How To Glue Beads To Fabric

Study how to apply rhinestones with cheetahs will save you a lot of money and create a huge amount of satisfaction when you see your creations sparkle on stage. If you’ve ever watched any dance, ice skating, or gymnastics competition, you’ll be dazzled by the multitude of beautifully decorated and stoned cheetahs on display. Some of these outfits can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and can take weeks to make.Here are some basic tips and techniques to get you started on how to apply rhinestones and the best glue to use for rhinestones on fabric.

Assorted jellies


Swarovski: These stones are made of crystal and are in their own class as they are of unparalleled quality. Of course, they are also the most expensive. There are many fake Swarovskis on the internet, so if you are paying the most then make sure you buy from a genuine supplier.Crystal rhinestones: You can find many crystals of great quality and a bit cheaper than Swarovski. One of the most popular brands is the Czech Preciosa.Glass jelly: They are made of glass and are a medium quality rhinestone.Acrylic jelly: These are the cheapest but of the lowest quality. Because they’re made of plastic, they can scratch easily over time, and once dirty, they’re left with very little sparkle. Before you use acrylic rhinestones, make sure you do a test to make sure the foil on the back of the stones is not affected by the glue you are using.

Rhinestone Shape

The basic shapes your rhinestones will have are round, square, rectangular, pear (sometimes called teardrop), heart and oval. There are countless cuts and variations of these and new styles and trends will continue to evolve.rhinestone shapeIn addition to the different shapes, rhinestones are classified according to the shape of the back.

Rhinestone Back Types

  • Flat back: When attaching rhinestones to clothing, you will need those with a flat back. The flat back usually has a foil backing for extra sparkle.
  • Point back: Rhinestones with pointed backs are more suitable for jewelry applications.
  • Claws: You can also get rhinestones mounted in the claw settings. These are usually larger stones. Use only good quality claw settings as cheaper ones often cause stones to fall out and rough edges can catch on delicate fabrics. You don’t want to spend hours sewing an outfit and decorating it just for the stones to catch on and fall out.
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rhinstone shapeRhinestone Shape

Finishing and Rhinestone Effect

These are some of the most common endings you’ll see. Most companies follow Swarovski in naming their finished products.

  • Strange – As the name implies, clear rhinestones don’t have any coating on them and are clear and sparkling.
  • AB End – This is a coating applied to rhinestones to stones with a rainbow or oil luster.
  • Obscure – These rhinestones have a milky white appearance and the water rhinestones are one of my favorite stones.
  • Metal– Modern crystals are often available with a metallic effect. Be careful with acrylic imitations as the finish often scratches.

Size rhinestones

Read more: How to change the rear tire on a lawn mower for cadet cadets Round Thach is also referred to as SS, which stands for “stone size” and ranges from 5SS (1.8mm) to 48SS (11mm) . The image below shows you the relative sizes of some of these types. Most companies offer a variety of sizes, unless you have amazing eyesight and dexterity I wouldn’t recommend choosing a size under 20ss.rhinestone sizeRhinestone size chart


Rhinestones are used for clothing and leopards often have a flat back coated with silver. They may have glue (hotfix), not hotfix, or have holes for stitching. There are 3 main ways to attach rhinestones

  • Glue
  • Hotfix application
  • Suture
  • Glue – Best glue for rhinestones on fabric

    One of the most common methods of attaching rhinestones is to glue them on. Imagine having to sew thousands of tiny diamonds on one outfit! If you use the right glue and technique, they will be amazingly durable when applied. Also, rhinestones can’t be sewn on thin or mesh fabric, so glue is usually your best bet. The best glue for rhinestones on fabric is clear, washable and easy to use. Here are the 3 most used brands:

    1. Glue E6000

    This is the glue that most costume professionals use.

    • Make sure you buy a clear variety.
    • When gluing small stones, try to achieve some precise tips.
    • Believe it or not, there are fakes of this glue on the market, so buy this glue from a reputable dealer.

    2. Fabri-E6000 . fuse

    This glue is made by the same company as the regular E6000 glue but is specially designed to stick on fabrics and washable after 3 days. Make sure you let the garment dry flat for at least 8 hours before trying on the garment. The manufacturer says dry cleaning will not affect the glue.

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    3. Beacon Gem-Tac

    This glue is specially produced for gluing gemstones and rhinestones and has a good reputation. The manufacturer says the bond is made stronger by the heat of the dryer but I’ll let you check! I wouldn’t put any cheetahs in the dryer as Lycra fabrics can be negatively affected by heat.

    Extra tips for pasting rhinestones

    • Most glues have bad fumes, so you’ll need to use it in well-ventilated area.
    • Store bottle or tube upside down so that the glue contained in the faucet is ready for the next use.
    • You can Transfer glue into a syringe with a small nozzle for easy handling and keeping smoke to a minimum. These are called hobby syringes and come with nozzles of different sizes. Look for ones made for gluing rhinestones.
    • Alternately, put a small amount of glue on some cardboard and dip into a skewer. Then take the stones with skewers.
    • Flatten glued clothes so that the stones don’t slip before they dry.
    • Use foam board or strong cardboard inside the garment to keep the shirt flat and prevent the glue from getting through to the other side of the garment.
    • For stretch fabrics, don’t touch the rock because it will affect the stretch of clothes around the body. This is especially important for cheetahs.
    • Practice on a scrap before you start gluing your clothes. Glue should cover only the outer edges of the stone. If you put just a small drop underneath, the foil may separate leaving a round metal dot. It takes a little practice to get the correct amount of glue.

    Hotfix stone and application

    The hotfix stone has a glue that has been attached to the back and applied with a special tool or a regular iron. A regular iron can be used to melt and glue on the back of the hotfix stone where your fabric is made of natural fibers and won’t melt. You still need to put a pressed cloth between the stone and the garment. This method is not suitable for Lycra fabrics in leotards and other synthetic materials.Power hotfix application suite (sometimes called a heat gun) comes with differently sized tips that fit over the stone and heat the glue underneath. It usually takes only 15-20 seconds to set each stone. Be careful not to touch the top of the thin fabric like with normal glue methods, make sure you put a piece of cardboard or foam between the layers of your clothing. .

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    How to attach diamonds with sewing thread

    Some rhinestones have holes for sewing. This is obviously the most time consuming method of setting stones and is not recommended for small stones or delicate fabrics. (Read how to sew sequins)how to apply rhinestonesThis is a combination of stickers and sewing rhinestonesTips for sewing rhinestones

    • Use a sturdy beading thread
    • Knot the center of each bead so you don’t have a row undone at once.
    • Sit in the great light and grab your tempered glass!
    • A craft magnifying lamp can also be helpful,

    Store your jelly

    Finally, after learning how to attach rhinestones, you will need to store all of your rhinestones. Choose clear containers so you can easily see inside and how much ice you have left.

    • Seed storage box
    • Ziplock bag

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