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Bloodborne continues after the battle with boss Cleric Beast with further exploration of Yharnam Center. With Bloodborne’s first boss, it’s time to get serious. We’ll do that first by heading back to our base at Hunter’s Dream. If you haven’t returned here since gaining Insight after entering the Cleric Beast arena for the first time, you’ll notice something has changed – Dolly is now upright and speaking. You can use Blood Echoes to buy attribute points and level up your character. The bell beckons and Silent drum. You’ll need these to participate in multiplayer or summon NPCs to aid you in boss battles. If you have leftover Blood Echoes, check them out in the Bath Messenger store. Then take the Tombstone back to the Cleric Beast lantern.Yharnam . CenterTake the gate on the left and go down two short flights of stairs, then find another path down in the far left corner of the room. There are two Brick brutes here; pull one away from the other so you can take him down alone, then turn your attention to your opponent. Successfully kill them in the net of the three of you Bright Coins, can be used in the dark to highlight enemies. That will come in handy later.Note the nearby switch that you will use later, then return to the stairs on the right. When you reach the top, take the stairs to the right and meet a door that leads back to the Wheelchair you sent earlier. Record this shortcut after opening it, but don’t skim; turn around and take the stairs leading to the broken stairs (you can fall here from the bridge). When you reach the end of the broken stairs, you will see a Coldblood DewReturn to the bottom of the broken stairs, move straight ahead to make the next flight down. Go with caution and as soon as you spot the stairs on the left leading down to the cage, rush down and get it out Hound in the cage before they rush out and capture you. Stay in this low area and scan the contours to find the path to the left, just before you reach the bridge. Take out the guardian Hound and accept Coldblood Dew waiting for you. Turn around and cross the bridge, killing another person Hound, then stopped to talk to the woman behind the door lit with a red lantern; This will be important later. Go down the stairs and then the next set to fight with Humpback. He’s not too hard to take down; Wait for him to finish some of his attacks, then have it paddle. Go down the stairs and to the right you will find a Humpback. This one has your back, so walk up slowly and use Charge Attack and then Backstrike. Watch out for Henchman with a rifle to the side; You need to kill Hunchback quickly before he hurts you too much. Read more: What is Mariana’s Web? How to access it? | Top Q&A both down, look Coldblood Dew On the right. One more left Humpback who needs to be taken out before you continue, follow the door in the corner of the room. You can get a little more treasure now by going back. This detour is described in italics, so feel free to skip it if you like. Go through and walk around the rafters to collect a Coldblood Dew. Carefully clip the two hanging trunks down and you can collect the items below when you return to the bottom floor. There’s another hidden door here; it’s at the end of the beam next to the hanging body closest to where you entered. Depending on when you visited the area, there might be a friendly NPC, a female Hunter, here. Give her a The hunter’s bold markand again for a gesture. She will disappear if you come back after defeating a boss or two. Return to the rafters. You can’t get back here using the door you cam in, so drop carefully to the next level. Hit the ledges below – once for each item – kill some Giant Rats and head back to the main sewer complex. I recommend getting back to this after you’ve cleared the two Henchmen with the rifle and The Hunchback, described in the next paragraph, so you don’t get hurt or get lost. Henchmen with a rifle as well as a Humpback. If you can take out one of the Henchmen before the Hunchbacks attack, you’ll have a much easier time. Drag the Hunchback into the previous room for breathing space, but don’t fall to the next level! Once the room has been cleared, look for a corpse along with another person Coldblood Dew.Go around the footpath opposite the door you entered and follow it around to take out four Craving crows on the way to the nearby bridge. Before crossing, look down and right to spot an item ball. It is a Blood Stone, which I consider worth the trouble. Walk back along the waterway in the direction you’ve shaped to find a return ladder. Return to the bridge. Cross it so you go back to the first side, then turn right and look for two Craving crows near some fragile items. Smash them down for two Urns . OilYou’ve done everything you can here, so go back to where you fought the rifleman Henchmen and Hunchback, and take the ladder down. At the bottom of the ladder, face it, turn right, then turn left first. The superiors here are full Giant mouse can attack and swoop down to attack you – try walking instead of running to avoid this. If they go looking for you, be wary of their leaping attack; otherwise, they’re pretty weak. You will have to take down two Giant mouse at the end of the corridor to score Madman’s Knowledge item from a corpse. You can pay this to get Insight points when needed. Go back to the ladder and continue past it. At the end of the path, you will see two more ladders on the right. Raise your right hand, then take down a crowd Craving crows guard the path along the balcony to a corpse with another person Madman’s Knowledge. Go back the way you came and keep going in that direction to meet a Club Brute. This guy hits hard and his attacks are harder to dodge than his cousin Brick Brute, but you can walk slowly to sneak up and do a Charge Attack and Backstrike to quickly end the battle. After lowering it, you can chat with the character behind the bright door opposite. Take the ladder on the right up to the next floor and pull the lever to open the next gate. When you are up there, talk to the lighted window and agree to help the speaker out, to receive Tiny music boxEnter the gate you just opened and worry and behold: you are back in a familiar courtyard. This will save some time, right? Read more: how to fade in boldbloodborne_guide_walkthrough_chalice_dungeons_4

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A Guide to Bloodborne: Central Yharnman for Father Gascoigne

Turn back now and go down the ladder, across the bridge, and down the next ladder. You should return to those two side-by-side ladders. Go down to find a crowd Undead Crawlers; if this scares you, throw Molotov at them and enjoy the resulting carnage, but you can smash them instead. After they die, you can examine the corpse for ten Quicksilver Bulletsand with any lucky points The hunter’s bold mark from one of the dead Crawlers. On the way through the waterway, you will meet more Craving crows and Undead Crawlers; You can shoot the guys first or approach them so they fall into the water in a controllable amount. Go downstairs and meet a few more Undead Crawlersthen take the short path to the right, go out another way Undead Crawlerand collect Blood StoneBack to the waterway, find two more Craving crows to get out, then find a ladder and a tunnel. The ladder is what we’re after now, so climb up, and then notice that the doorway on the left has a lever. Use this lever to bring the elevator down to the front if it is missing, but it is not recommended. The elevator goes to the balcony where you fought two Brick Brutes; opened another shortcut, if you need it. Father Gascoigne. You can go now, if you like, but we recommend searching for the treasure a bit more first. If you want to go straight ahead, be careful when crossing the bridge. Some Henchmen going to you, but before you get there, flaming rock will be activated. Go into a nearby corner or run back to the bridgehead and move sideways, otherwise, take the long path. Go back to the last step and climb down to enter the tunnel we mentioned. Here, you will meet your first person Crazy pig. It’s slightly uglier than other animals you’ve met; it charges, and its close-range bite is very annoying. Lure it out to the tunnel entrance and try to get it to charge – it has a long enough cooldown after this move for you to take a Charge Attack and Backstrike. It also frequently gets stuck on the wall here and doesn’t spin quickly when you’re behind it. If you need a break with this guy, climb the ladder and let off some steam. Climb far enough, wait, and he’ll give up and trot back down the tunnel. you will receive a Saw hunter badge and a Coldblood Dew for your pain. Going further down the tunnel you’ll see a small hole on the left, just before the tunnel ends – go through and climb the stairs on the right. (Nothing but a trap at the end of the tunnel.) This final climb brings you close to the Cha Gascoigne bridge. You want to beat Henchman and Brick Brute who will ambush you if you cross the bridge from another path. Once, a Henchman pushed a rock, dealing terrible damage to the brute and killing half of his team. Good. Take the stairs on the left to go down two Humpbacked. You can sneak up and Charge Attack and Backstrike one by one. They are guarding a corpse with two The bold mark of the hunterTo enter the next boss arena, go up the remaining stairs and continue straight to the Next cutscene: How to Defeat Father Gascoigne. Top Q&A

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