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Blue Dragon OSRS Slayer Guide


Blue Dragon in OSRS is the next step from Green Dragons. They are fighting at level 111, and deal more damage with their dragon fire. You will need some special items to protect yourself from their attacks, see more information in the page Read: how to get to the blue dragon osrs These quests can be assigned by masters of the Slayer: Vannaka, Chaeldar, Nieve and Duradel at any Slayer level. No need to care about your combat level or stats, no need to worry. This mission can be completely safe if needed. Read more: How to throw a 4 . dust grenade


Read more: how to change pants into a skirt The most accessible location to kill the Blue Dragon is in the Taverly Dungeon. You can reach them extremely quickly with the shortcut 70 Agility through the pipe at the entrance. If you don’t have this level, you can still use the Dusty Key to enter the portal through to the other side of the dungeon. safespot: There are many other locations that allow you to place safes on dragons, but they come with some requirements to access them.

  • Below the Hero Association – Hero Quest completes and contains only one Blue Dragon. Standing in the back corner allows for a makeshift safe.
  • Inside the Ogre Enclave outside of Yanille – The Watchtower quest is required. Use the large columns around the room to catch the dragons by standing behind them.
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Blue Dragons can also be found in the Corsair Cove Dungeon after you complete the Dragon Slayer II quest.

Gear guide

Read more: how to add emojis to youtube comments | Q&AAll top dragons in OSRS will occasionally attack you with fire dragons. This can do high 50s damage if you’re not properly protected. You can mitigate some damage with one form of protection and block all damage completely with two. The following can be used for protection from fire dragons:Damage reduction

  • Anti-Dragon-Shield or Dragonfire Shield
  • Flame retardant (each dose lasts for 5 minutes, 45 seconds)

No damage occurred

  • Dragon Shield or Dragon Flame Shield with an active Flame Resist
  • Protection from Prayer Magic with a dose of Active Flame Retardant

If you’re planning to hit the safe, you won’t need any fire dragon protection. It might be worthwhile carrying some around until you get to the safe’s location, or just for safety in general. A cannon can be brought to the Taverly location to help speed up your missions.

Drop table

Blue dragons are often killed for their bones and skin. Both are in high demand for players training either Prayer or Crafting skills. Each dragon will drop a bone and hide on each kill, 100% of the time. Blue Dragons are one of the safest dragons to kill for bones for an Iron Man account, and are still relatively close to the bank. Other notable loot includes the Ensouled dragon head and a small chance to get the Dragon Spear or the Left Half Shield. Read more: How to throw a 4 . grenade

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