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This walkthrough will show players how to navigate the corridors of Irithyll Dungeon in Dark Souls 3. Players must find their way through the dungeon in order to reach both the Profaned Capital and Archdragon Peak. We will explain how to find an NPC named Karla, as well as where to obtain a number of important items including the Old Cell Key, and Dragon Torso Stone. Follow our steps to make quick work of Irithyll Dungeon.To reach the Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire, start by heading to the Distant Manor Bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Go past the Burning Stake Witch in the room below and head out the back door. Continue down the cliffside path to reach a doorway on the left, halfway down the path. This is where an NPC invader named Alva will spawn if you are actively embered. Enter the doorway and go down the steps to light the Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire.Reading: how to get to irithyll dungeonFrom the bonfire, there are stairs straight ahead as well as an elevator on the side. We will eventually show you how to access this elevator to have a shortcut back to the bonfire, so keep this lift in mind for reference. Start by going forward down the stairs ahead to enter the dungeon cell block.The first cell on the right contains a peasant hollow, who can clumsily attack you when you pass by. Kill it now to prevent future problems, then head over to the cell on the left to obtain a Rusted Coin off the corpse. Check the second cell down on the left and collect the Large Titanite Shard found there. Proceed through the doorway and head left.There is a Jailer that patrols the hallway to the left, and there’s another one patrolling further down on the right. Jailers can be particularly frustrating. Not only do they hurt you with their branding irons, but they can also drain your maximum HP bar just by looking at you. They don’t just drain the HP, they shorten the bar itself. The life bar will slowly restore over time, so drinking an Estus Flask won’t help. To make matters worse, the Jailers also emit a cursed smoke that can injure you.Your best bet is to try and attack the Jailer before they turn to look at you to avoid shrinking your HP bar. When possible, try to fight only one Jailer at a time. Lure a single Jailer around the corner using an arrow or ranged attack and hide behind a wall until they get close enough for you to strike.The cell block consists of two sides, connected by a bridge walkway in the center. Both sides have an upper and lower floor. You’re currently on the upper floor, and the goal is to find a staircase further down on the opposite side that leads to the lower level. After defeating the first Jailer, continue to the right. There is a hollow waiting to attack you from the first cell on the right. Kill the enemy, then pillage the corpse on the left ledge to obtain a Fading Soul. Watch out for another hollow in the next cell down. The hollow won’t come out unless you open the door.To the left is another Jailer just before the doorway to the bridge path. Defeat the jailer, then kill the three undead hollows in the next cell on the right. Try not to accidentally aggro these hollows while fighting the Jailer. There is another Jailer on the bridge walkway itself. We aren’t crossing the bridge just yet, but it’s not a bad idea to take out the Jailer ahead of time to clear the path for later.Proceed to the end of the corridor to the right, passing by the cells. Pick up the Large Titanite Shard off the corpse near the barrels. You’ll hear a chilling scream, but try not to get too shaken. The gate beyond the item corpse requires a Jailbreaker’s Key. We will show you where to find the key soon.Turn around and enter the opening on the left to reach a set of stairs. Down the stairs are four sets of caged corpses, as well as another Jailer. Eliminate the enemies and proceed downstairs to find a locked cell. The cell requires the Old Cell Key, which we will also help you find soon. For now, make a mental note of this room and move on.Head out into the hallway, and turn right to collect a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier from the corpse. You could have also dropped down from the gate above to reach this spot, but we wanted to show you the locked cell first. Now head in the other direction and look for an open cell on the left. You’ll see two hollows, with another pair resting on the ground. Be careful, as these enemies will mutate into maggot creatures.Clear the hollows from the cell, then pillage the nearby corpse to obtain the Old Sorcerer Hat, Old Sorcerer Coat, Old Sorcerer Gauntlets, and Old Sorcerer Boots. In the last cell at the end of the corridor is a maggot creature, like the ones you met in the Cathedral of the Deep. Kill it with fire to obtain a Great Magic Shield.Read more: How to unlock a car with a dead batteryTake the stairs to head back up to the upper floor. Now cross the central bridge walkway, eliminating the Jailer if you hadn’t done so already. At the end of the corridor to the right is another Jailer. Use arrows to draw them out. Kill the Jailer, then prepare to face another set of hollows in the last cell to the left. Grab the Large Titanite Shard off the corpse in the cell after defeating the enemies.The adjacent cell contains a single hollow, as well as some Pale Pine Resin. Pass through the broken hole in the next adjacent cell and open the gate door beside a chained Wretch. Unlike its brethren, this Wretch doesn’t appear to be hostile. Pass through the gate you just opened, and turn left to unlock another gate door. This leads back to the path you just came from. You can now go through this gate as a shortcut for future travels.Turn around and continue to the end of the corridor until you reach a closed cell on the right. Enter the cell and pillage the corpse inside to obtain the Jailbreaker’s Key. This is the key that opens the gate at the end of the corridor on the opposite side (the side with the bonfire). Head over there now and unlock the gate if you wish. From the gate, you can drop down to obtain the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, but note that you can’t easily come back up.From the cell where you found the Jailbreaker’s Key, return to the shortcut gate and this time head down some stairs on the side. There are several Jailers in the room at the base of the stairs. Take them out, then carefully investigate the room on the left. Defeat the Wretch, and pillage the corpse it was guarding to obtain a Simple Gem.Proceed through the doorway to the lower corridor. Two caged corpse enemies guard the door on the corridor side, so be ready to stab them to death. The gate and the end of the path to the right cannot be opened from this side. You’ll unlock this shortcut a bit later. For now, head left through the corridor. Kill the Crystal Lizard scurrying through the corridor to obtain a Titanite Scale. Be prepared for an ambush by a Wretch in the left cell.At the end of the corridor past the Wretches is an open gate leading to an outer path. Directly ahead of the door is a corpse on the ledge that holds some Homeward Bones. Continue along the path to the right and enter the archway. Inside is a Mimic chest immediately to the right. Kill the Mimic to obtain an Estus Shard, then proceed up the stairs to the next cell block.Around the corner to the right are a bunch of masked hollows patrolling the hallway. Clear out the enemies, and continue to the end of the hallway to pillage a Soul of a Weary Warrior behind some crates. Backtrack through the hallway and climb down the ladder in the corner. A few steps away from the ladder is a gate leading to a sleeping giant. Open the gate, and decide whether you want to wake the giant. If you kill the giant, you can collect the Soul of a Crestfallen Knight on the ledge where his hands were once resting.If you don’t want to fight the giant, you can reach the other side of the giant another way. Retreat back up the ladder and go down the hallway where you found the soul behind the crates. There is a small doorway in the corner that allows you to drop down onto a rocky ledge. Climb down the ladder and cross over the narrow rock path to obtain a Pickaxe. Kill the set of three Hound Rats, and be ready for another set of Rats to emerge. You can stand on this ledge to attack the giant from a distance if you wish. With the giant gone, you can return to the ledge to attack the Crystal Lizard and obtain a Titanite Chunk.Enter the sewer tunnel where you fought the Hound Rats. Ahead is a series of stairs, with a Soul of a Weary Warrior about halfway up the steps. At the top of the stairs, you will find two chests. The chest on the right contains the Old Cell Key, while the left chest is a Mimic. After you grab the key, defeat the Mimic to obtain the Dark Clutch Ring. Keep your guard up though, because once you open the chest, a group of Basilisks will ambush you from behind. Be prepared to dodge and avoid their cursed smoke.Dark Souls 3 Dark Clutch Ring Irithyll DungeonJust before the stairs, there is a large broken hole in the wall. The room beyond contains a pair of large Hound Rats, as well as a few Dung Pies. Clear the room, then open the gate door in the back corner. This next room contains plenty of dangers. There’s a large group of Jailers patrolling the far side, and each cell in this room has its own horrors. Don’t worry about this room just yet. Instead, run directly toward the archway on the left, just past a corpse holding a Large Titanite Shard.The stairs ahead lead outside to a ledge with a beautiful view. You’ll notice an interesting statue sitting on some mats facing the mountainside, along with the remains of several red knights. Collect the Dragon Torso Stone near the strange figure, and proceed to the doorway ahead. You will need to return to this area to reach Archdragon Peak later in the game, but for now simply make a note of this location and move on.Dark Souls 3 Dragon Peak Cliff 01Ahead is an elevator that takes you back to the main cell block near where you started. Ride the elevator about halfway up, and step off onto the ledge to collect the Lightning Blade miracle spell off the corpse. Now ride the lift all the way up. At the top, pillage the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier from the corpse along the stairs, then open the gate to establish a shortcut back to the main cell block.

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A Quick Excursion to Find a Friend

Read more: how to make a wood bathtubReturn to the bridge area outside of the sewer tunnel. If you have either the Silvercat Ring or Spook spell, you can drop to the bottom of where the giant rests to collect more items and progress the storyline for Siegward of Catarina, provided you met him earlier in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. When you reach the bottom pit, be prepared to fight a ton of Hound Rats. More Rats will continuously arrive even after killing the first group, but just keep at it and eventually you can clear them all out.Once the Hound Rats have stopped spawning, grab the Large Titanite Shards and Profaned Flame spell from the corpses, then look for a window with bars along the wall. Peek inside to find Siegward of Catarina in another predicament. In order to help him out, you will need to reach his cell door via the Profaned Capital. We will cover this area in a future walkthrough, so for now just chat with Siegward to continue his storyline. Remember to look for Siegward when you reach the Profaned Capital before proceeding to the boss.On this bottom level, there are two exits. There is a large tunnel that leads to an elevator lift back to the bonfire. Ride the lift and open the gate to establish a shortcut. Return to the bottom pit and look for a set of steps. At the top is a Mimic chest that will drop Dragonslayer Lightning Arrows when defeated. Climb the long ladder near the door, and hop across the rooftops if you wish to obtain some Lightning Bolts. Drop down to reach the ledge where the giant rests his arms.

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Onward to the Profaned Capital

From the bonfire, take the elevator back to the outer ledge, and proceed downstairs to the room containing the horde of Jailers that you bypassed earlier. Use ranged attacks, such as arrows or magic spells, to draw the Jailers toward you one at a time. You definitely don’t want to deal with multiple Jailers at once. Sneak into the hallway to take cover from their dangerous gaze when necessary.Clear out the Jailers, then loot the room to obtain the Alva Helm, Alva Armor, Alva Gauntlets, and Alva Leggings from the corpse near the pots. There are also two Embers to collect: one near the center of the room, and another on the far right.Be careful as you head up the stairs on the far right, as another Jailer patrols the walkway. Avoid going into the first cell, as there isn’t much in here besides a red-eyed enemy. Inside the locked cell further down is an NPC named Karla, who can be recruited to become a vendor back at Firelink Shrine. Her cell key is found in the Profaned Capital, which we will explore in another walkthrough. For now, take note of Karla’s location and continue on.Across the room on the opposite side, investigate the cell on the far end to obtain Xanthous Ashes and a Dusk Crown Ring. Take the ashes back to the Shrine Handmaid to upgrade her inventory.Dark Souls 3 Irithyll Dungeon Jailer RoomThe cell in the corner to the left of the entrance contains several Wretches. Watch out for the ones that don’t have bright glowing weapons, as they can easily surprise you. Defeat the Wretches, then collect the Profaned Coal from the corpse. Give the the coal to the blacksmith to enhance his upgrades. Between the cells on this side of the room sits a Mimic chest. Defeat the Mimic to obtain some Titanite Scales.Exit through the far door opposite from the elevator side where you entered. Head down the stairs to the left, and look for a corpse holding a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior further to the left. The bridge ahead leads to the Profaned Capital.Take a moment to look around before crossing the bridge. On the upper wall is a large creature waiting to pounce. As you begin to cross the bridge, this Gargoyle will drop down to assault you. The Gargoyle uses his stone wings as a shield, and will perform aerial attacks. Lure him toward the start of the bridge so you have more room to fight. Be patient and use your shield if you have one, and this battle should be fairly manageable.Defeat the Gargoyle to obtain the Gargoyle Flame Spear. Proceed across the bridge to reach the ruins ahead. Climb down the ladder to the lower floor, then look for a second ladder a few steps away. Climb up this ladder, and receive the Stretch Out gesture on the corpse at the top. Grab the Undead Bone Shard nearby, then light the Profaned Capital Bonfire.From here, you can continue to explore the Profaned Capital, or return to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley to proceed towards Anor Londo if you haven’t done so already. Head over to USGamer’s Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide to discover other locations and features.Read more: how to change units in illustrator

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