How To Get Upper Hand In Relationship

If you are looking for a way to keep your boyfriend or girlfriend, look no further. If you want to make sure you never fall in love helplessly again, listen. If you want to make sure that your significant other will do your bidding, then this post is for you. If you want to win and keep the upper hand in your relationship, follow these steps. … But, be warned. You cannot accomplish this task effectively if you allow yourself to love him or her. Love will soften your heart and your efforts will be in vain.

  • The first step is to get him or her completely hooked. Be sweet. Precious. Compliment him or her very often. Make him feel like the strongest, most fearless man on earth. Make her feel like the luckiest woman alive. Tell him how much you admire him. Tell her how beautiful she is to you. Talk about how you’re not sure what you did before the person came into your life. Do this for a few months until your special lady or gentleman believes that you are a great person. You don’t want to appear needy, though, so keep them at arm’s length while still trying to be thick. Release the butterflies in her heart, but don’t return her messages. You need to keep a bit of mystery so that she doesn’t feel comfortable. Make sure he gets your compliments, but make him wait until the last minute for an answer when he asks you out on a date. Sometimes denying and being vague about your reasons.
  • Decreasing your child’s confidence. This is especially effective over time. Change won’t happen overnight, but as their self-worth declines, it becomes easier to maintain control of the relationship. Once your lover is attracted, start making occasional remarks. When she asks you what she looks like, smirk and say something like, “You look like you’ve spent a lot of time on your own;” but, please, whatever you do, don’t tell her she looks good. If she seems to be rethinking the relationship, tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her for weeks! But, once she’s back in the carriage, come back with subtle insults. They are the foundation of your upmarket business. And ladies, when he accomplishes something at work, congratulate him and show that he can do more. “Oh, you closed two deals this week? So great. I was thinking you would go for three, but I guess two is fine. “
  • Record other people’s significant mistakes in a safe place so you can quickly resolve them during an argument. When you’re trying to demonstrate your lover’s failures, there’s nothing more embarrassing or detrimental to your game than not being able to give an example. “You insult me ​​in front of other people and I don’t appreciate it.” “Oh yeah? Give me an example!” “Well, last January, you revealed about my cooking while we were out with friends. When my parents visited in May. Last year you told them how you have to sit on the old McDonald’s bags in my car Last week you said I’m not good at basketball in front of strangers at Starbucks That is disrespectful “If you’ve prepared examples and waited, you can cool down your boyfriend or girlfriend’s argument. You have proof. What can that person do? Oh, and one more piece of advice.” Never scream. As soon as you lose your temper you will explode your shell. You have control of the relationship. Only people who are struggling for control use shouting and put on a match.
  • Make Sure The Person Realizes There Are Other Fishes In The Sea. If your partner is too comfortable in the relationship, it’s only a matter of time before his or her annoyance emerges. She expects you to let her know where you are and with whom. He eats your food when he visits and doesn’t replace it. Her longing hugs when you’re completing a difficult task in your video game. You know… ridiculous stuff. By periodically commenting on your ex, flirting with others from time to time, and coldly mentioning that the two of you are still unmarried, your boyfriend or girlfriend will feel compelled to continue to narrowly follow. ask. It’s a surefire way to control their behavior.
  • Power punch – Silent treatment. Did she cross the line? Did he stand up for himself? Does she have an attitude towards you? You do NOT have to book with that. Press the pause button. Just stop talking completely. You can leave and refuse to answer calls and messages. You can stay in the room and completely ignore everything she says. I mean, there’s really nothing more offensive than being ignored. You can talk to other people around you, except him. Even if he or she is mad at you at first, over time the silence will drive your lover crazy. Make sure this goes on for hours or even days. The more serious the offense, the longer the silence lasts. The more you make your “lover” wait to get your feelings back, the crazier they’ll be. This is a surefire way to create a perspective. Maybe he or she will think twice before upset you next time.
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The cost of the upper hand

I have been in relationships where I was dominant (at least in the head) and in relationships where I was clearly drawn. While it was never my intention to cause anyone profound pain, I do make some terrible judgments that I deeply regret from time to time. Even now, in my thirties, I occasionally reminisce about those relationships and wish I could go back and make them right. feel out of control. I once remembered lying on the bathroom floor screaming, “What’s wrong with me?!?” I was very confused and shaken. I allowed myself to be trapped in an unhealthy, damaging relationship, and even though the exit was right in front of me, I still couldn’t get there. I ignored the commotion inside that, “Don’t date this person. Something’s not right here!” I ignored the advice of family and friends involved. I allowed myself to get emotional and decided to deal with the consequences afterwards. Read more: how drawn easily I didn’t realize the consequences of continuing this relationship would be years of low self-esteem and regrets. sometimes it gets messed up I raise my voice to Eric more than I should and he doesn’t always speak to me with honey on his lips, but we love and respect each other as a matter of fact, because so those moments can be forgiven and left behind. In healthy relationships, no one should have the upper hand. No one should be fighting for control. Both sides should respect each other and function. act as a unit – a partnership. If you insist on gaining and maintaining the upper hand, you will do so at the cost of your connection. Well, you can’t be with him or her. Plus, maintaining control is tiring. Control is not love. Control is self-seeking. Love is forgiveness Read more: watch dogs 2 ways to get research points So take a look at your relationship and determine if you are a partner walking side by side or struggling for control. If you’re the one in control, is it worth it? Who has the upper hand in your relationship? [Comment below and discuss with us.]Read more: How to turn on tcl roku tv without remote

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