How To Hang Curtains On Fiberglass Door Without Drilling

Tired of struggling to hang curtains? Here are five ways to hang curtains without damaging the walls or window frames:

  • Using 3M . Statement Hooks
  • Try the Kwik-Hang Curtain Bar Bracket
  • Using tension rods
  • Get creative with Coat Hangers
  • Testing magnetic sticks on metal doors
  • Hanging curtains is a pain – no one knows it better than us. Pulling the ladder off the ladder, measuring, drilling into the wall and discovering your curtain rods are crooked is the hardest thing to say. Read more: how to hang curtains on fiberglass doors without drilling Whether you live in a rented space or just want a quick and easy curtain hanging solution, you’ve come to the right place. The options we are going to cover today will allow home decorators like you to hang curtains without nails, screws, or drills.Read more: Best Curtain Hanging TipsSet your drills and reels aside, and let’s get started.

    1. Using 3M Statement Hooks


    There are countless articles dedicated to various uses of Command Hooks. You can use them to hang artwork, photos and keys, or attach objects to walls – including window treatments.How to use the command hook to hang the curtain

  • You will need at least two Command Hooks to hang your curtain rod. If your window is more than 30 inches wide, you’ll need a third Command Hook for center support.
  • After you’ve carefully measured your curtains, mark the wall where each hook will attach.
  • Peel off the Command strip glue and stick it on the hook.
  • Firmly press the Command Hook to the wall for at least 30 seconds and repeat with the other hook.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes before hanging the curtains.
  • Read more: how to save in dark soulsAdvantages:

    • Easy to use and remove.
    • Available in a variety of finishes.


    • You must measure and mark your wall to ensure even hanging.
    • You can only use the Command Hook with thin curtain rods. Curtain rods thicker than ¾” in diameter will not fit the Command Hook.
    • A large Command Hook can’t hold more than seven and a half pounds, so they’re not suitable for heavier curtains or drapes – or the constant wear and tear of children and pets.
    • Command Hooks can only be applied to flat walls and cannot be used on wallpaper.
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    Our comments on Command Hooks:Overall, Command Hooks are ideal for many projects but not the most durable option for hanging curtains.Price: Order Hooks are sold individually or in sets. Prices vary by size and finish. They are available online and in home improvement stores.

    2. Try Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Holder

    The Kwik-Hang curtain rod mount solves the two most frustrating parts of curtain hanging: precise measurement and wall damage. Their revolutionary rack design takes just minutes to install, requires no measurements, and won’t damage your walls. Plus, they hold up to 20 pounds, so you can hang heavier curtains with ease. You can install the Kwik-Hang curtain rods without drilling and always get perfectly aligned curtains.How to use the Kwik-Hang bracket to hang curtains

  • Position the curtain rod frames on the corners of your window frames
  • Hit them with a hammer and you’re done!
  • Read more: how to save in dark soulsAdvantages:

    • Can be installed in seconds, with just a few hammer strokes.
    • No screws, nails or drilling required.
    • Available in many colors and finishes.
    • Can support up to 20 pounds.
    • There will be no holes in the wall if you remove the brackets.


    • Can only be used on framed windows.

    Our review of Kwik-Hang:Kwik-Hang is the fastest, easiest and most durable way to hang curtains without drilling. You can hang any type of window treatment, from thin to thick curtains.Price: Starting at $11.99 for a set at

    3. Use curtain rods

    The curtain rod is adjustable and extends from side to side of the window frame. You can install them in minutes without any complicated measurements or settings.b70af8dde3bf6e7b28d767728c4d7123d7dbb6b9How to use the tension rod to hang the curtain

  • Purchase the tension rod closest to your window frame dimensions (measured on the inside of the frame).
  • Test the tension rod by twisting or opening it until it fits snugly inside the window frame.
  • Remove the slats, thread your blinds onto the slats, then reattach to your window frames.
  • Read more: how to save in dark soulsAdvantages:

    • Easy to install and requires no measurement or hardware.
    • Stretch bars are best for thin or light curtains.
    • Adjustable to hang from the top of the window or the middle for the cafe curtain.
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    • The tension rods are not strong enough to make heavy curtains or blackout curtains.
    • Tension bars can become loose and slip over time.
    • Depending on the size of your window, you may need to order custom bars, which can be expensive.

    Our comments on tension rods:Stretch bars are best for light or sheer curtains on small windows.Price: Starting at $5 per stick, available at department stores or home improvement stores

    4. Get creative with Coat Hangers

    A coat hanger is a surprisingly versatile tool. Besides storing raincoats and bags, you can also use them to hang curtains.29512ea9c205e9e83f116820e3a9370644d05465How to use a coat hanger to hang curtains?

  • Determine how many hooks you will need to hang the curtains.
  • Measure the height you need to fit your curtain length.
  • Measure and mark the distance between your coat hangers for even distribution.
  • Carefully screw the coat hook into the wall or window frame, then loop the curtain holes onto the hook.
  • Read more: how to save in dark soulsAdvantages:

    • Coat hangers are easier to install than traditional curtain rod hardware.
    • The hanger does not require you to drill holes.
    • Hangers are inexpensive and provide a unique decorative element.


    • They require precise, precise measurements for even distribution. This measurement process can be time consuming.
    • Curtains on hangers are difficult to open and close.

    Our review of Hanger:Curtain hangers are the best for decorative window blinds that don’t need frequent adjustment.Price: Starting at $5 per hook, available at department stores or home improvement stores

    5. Try the magnetic curtain rod on Metal Door

    Magnetic curtain rods are one of the simplest ways to hang curtains without drilling. While the uses of magnetic curtain rods are limited, they can be a great choice for hanging curtains over metal doors.How to use the magnetic curtain rod to hang the curtaind9f86acd7199760b0df96321aac835a4c2db7888

  • Measure your window openings to determine the curtain size you need.
  • Make sure the space between the edge of the window and the edge of the door matches the frame of your magnetic curtain rod.
  • “Click” on the bracket to your metal door, then thread your curtain onto the rod and place the rod in the bracket.
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    Read more: how to save in dark soulsAdvantages:

    • Easy to install
    • Available in adjustable widths


    • Like Command Hooks, magnetic curtain rods are not designed for heavy duty blinds. The curtain rods pictured here only hold up to 8 pounds.
    • May deviate if used in high traffic areas.
    • Best used with the top and bottom bars to control the sway of the fabric.
    • More expensive than other no-drill curtain options.

    Our comments about the magnetic curtain rod:Magnetic curtain rods are best for metal doors that don’t open and close often.Price: Varies based on materials and finishes. The magnetic bar retails for $41.99.

    The #1 way to hang curtains without damaging the wall

    If you’re looking for the easiest way to hang curtains without damaging the wall, you can always count on Kwik-Hang’s undamaged curtain rods and brackets to get the job done quickly. a way to hang curtains without drilling!

    • Strong, stable and supports all types of blinds and fabrics
    • Does not require any measurements, drilling or adjustments
    • Get perfectly aligned curtains every time
    • Affordable and suitable for every room in your house
    • Looks good and works seamlessly with your existing home decor

    Kwik-Hang’s no-drill hardware comes in a variety of colors for both single and double curtain rods. Center brackets are also available for curtain rods longer than 30″. Try Kwik-Hang today! Read more: How to say goodbye in Korean8f98ddd578f6e25e14fd92a802cac95929cb5ffe

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