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Mount LanakilaMount Lanakila is the highest peak in Alola. To get to the Pokémon League, you’ll have to get to the top of the mountain. • View Map of Ula’ula IslandRead: how to get to mountain lanakila

Before climbing

When you reach the foot of the high mountain, Gladion Will be waiting to thank you for helping Lillie rescue their mother. He also wants to fight you. Gladion has a Z-Ring and his Lucario is also holding a Z-Crystal, so you’ll definitely want to defeat that Pokémon, before it has a chance to use Z-Move. Gladion will battle you using four Pokémon, however, his Silvally will be of a different type, depending on the starter Pokémon you choose. Choose your counter type accordingly.ordinary ordinary fun


If you chose RowletGladion will have:

  • Silvally (Fire Style) | Lv.53 | Ability: RKS System | Category: Fire Memory | Move: Crunch – Crush Claw – X-Scissor – Multi-Attack

If you chose littenGladion will have:

  • Silvally (Type of water) | Lv.53 | Ability: RKS System | Category: Water Memory | Move: Crunch – Crush Claw – X-Scissor – Multi-Attack

If you chose PopplioGladion will have:

  • Silvally (Type of Grass) | Lv.53 | Ability: RKS System | Category: Grass Remember | Move: Crunch – Crush Claw – X-Scissor – Multi-Attack

Other Gladion Pokémon:

  • Crobat | Lv.52 | Ability: Inner | Category: None | Movement: Acrobatics – Cross Poison
  • Weavile | Lv.52 | Ability: Pressure | Category: None | Move: Ice Shard – Night Slash – Metal Claw
  • Lucario | Lv.52 | Ability: Inner | Item: Steelium Z | Move: Aura Sphere – Metal Claw – Quick Attack

Check out Boss Strategy for Gladion

After you defeat him, Gladion will give you a Max Elixir. You can now take the elevator up the first rocky path of Mount Lanakila, although it might be a good idea to heal your Pokémon first. Head to the Pokémon Center in Tapu Village to do this. Read more: how to tie a bandananormal lanakila

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Climbing Mount Lanakila

Walk through the large ice cave but look out for wild Pokémon lurking in the tall grass. Enter the cave and turn right to pick it up Escape ropes. Just cross the first lawn, in front of the rock on your left, you’ll also find a Zygarde cells. Once you’re inside the cave, turn left and walk to the end of the patch to get TM13 (Ice Ray)Go back to the main road and turn right next. Turn right again and you will be able to pick up Icium Z. Now, turn right again, walk to the end of the road and drop down to the floor below. Turn left to catch a Full restore and then walk north until you come to a large, snowy rock.

Top tip: If you come across Eevee on Route 6, level it up near the snow rock and it will evolve into an Ice-type Pokémon called Glaceon.

After coming out of the frozen cave, go to the west and pick up Maximum Revival near the southern end of the grass. Go one more time to the next level and go into the Pokémon Center. Heal your Pokémon and stock up on all the items you need for the Pokémon League. You can also find a Zygarde cells at the top of the ramp. The woman in the Pokémon Center can remind your Pokémon of moves they may have forgotten growing up. If you want to change the way a Pokémon moves, now is the perfect time to talk to her. She will need a heart scale every time you want to change actions. When you’re ready to leave, head north until you hit Queen.Normal Hau 20mt 20lanakila

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Another battle with the Queen

Your Queen friend has a Pokémon that is now much stronger, and his starter Pokémon has evolved into its final form. It’s time to show him how powerful your party is. Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll be able to continue in the Pokémon League. RowletLater will have:

  • Primarina | Lv.54 | Ability: Torrent | Item: Waterium Z | Move: Sparkling Aria – Moonblast – Hyper Voice
  • Flareon | Lv.53 | Ability: Flash Fire | Category: None | Move: Flare Blitz – Quick Attack – Charm – Baby-Doll Eyes

If you chose littenLater will have:

  • Decidueye | Lv.54 | Ability: Overgrown | Item: Grassium Z | Move: Spirit Shackle – Leaf Blade – Smack Down
  • Vaporeon | Lv.53 | Ability: Absorb water | Category: None | Move: Hydraulic Pump – Quick Attack – Charm – Doll’s Eye

If you chose PopplioLater will have:

  • Incinerator | Lv.54 | Ability: Blaze | Item: Firium Z | Move: Darkest Laries – Flare Blitz – Earthquake
  • Leafeon | Lv.53 | Ability: Leaf Guardian | Category: None | Skill: Leaf Blade – Quick Attack – Charm – Doll’s Eye

Other Queen’s Pokémon:

  • Raichu (A) | Lv.53 | Ability: Surge Surfer | Category: None | Movement: Thunderbolt – Quick Attack – Telepathy – Focus Blast
  • Komala | Lv.53 | Ability: Coma | Category: None | Move: Wooden Hammer – Suction Punch – Earthquake – Shadow Claw

Hau will give you maximum three respawns as a reward for defeating him. Head to the ramp outside the Pokémon Center and walk to the top of it. Press Ⓐ in the corner, north to find hidden PP Max.

Short visit back to Melemele Island

Now that you’ve visited the Pokémon Center on Mount Lanakila, you can return to the area fairly easily via Charizard Glide. And now, let’s go back Route 2 in Melemele Island. Look for the motel and just opposite you’ll find the Guzma family home. Talk to Guzma’s mother and she will give you TM87 (crooked).

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Preparing for the Pokémon League

Kukui waiting for you at the top of Mount Lanakila. He recalls his efforts as a Champion in the Kanto region and reminds you that you should prepare before entering the Pokémon League, as you won’t be able to leave once you start. THE POKÉMON LEAGUE > Read more: How to Heat Fried Rice [I Test 6 Methods] | Top Q&A

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