How To Get The Mosasaurus In Lego Jurassic World

(Image: TT Games | Warner Bros. Interactive) Of its many attractions, playing the part of a dinosaur in ‘LEGO Jurassic World’ has to be the most exciting. Here’s how to unlock every playable dinosaur in the game – 20 in all. One of the best parts of LEGO Jurassic World is that you get to play as a dinosaur. Read: How to get Mosasaurus in the lego jurassic world Before you can change into T-Rex or Brachiosaurus at will, you have to unlock those dinosaurs in the game. This is done by finding “Amber bricks”. These special bricks are only found in the game levels, not the central world. There is one amber brick for each level, with all 20 bricks/dinosaurs (and levels). two islands. Several smaller dinosaurs are also available from the standard character menu, such as Velociraptors or the venom-spewing Dilophosaurus. Unlocking some of the larger dinosaurs gives you access to the “baby” versions in the character menu. Want to fast forward to unlock all 20 dinosaurs? Or maybe you already have most of them but can’t find the last ones that keep you dodging? Here’s how to get each of the last Amber Brick, aka dinosaurs, in LEGO Jurassic World. We are also describing the abilities of each dinosaur.Note: With some exceptions, you won’t be able to access a level’s Amber Brick unless you’re playing in the “Free Play” mode, which allows you to switch to any unlocked character at will.

1: Jurassic Park




Found in levels: “Foreword”, Part 2 (Peach page) Ability: nobody Where: In the upper area, there is a dark cave on the left where you build powerful radar machine on the ground. Using Timmy, Ian Malcolm or another character can go into dark space to go inside and get Brick.


Found in levels: “Welcome to Jurassic Park”, Part 2 (Triceratops Recovery) Ability: Charge Where: Find a breakable wall (with a golden light radiating from it) at the back of the last section of the Triceratops pen. Use Triceratops to stab it.


Found in levels: “Park Shutdown,” Season 3 (T-Rex Chase) Ability: Venom Spit (break black and green blocks) Where: When the T-Rex opens its mouth to roar, throw flair at it. Do this three times, then drive to the left side of the road. Hug that side until you run into the Amber Brick.


Found in levels: “Restoring Power”, Part 2 (Maintenance Warehouse) Ability: Drop Distance, Path, Foliage Dense Slash, Brick Building Where: At the end of the stairs, turn right. There’s a bunch of dino-poop there. Use Ellie, Owen, or another poop diver to pull Brick out.

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Tyrannosaurus rex

Read more: how to pre-order pokemon moonFound in levels: “Visitor Center”, Part 2 (Control Room) Ability: Roar (breaks amber sediment), Dinosaur Power Where: On the far left side of the room is a glass/blue panel that a screamer like Lex can break. Smash the glass to get the Amber Brick.

2: The Lost World



Found in levels: “Isla Sorna,” Part 3 (The Stegosaurus Herd) Ability: Tail Swipe Where: Use Baby Triceratops to stab three gray rocks.


Found in levels: “InGen Arrival”, Part 2 (Mobile Lab) Ability: Compy ống Pipe Access Where: To the top of the cliff, use the female/human character to jump up towards the front half of the mobile lab (while the second half hangs from the cliff). Keep jumping until you reach the top of the car. You will jump right onto the Brick.


Found in levels: “The Hunted,” Part 2 (The Long Grass) Ability: nobody Where: There are five characters waiting to be rescued in this part of the level. Some of them you’ll need special characters – a diver and a photographer – but the game is self-explanatory how to get them. Save all five and the Amber Brick is yours.


Found in levels: “Media Center”, Part 1 (Compound) Ability: Quake Stomp Where: Use Velociraptor to track the way to the dig. Build loose pieces to get a blue target. Use Barry or another electrified character to hit it. When the garage sign lights up, shoot it.


Found in levels: “San Diego”, Part 1 (San Diego Pier) Ability: Quake Stomp Where: On the ship, you’ll find it inside a large, dark box between the largest cage and the cargo hold where the T-Rex is trying to escape. Use a character with a lamp (Ian, Timmy, Zach) to go inside, and you’ll find it in the distance.

3: Jurassic Park III



Found in levels: “Landing Pages”, Part 1 (Landing Pages) Ability: nobody Where: At the top of the wooden platform, there is a jump figure (any female) to run inside the radio tower in the back left. (It’s a non-Lego tower with a satellite dish.) You’ll see the Amber Brick hovering just behind it to the right. Jump left onto the jump wall, then immediately jump to the right.


Found in levels: “The Spinosaurus,” Part 2 (Crash Site)Ability: Roar (breaks amber sediment), Dinosaur PowerWhere: In the small clearing with the vertical plane crash, use the diver to get some loose LEGO pieces. Use them to build a rail that Velociraptor can jump on and grab. Jump to the upper platform to get the Amber Brick.

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Found in levels: “Breeding Facility”, Part 1 (InGen Facility)Ability: nobodyWhere: In the first room of the facility, you’ll find a desk on the far right with a computer monitor on top. Use a jumper to jump up and grab a rail right above it. From there, you can access the rafters. Follow the zig-zag truss path, balancing until you reach the step at the far end. Climb the ladder and you’ll find Brick in a trash can on the roof.


Read more: how much does a manicure cost | Top Q&AFound in levels: “Eric Kirby,” Part 2 (The Coast)Ability: Flight, Switch PteranodonWhere: On the plateau where Compy attacks, walk to the leftmost ledge and a red and white marker will appear. Use Billy and his parachute to glide through the gap to the left. Use the jumper to get over the fence, then use the Velociraptor to open the InGen crate.


Found in levels: “Bird’s Cage”, Part 2 (Pteranodon’s Nest)Ability: Roar (breaks amber sediment), Dinosaur PowerWhere: The amber brick sits on the roof of the catwalk with a human entrance. To get to it, walk to the right until you come to a yellow crate. You will see a planting spot; Use Ellie and her amazing magic watering can to grow a bouncing pad. Use the bounce pad to get to the top of the catwalk, then switch to a climber like Billy or Owen and keep going left until you reach Brick.

4: Jurassic World



Found in levels: “Welcome to the Jurassic World”, Part 3 (Indominus Paddock)Ability: ChargeWhere: You can easily spot the Amber Brick inside a cage in the center of the blanket. Just to the left of it is a scanner control panel that people like Claire Dearing or Supervisor Nick can use. Do so, and the gate will be lower than the ground.


Found in levels: “Gyrosphere Valley”, Part 1 (Gyrosphere Escape)Ability: Tail SwipeWhere: While trying to escape the Indominus Rex, the camera rotates around at different angles. When it gets to the point where your Gyrosphere is moving to the right, you’ll notice a series of ramps in the distance. The third ramp is crucial; when you get to the end, jump your Gyrosphere (yes, they will) over a short distance, and you’ll run right into the Brick.

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Indominus Rex

Found in levels: “Out of Bounds” Part 2 (Indominus Escape)Ability: Roar, CamouflageWhere: At one point in this level, right after Indominus’s head pierces a wall, you’ll craft a giant chainsaw. In the next area, look for hanging blue and purple flowers. There are three of them, and when you get close to one, the target will appear. Shoot all three using a single character with a gun, and the Amber Brick will materialize at the front edge of the room.


Found in levels: “Attack”, Part 1 (Main Street)Ability: FlightWhere: While the Pteranodons are attacking Main Street, head down the sidewalk to the left. Switch to a female character to acrob your way across electrified water. On the other side, look for the little shop with “Clothes!” sign it. You should now recognize the pink and purple agility bar, indicating that you should run towards it and tap the jump button when you get close to have your character slide below the bar. Brick is inside the store.


Found in levels: “Main Street Duel”, Part 1 (Innovation Hub)Ability: SwimmingWhere: To the far left of the main room, the bottom floor, you’ll find a security gate. Use a hacker character on it, and you’ll be rewarded with access to a hidden room. Enter the new door to “Extract Lab”, then switch to Owen Grady or Eric Kirby and activate their camouflage. Sneak through the camera on the back wall into the small next room, then switch to a character that can access the InGen hand scanner. Use the scanner and the large cabinet will open, spilling all the amber samples onto the ground. The amber brick you’re looking for is the largest one, floating in the middle.Related: Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile GuideRelated: Batman: Arkham Knight Easter Eggs Be sure to follow T-Lounge on Twitter and visit our Facebook page. Read more: how to get free credits in mobile phone calls

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