how to get the juggernaut in warzone

COD Warzone is leading the Battle Royale platform game industry. COD has been around in the gaming industry since 2003 and has done a lot to satisfy the needs of enthusiastic gamers. Back in 2020 COD Season 5, the team introduced a Juggernaut armor. Since then, every gamer has the same question – How to get Juggernaut in Warzone? With each Season update, the COD team strives to make the game even more enjoyable for us. During COD Warzone – Season 3, we saw updates to maps, themes, weapons, and weapon skins. At the beginning of this season, the Juggernaut Suit was unavailable, but you can now get it from the Airdrop. Let’s see how to get one for yourself.

How to get Juggernaut in Warzone


Most people who love COD Warzone know about the immortal Juggernaut suit, but it’s a good idea to learn the basics regarding this amazing armor first if you’re new to the game. A Juggernaut suit increases your winning streak, and if you get your hands on it, you’ll have a much better chance of winning. It’s pretty hard to beat a player with that suit since it has heavy armor, so you’d better get the Juggernaut suit first from anyone else.

What is Juggernaut?

The Juggernaut suit is a heavily armored suit with a massive Machine gun. The Juggernaut suit was first launched in COD Warzone 2020 Season 5. Since then, it has received huge demand from gamers. This suit can help you win the match, but there are also a few negative points of the Juggernaut suit. Read more: how to properly hold a knife in combatAdvantages -:

  • This suit is heavily armored, helping to protect you from enemy bullets.
  • It has a machine gun attached, allowing you to fire multiple rounds in a single reload.
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Read more: how to properly hold a knife in combatDefect -:

  • The Juggernaut is very large and heavy, making the player’s movements slow.
  • It takes time to reload the machine gun, which can be dangerous during intense combat.

Where to find Juggernaut in Warzone?

Since the number of Juggernaut suits is very limited in a game (2-3), it is quite difficult for you to get them easily. Last year, the Juggernaut suit was also obtainable inside the bunker by completing the Easter Egg quest, but in the Latest Season it can only be obtained from the Airdrop. Read more: how to cut hair for balayage As we all know, there is no specific area for Airdrop. Therefore we cannot mark it on the map. But if you want a Juggernaut suit, then land quickly, grab a vehicle and go look for every Airdrop for that suit. I tried this myself to get the Juggernaut suit in COD Warzone.


Without a doubt, COD Warzone is one of the Battle Royale games available in the game industry. COD’s development team tries to eliminate any bugs with regular updates and we will see something new and exciting in each new Season. Most of the new COD Warzone players are curious to know – How to get Juggernaut in Warzone? I hope this article helps you in your search for an armor. We’ve had deep conversations with pro gamers to clarify the facts, but feel free to ask down in the comments if you still have any questions regarding this topic. here.Read more: how to cat proof guinea pig cage

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