during the party to avoid water damage to these items.
  • Information about your menu for guests who may have special dietary considerations

In addition to invitation instructions, consider posting safety reminders around the foam pit area of ​​your party. Remind guests that slipping and sliding in the foam solution can lead to injury. Ask them to check the bag for gear one last time before diving into the foam. For more information on how to prepare, check out our list of foam party rental tips.

How to have a foam party with FoamDaddy

For foam parties that give you all the fun with foam machines without the fuss, explore foam party packs from FoamDaddy. We have three types of foam generators so you can personalize your event bubbles anywhere in the US. We even have a pack of six foamers perfect for schools, campsites, and nursery programs. Each package will arrive at your location of choice at least two days before your event. You will receive your selected high quality foam generator along with FoamDaddy accessories and foaming solution. Our special foam is hypoallergenic and biodegradable, so it’s safe for our bodies and for the Earth. The formula is fragrance-free and won’t stain fabrics. Simply order a foam generator pack and watch an easy-to-follow video tutorial. We’ll ship the foam machine to your location in time for your big day. When it’s time to return the foam generator, simply take it to your local UPS location with our prepaid shipping label. For an elegant touch to a wedding, prom or any special day, think about adding a snow machine to a year-round winter wonderland. Contact us online at Foamdaddy for more information or call us at 1-888-731-4415!

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