How To Hack Windows 8 Password Without Software

You forgot your Windows 8 user account password and you are thinking of reinstalling Windows, stop right there, this will bring a lot of hassle and waste hours to do this? Although most Windows users assume that they have to reinstall Windows operating system if they forget their Windows 8 login password, this is completely wrong! There are several utilities that allow you bypass Windows 8 password. So now can easily find how to bypass Administrator password on Windows 8. You will use Windows 8 password reset disc to reset your Windows 8 password. Unfortunately, the only way to use one of them is if you intend to create before you forget your password! Let’s say you’ve forgotten your Windows 8 password and don’t have a password reset disc. Then what is your next step to bypass Windows 8 password? Some of these are time consuming or frustrating because you have to go through the entire process, and some are simple. Here I will try to make an easy to follow guide that will be helpful for novice users as well as experts to bypass Windows 8 password with or without using any third party software.

  • Part 1. Bypass Windows 8 password with software
    • 1.1. Bypass Windows 8 password with Windows Password Reset
    • 1.2. Bypass Windows 8 password with Passper Winsenior
  • Part 2. Bypass Windows 8 password without software
    • 2.1. Bypass Windows 8 password by resetting Microsoft account password
    • 2.2. Bypass Windows 8 password with Command Prompt

Part 1. Bypass Windows 8 password with software


Windows Password Recovery Tool is the best way to bypass Windows 8 password without any special computer skills. They are made super easy to use and you will be able to unlock your Windows password even if you reset it for the first time. These utilities work at incredible speed and take less time to completely remove the password from the login screen, making it easier for you to access your computer. Here I have described the best Windows 8 password recovery tools for you to pass Windows 8 password.

1.1. Bypass Windows 8 password with Windows Password Reset

Windows Password Reset has long been one of the most effective password recovery tools for Windows. Using this software, you can effectively reset Windows local administrator password, local user password for Windows 8/8.1. You can also reset the password of Windows 10/7/XP/Vista and Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003/2000. Now follow below steps to bypass password on Windows 8 easily. Free Download Buy Now (Pro) Step 1. Download the tool to an accessible PC and run it to create a password reset disc. Start the program. Insert a blank USB flash drive or place a writable CD/DVD in the computer. Select an option from the USB device or CD/DVD at the main interface and then press the button according to that field. Step 2. Press the button “Start recording” on the next screen. The tool will automatically start creating Windows 8 password reset disc on CD/DVD or USB for you. Start burning Windows 8 password reset discStep 3. After creating the password reset disk successfully, insert the USB drive into the target locked computer. Restart the computer and go to the Bios menu. Select the USB drive in the Bios menu and press “Enter” to perform. boot Windows 8 from USBStep 3. Now, select the Windows 8 system you are running on, select the user account that you want to bypass the password on Windows 8, and finally click “Reset” from the interface. bypass Windows 8 passwordNow the software will find the user account you selected and proceed to reset the password to blank automatically.Step 4. When everything is ok, click on it. “Restart” to allow the computer to restart.Note: Remove the Windows 8 password reset disc immediately when the computer restarts. You should now be able to sign in to Windows 8 without a password.

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1.2. Bypass Windows 8 password with Passper Winsenior

Passper Winsenior is another great Windows password cracker of the same caliber as the other two on our list. This program helps you to pass Windows 8 password easily without any problem. Step 1. Download and install the program and launch it. Select media and click “Create” to continue. use Passper Winsenior to bypass Windows 8 passwordStep 2. Then a prompt will appear on the screen. Click “Continue,” and after a few minutes a password reset disk will be created. Step 3. Now, mount that USB flash drive to the target computer. Go to the Boot Menu, select the USB drive and press “Enter.” The program will load on your computer. From the interface you have to select Operating System and continue. Read more: how to watch amazon prime on projector winsenior operation on target computerStep 4. Now click “Reset Windows password” and then click “Next” birth continues. Reset Windows 8 passwordStep 5. Select a user account and click “Next” proceed with. After recovery, a message will be displayed on your screen where you need to click “Restart the computer.” Bypass Windows 8 password successfullyThis procedure is also very effective; After completing the procedure, you will be able to access your Windows 8 computer without a password.

Part 2. Bypass Windows 8 password without software

There are two most suitable methods if you want to bypass Windows 8 password without software.

2.1. Bypass Windows 8 password by resetting Microsoft account password

If you want to bypass Windows 8 password by resetting Microsoft account password, just visit Microsoft official website to reset password. Bypass Windows 8 password with Microsoft accountTick “I forgot my password” circle and click “Next” to reset forgotten Microsoft account password for Windows 8. microsoft account windows 8 i forgot passwordEnter the email address associated with your Microsoft account or the address where you want to reset your password. Then enter the characters serially for security. Click “Next.” Microsoft Windows 8 get your account backOn the next screen, it’s time to choose how to get the security code. If you’ve connected your Microsoft account to your phone, you’ll see an option “Send code to my phone.” Otherwise, select the Email account option or “I don’t have any of these.” For example, check “Email accounts” and enter your email account to get the security code. Then click “Send code.”If the email account you entered matches the email address on your account, you’ll receive an email with a code from Microsoft. Please check your email and enter the security code. Click “Next.” Microsoft Windows 8 enter your security codeEnter the password you want to use in the future “A new password” and “Enter the password” field. Click “Next” and wait for it to be useful. reset your microsoft account password for windows 8The verification screen will appear. Congratulations! Your Windows 8 password has been reset. Windows 8 microsoft your account has been restoredYou can now log in to your Windows 8 with the newly set password. Read more: How to download files on a live drive If you’ve reset your Microsoft account password, you can definitely sign in to your Windows 8 computer now with the new password when the computer is connected with the Internet. However, if you don’t have an internet connection, then this method is not for you. You can use the above ways to bypass Windows 8 admin password with software.

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2.2. Bypass Windows 8 password with Command Prompt

Restore to default factory settings is a free way to bypass Windows 8 Password without software. If you don’t want to lose your data, it’s a bit of a pain, but it’s completely workable, that’s how to remove Windows 8 password using Command Prompt is quite different, especially for users who are not familiar with it. But don’t worry, follow this guide step by step and you should be able to reset your password in minutes. Here are detailed instructions on how to bypass the password when starting Windows 8 using the command prompt. show Windows 8/8.1 login screen. Hold shift when clicking restart in Windows 8Press tight “CHANGE” and at the same time click “Restart” options from the screen. After a while, the recovery screen will appear with different operations. Choose “Troubleshoot” features and implementation. choose an option and troubleshoot in Windows 8From here, choose “Advance setting.” Windows 8 Advanced Options for TroubleshootingAmong the various actions on the Advanced options screen, click “Startup Settings” right to buy. Windows 8 startup settings in advanced optionsThere you will see a “Restart” bottom button; press that button to continue. Restart Windows 8 in startup settingsWait a moment while your system reboots. After your system reboots, you will see “Startup Settings” screen. Here you will find some action to take with Windows 8. Since we are resetting Windows 8 password, press F6 key for “Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt.” Windows 8 enable safe mode with command prompt in startup settingsNow, your PC will reboot and the normal login screen will show up in front of you after a while. Enter your default administrator account password and you will be taken directly to the Windows 8 Command Prompt instead of the normal Windows desktop. net user password in Windows 8We are done now!Inference:Here we have discussed several ways to bypass Windows 8 password with/without software. Feel free to decide how to proceed. And the last suggestion I can give is to always make sure you have a password reset disk on hand in case the unexpected happens.

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