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Queen’s Garden


Read: How to Get to the Queen’s Garden The Queen’s Garden is located on the west side of Hallownest and is filled with Mantis Traitors and thorns. This is where you find Kingsoul’s half from the White Lady, 3 Grubs in very difficult places, and the Love Key to the City of Tears. . Follow your path to find Map Maker who will give you a map for the area. There is also a Bench in this field. Key of love you will need to open the portal below the passage you came from to find Cornifer. To gain leverage, you’ll have to make a few tough jumps around some spikes. After the gate is opened, you can go down and to the right to get to the Key of Love. Bench. You’ll need to dodge some Mantis Traitors while jumping from platform to platform through a cave full of thorns. Downlink near Bench leads to Deepnest.Read more: How to remove VidSquare adware (Virus Help Guide) | Top Q&A From the bench, go right and take the next exit up. Only one Grub right above but you’ll need to go left first, go up and then go through a secret on the right to find it. Just above is Stag Station but it’s locked from this side. You will need to go up and round to the left. When you are at the western end, break through the roof above and jump between the spikes to get to the second one Grub. Drop down and go down and left to meet a dream boss.

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Hollow Knight Queens GardensMarmu is a very strange creature and has only one attack. He will throw himself at you but can be knocked away using your fingernails. Keep hitting him like a balloon until he is defeated. Talk to him again to get 150 Essence bonus. Just to the right is a paragraph leading to Stag . Station in this area. If this is the last Stag station, talk to Stag and he will offer to take you there Stag Nest where you can find a Vessel Shard.Final Grub found by jumping to the top of the Queen’s Garden. This grub is probably the hardest to reach in the game. You’ll need to use dashes a few times while avoiding the spikes underneath. Use Vengeful Spirit to kill Mossfly that hovers in your path.

God betrayed

Hollow Knight MarmuRead more: How to backwash a pentair filter de Traitor filter found in the top left of the map. You will need to have the Shade Cloak before you can reach him. After the latest update, this boss has been buffed, making it a much tougher challenge. Traitor Lord has 800 health and 2 melee attacks and 2 ranged attacks. Melee attacks are a dash towards you and a diagonal dive in your direction. Ranged attacks are Dancing Glaive where two orange blades zigzag towards you and a Shine Wave where shock waves rise and quickly move towards you. The only way to avoid them is for the darkness to pass over them. Traitor Lord’s attacks and body contact both deal 2 damage, making this fight a lot more difficult. His attacks are also so fast that your cloak won’t have time to recharge before he lunges at you again. Your best chance is to hit him once and then jump over him. After he is defeated, you will be granted access to White Lady. After talking to her, she will give you half of Kingsoul. You will need this half and the other half from the White Palace to enter the Birthplace.

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Delivering delicate flowers

If you want more Mask piece Go back to the Rest Area and talk to Gray Mourner. She will give you a flower to send to a tomb in the Queen’s Garden. If you mess up and lose the flower, don’t worry because you can always go back and get another one. Use the Dream Gate outside of Gray Mourner’s house so you can quickly teleport back. After delivering the flowers, return to Gray Mourner to claim your reward.Back: The Colosseum Next: The Watcher’s Flame & the Tower of LoveRead more: how to draw roses in oil step by step

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